February 2020 newsletter

                                                                                                                        February 2020 Hi folks,             Below are the courses coming up in February. We hope you will join us for these learning opportunities.             We will be sending out our Spring term course list on March 1st. If you are thinking about offering a course in the March-May interval, please contact me ASAP.                                                                         […]

September newsletter

                                                                                                September 2019 Dear Friends,             Fall is upon us, and the Jungian Center has geared up to resume classes. I have to begin with an apology to all those who were frustrated with the Upcoming Course notice that I posted in late July. It seems to have gotten trolled, i.e. crucial information was missing. […]

Jung on the Instincts and the Religious Impulse

Sue Mehrtens is the author of this and all the other blog essays on this site. The opinions expressed in these essays are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of other Jungian Center faculty or Board members.  Honesty, as well as professional courtesy, require that you give proper attribution to […]

July 2018 newsletter

July 2018   Dear Friends,   Summer is our “quiet time” at the Jungian Center, in that we don’t have courses running, but “quiet” does not mean nothing is happening: Summer is when we plan the programs, create the courses, recruit the faculty, and prepare for the coming Fall, Winter and Spring terms. In that […]

October 2017 newsletter

27 September 2017   Dear Friends,   As I write this, the temperature (88 degrees) suggests Summer, but we know this won’t last. Fall will soon return, as our Fall term rushes along: October is upon us! Our final course of the Fall term illustrates effective change in action and examines some of the key […]