Reading Materials

Components of Jungian Analysis: A Guide to the Core of C.G. Jung’s Psychology

Do you wonder what is meant by “Jungian analysis” and if it’s something for you? Are you curious about what analysis involves–what people in analysis do? Do you have an interest in exploring your life, experiences and relationships for insights and deeper understanding? And what are the payoffs–why invest time and energy in such explorations?

Living Alchemy: Using Ancient Wisdom to Go with the Flow of Life

Although most people regard alchemy as little more than medieval superstition, Carl Jung recognized it is a symbol system as useful and powerful today as it was to its medieval practitioners and to Jung himself in his work with his patients.

C.G. Jung: His Life, His Tools, His Writings

C.G. Jung: His Life, His Tools, His Writings combines a succinct biography of Jung the man with an in-depth discussion of the tools and techniques he used in his  practice of analytical psychology, along with an overview of the enormous body of his written works.