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The Center’s Program

The Center offers a wide range of programs, some of which can be taken as distance learning courses from anywhere, others are on site in and around northern and central Vermont. Some courses are offered according to demand and as such are not scheduled into a fixed timetable.

The curriculum is delineated in 5 paths:

  • the path of contemplation and inner practices;
  • the path of investigation (the path which most closely resembles a college curriculum);
  • the path of creativity, drawing on a wide array of arts and crafts;
  • the path of physicality, designed to foster all forms of well-being; and the path of
  • practicality, which equips students with some of the core skills for the spiritual journey.

Note that all courses are not offered every year, and new courses are being created all the time, as student and faculty interests warrant. If you have an idea for a course that is not represented in the table, let us know: we encourage suggestions and will try to accommodate all substantive suggestions. Individual tutorials can be arranged for these courses, or for other subjects not listed here. Contact us for further information and guidance on setting up a tutorial. Fee schedules for individual tutorials are worked out between the instructor and student.

Apart from The Center’s programs the faculty are acknowledged experts in a variety of techniques and practices and their services are available to you.

Upcoming Zoom Classes

The Wisdom of the Crone, 9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7, 1/4, 2/1, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2; 7-9PM; (EDT/EST); via Zoom; $90 

This reading/discussion course mines the wisdom in a variety of older women’s stories and memoirs, including those of Mary Rodgers, Hadassah Lieberman, Cicely Tyson, Nina Totenberg, Wendy Sanford, Michelle Obama, Sharon Blackie, Justine Cowan, and Noirin Ni Riain. Led by Sue Mehrtens. 

Reading Jung, 9/16, 10/21, 11/18, 12/16, 1/20, 2/17, 3/16, 4/20, 5/18; 3-5PM; (EDT/EST); via Zoom; $90 

This advanced reading/discussion course has five parts: Jung the man (reading Memories, Dreams, Reflections [Sept.] and Jung Speaking [Oct.]), Jung’s early work (CW 4 [Nov.] and parts of CW 5 and CW 6 [Dec.]), Jung’s social criticism (CW 10 [Jan.& Feb.]), Jung’s psychology (CW 7 [March] & CW 16 [April]) and Jung’s alchemical studies (CW 13 [May]). Students will need to obtain these books; the volumes of the Collected Works are available for free on Google Scholar. Led by Sue Mehrtens.

 Upcoming Courses for Spring 2024.


Mary Magdalene: Experiencing Her Wisdom; Wednesdays, Feb 28, Mar 6,13,20; 7-9PM; (EST/EDT); via Zoom; $60

Using a series of activities and exercises, this course seeks to make Mary Magdalene come alive for participants; discussions of Mary’s life and experiences supplement applications of her teachings in our own lives. Open only to those who took the previous course on Mary Magdalene. Led by Sue Mehrtens

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Components of Jungian Analysis; Wednesdays, Mar 27, Apr 3,10,17,24; 7-9PM EST; via Zoom; $90 

The focus of this five-week course is on what Jung considered the most important part of his psychology: analysis. We consider what “analysis” means, what it involves, how it differs from psychotherapy, and the practical aspects of the process, e.g. how to choose an analyst, how to engage the work, and how to determine if analysis is for you. The book Components of Jungian Analysis, available on the Jungian Center store in hard copy and pdf, is suggested reading.

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Stepping into Diverse Picture Books with Active Imagination; Thursday, April 18th; 7-9PM EDT; via Zoom; $25 via PayPal.Me/MariaTeresaManteo; to register, email Maria:

Are you ready to go on a journey into inner landscapes and beyond?

The rich tapestry of imagery in Picture Books will be used as a canvas for readers/viewers to take a ticket into the world of the unconscious and transcend into the dimension of creative imagination. What worlds unfold when we embrace pictorial metaphors? What messages can we salvage from the depths of our inner artists?

A wide variety of picture books of recent publication will set us afloat to initiate the journey and draw on the wisdom that springs from active imagination.

Facilitated by Maria Teresa Manteo

Prof. Maria Teresa Manteo serves on the Notable Books for a Global Society from The International Literacy Association. She is happy to share the benefits of stepping into diverse picture books – for all ages – to build bridges of empathy and understanding.


Jung on Aging, Wednesdays, May 1,8,17,22; 7-9PM; via Zoom; $60

Analytical psychology—Jung’s version of depth soul work—is unique among psychotherapeutic schools in its positive attitude toward old age and the aging process. Jung felt that people should live into life right up to the moment of death and he laid out a process for doing so that draws on personality type, personal talents, creative expression and a variety of life experiences that foster soul connection and anticipation of life after life. In this course we read Jung’s work on the stages of life, along with several other short works by older Jungian analysts who draw on their own experience of aging. All the course materials are provided to students before the course begins, to allow them time to do the reading. In-class activities include multiple thought-provoking exercises. Led by Sue Mehrtens, teacher and author. This course provides 16 hours of instruction suitable for CEUs.

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Introduction to Personal Cosmic Energy Readings; TBD (EDT); co-facilitated by Sue Mehrtens & Kimia Maleki via Zoom; $45 (via PayPal , Zelle, Venmo or check to Kimia Maleki, sent c/o Jungian Center, 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury VT 05676); for more on topics and to register, email Kimia at or Sue at

Over the last year there have been some significant cosmic configurations that have impacted both our personal lives and our collective reality, and this will continue in 2024. In this two-hour team-taught course, we will discuss the nature of cosmic energy, the Law of Correspondence, how it shows up on both the personal and collective levels, and what the past and coming eclipses mean for us, as individuals and citizens. Topics for discussion include the current unfolding energies, how we might respond to the portals of the eclipses, and ways we might help to heal the collective. This informational course provides an essential foundation for the new courses on life purpose and unblocking of energies which will run in the Winter/Spring term beginning in January 2024, led by Sue & Kimia


Treating Trauma Response & Stress: Practical insights & interventions to everyday stressors & clinical issues ​and diagnoses – TBD; facilitated by Kimia Maleki via Zoom; $45 (via PayPal , Zelle, Venmo or check to Kimia Maleki, sent c/o Jungian Center, 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury VT 05676); for more on topics and to register, email Kimia at

​Topics include:

*What trauma really is (and what it is not)

*The primary impacts of trauma

*Looking through the lens of early childhood development

*Passed down family dysfunction

*Relational integration & self efficacy as the pathway to healing

*Practical insights & interventions:  everyday stressors & clinical issues ​and diagnoses

*Retrospective Healing of Trauma for Freedom & Alignment


Healing Arts Program for Practitioners: Combining Neuroscience, Psychology, Bio-Energetics, Indigenous Sciences & Holistic Modalities ​- TBD; facilitated by Kimia Maleki via Zoom; $45 (via PayPal , Zelle, Venmo or check to Kimia Maleki, sent c/o Jungian Center, 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury VT 05676); for more on topics and to register, email Kimia at

The 2024 Healing Arts Program is a professional development training for healing practitioners, educators, therapists, psychologists , community workers and those interested in launching a practice that is aligned in integrity and unique life purpose. This program is an introduction to methodologies and training on healing from a holistic perspective (addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and relational levels) and how to become a healing force for others. Benefits of this program include how to be of service in grounded, practical and applicable ways.

Self-Directed Distance Learning