Components of Jungian Analysis: A Guide to the Core of C.G. Jung’s Psychology



By Sue Mehrtens, Ph.D.

Pages: 268

Available in hard copy or e-book (pdf) form.

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Do you wonder what is meant by “Jungian analysis” and if it’s something for you? Are you curious about what analysis involves–what people in analysis do? Do you have an interest in exploring your life, experiences and relationships for insights and deeper understanding? And what are the payoffs–why invest time and energy in such explorations?

These questions are some of the components of Jungian analysis. In this book, you’ll learn what analysis entails, what you as the “analysand” would be expected to do, how you can determine if a particular analyst is right for you, and what you can expect from the analyst.

You’ll be introduced to a variety of terms, concepts, tools and techniques Jungians use in analysis, which you’ll find useful both in analysis and in life, and, if you choose to undertake an analysis, you’ll get to experience what both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung regarded as “the main thing” in their work in depth psychology.

Carl Jung felt that each of us has a destiny and, for some of us, this includes analysis. Read this book to see if analysis is part of your personal fate.