Components of Individuation 2: Internalizing a Locus of Control

Components of Individuation: Part II—Internalizing a Locus of Control               In Part I of this four-part essay we noted that a pre-requisite for achieving individuation was internalizing a locus of control. What does this mean?   Defining “Locus of Control”               I encountered the term “locus on control” in the works of Jungian […]

Components of Individuation 1: What is individuation?

Components of Individuation: Part I—What is Individuation?             “Individuation” is a term often associated with Jung and his psychology. In this four-part essay we are going to define “individuation” and discuss some of the benefits, elements and requirements for achieving individuation (Part I). Then we’ll examine several components of it, specifically the locus of control […]

The Apocatastasis of Global Civilization

The Apocatastasis of Global Civilization: Seizing the Opportunity in the Archetype of the Apocalypse               “Apocatastasis.”[1] It’s a five-dollar Greek word that Jung used repeatedly in his writings,[2] drawing on earlier usage in the New Testament[3] and the Gnostic gospels.[4] It means a “re-establishment,” “restoration” or “reconstitution,” and, as we noted in the previous […]

Jung and the Archetype of the Apocalypse

Jung and the Archetype of the Apocalypse               As we have noted in earlier essays,[1] Jung was very intuitive. Thanks to his keen intuition he was able to sense shifts in the collective consciousness long before outer changes made these shifts obvious to others. One of the shifts he noted was the approach of […]

Jung’s Challenge to Us: Holding the Tension of the Opposites

Jung’s Challenge to Us: “Holding the Tension of the Opposites”               The last fifteen years of Carl Jung’s life[1] were lived against the backdrop of the Cold War—that time in our global history when most of the nations of the world were aligned either with the “West” or with the “Communist bloc.” Intermittently throughout […]

Jung’s Timeliness and Thoughts on Our Current Reality

Jung’s Timeliness and Thoughts on Our Current Reality               Sometimes, in reading Jung, I encounter a passage that makes me think Jung wrote it just yesterday. Recently, while preparing a presentation for the Jung Society for Scholarly Studies symposium at Cornell University, I came across the following quote from “Civilization in Transition:” Thanks to […]

The Law of Cause and Effect and America’s Future

The Law of Cause and Effect and America’s Future               This is the final of three essays[1] that focus on America and its current situation from a Jungian perspective. In this last in the series the subject is, as noted in the final sentence of the previous essay, “the size, cause, nature and deep […]

What is America’s Shadow?

  What is America’s Shadow?               The subject of this essay comes from a question posed to me in the Q&A after my presentation at the International Association for the Study of Dreams conference in July 2008. A member of the audience asked me to describe America’s shadow. I responded off the cuff, knowing […]

American Exceptionalism from a Jungian Perspective

American Exceptionalism from a Jungian Perspective   “America is an exceptional country.”                                                                                     Sarah Palin “I do believe in American exceptionalism”                                                                                     John McCain               The topic of this essay—American exceptionalism—may not be familiar to many readers of this blog as it […]