We have a more secure site with a new URL!

In an effort to make the Jungian Center Web site more secure, we have changed the URL: you will notice the new https://–but this means that any bookmarks you used to get to our site now won’t work. Brett, our tech expert, tells me that you will have to clear your cache and cookies, close the program and then open it again. Also, when you use the site in the future, if you discover any links that don’t work, please let me know, so I can refer them to Brett to fix them. Given my techno-idiocy, I had no idea upgrading the site for more security would involve so many changes. I hope this does not inconvenience you. Brett tells me it might take some search engines a few days to “find” our site, but Google seems to have spotted it already. Thanks for your patience, and for your interest in Jung!

Sue Mehrtens