The Spiritual Adventure of Our Time (Book)


by Sue Mehrtens, Ph.D.

228 pages

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C.G. Jung was a prophetic visionary, and he foresaw the decline of organized religions and the emergence of a personal, interior spirituality–a “new dispensation”–that offers a dynamic image of God as a process aligned with the reality of evolution and change. Ten chapters describe Jung’s sense of the divine and the components of this new expression of the “religious instinct.”

This book addresses these questions, as well as providing an overview of Jung’s quest for confirmation. Early in his life he had come to “know God;” had anyone else had similar experiences grappling with the Undefined and Indefinable? His personal experience led Jung to recognize the “religious instinct” that is innate in human beings, while his astrological studies allowed him to describe how the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius is altering our modern experience of transcendence. Numinous symbols, spiritual literacy, and a source for meaning in life are key elements of the spiritual adventure—all part of the “new dispensation,” the new form of spirituality that is emerging in the twenty-first century.

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