Week 3 Lesson


  • Discussion of homework
  • How to make aging a positive experience
  • Some tasks of old age
  • Discussion of Wheelwright articles
  • Discussion of the Corbett article


  • Finish Jane on Aging; do the exercises “Doing a Life Review” and “What does your life mean?”

Discussion of the Corbett article:

  • What happens to those who deprecate the idea of old age?
  • What is one cause of neurosis, according to Jung?
  • According to the dream that Corbett quotes what is important for an old person to do?
  • What is the “androgyne”?
  • What is necessary for the creation of consciousness?
  • What is the role of love in aging?
  • What does Corbett think might be a cause of severe dementia?
  • What does it mean to connect with our inner child?
  • What’s the difference between the Self in the baby and the Self in the older person?
  • What does it mean to renew life?
  • What makes Corbett feel that old age has “enormous responsibility”?

What do you make of Corbett’s statement:” … consciousness is synonymous with incarnation—the more we have of it, the more we realize our divinity.”

*To print these documents, click the links to download and open the files once finished. Go to File -> Print

Jane on Aging, Old Age & Death

Questions for Reflection on the Readings with Jane journal

Doing a Life Review

What Does Your Life Mean