Enjoying the Afternoon of Life – Jung on Aging


Analytical Psychology–Carl Jung’s version of depth soul work–is unique among psychotherapeutic schools in its positive attitude toward old age and the aging process. Jung felt that people should live into life right up to the moment of death and he laid out a process of for doing so that draws on personality type, personal talents, creative expression and a variety of life experiences that foster soul connection and anticipation of life after life. In this course we read Jung’s work on the stages of life, along with several other short works by older Jungian analysts who draw on their own experience of aging. In-class activities include multiple thought-provoking exercises. A dozen take-away exercises encourage students to continue the work after the workshop ends.

Led by Sue Mehrtens, teacher and author. This course provides 16 hours of instruction suitable for CEUs.

Wednesdays, 2/9,16,23, 3/2; 7-9PM; via Zoom

Syllabus, pdfs of the readings, and all the exercises are on the flash drive, along with a copy of this sheet.

Link for the Zoom sessions will be sent to all registrants via email. Recordings of the session will be made available to all registered participants

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