Upcoming Winter 2020 Courses

Upcoming Courses for Winter Term 2020

Astrology II, Saturdays, 1/4,11,18,25th; 2-4PM (snow day, 2/1, 2PM); 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

This intermediate course considers a variety of topics essential to the practice of general astrology, including transits, progressions, solar returns, synastry and theories of chart comparison, psychological astrology and the Jungian concept of the inner city, in a format that stresses the integration of data into a coherent and meaningful delineation of a natal chart and its unfoldment over time. Pre-requisite: Astrology I, or its equivalent. Led by Sue Mehrtens.

Syllabus for Aging, Mondays, 1/6,13,20,27th; 7-9PM (snow day, 2/3, 7PM); 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

How do we sustain our creative dignity as we age? What are our goals beyond surviving another year? What do we still plan to accomplish? How do we find appropriate mentors and models? At the age of 77, these are questions I’ve been considering for some time. Many of us have had a sense of our progressive identities, but what happens as we move beyond the familiar, clear-cut demarcations that may have included career, marriage, parenthood, roles as mentors, illness and recovery, retirement? I believe we can establish a grasp on who we are stillbecoming by devising a syllabus or plan for our aging. In this course we will reflect on the stages we’ve accomplished or moved through to achieve our present stance. Which habits of action and mind are still useful? How do we experiment with new habits and routines? What ambitions and practices will create the necessary energy to take our next steps? Each of us will read and write our way through the creation of a personal syllabus or plan for our continuing development. Led by Ann Turkle.

Connecting to the Divine with Portable Pocket Shrines, 1/11; 1-4PM (snow day, 1/18, 1PM); 55 Clover Lane; $25; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

Take a journey into a place of inspiration and honoring of the divine creative source as we use guided imagery to enhance the art-making process of creating portable pocket shrines. Connecting with your spiritual image(s) ranging from Natural Elements, various Deities, Saints, Angels, Gods and/or Goddesses, we will build a visual and tactile portal between profane and mundane–one that allow us to ground the present moment while accessing our deeper spiritual resources. No prior experiences is required. Materials are provided. Please join us as we embark on this spiritual adventure! Led by Cecile Leriche

Shadow: Recognizing White Privilege, Saturdays, 2/8,15,22,29th; 2-4PM (snow day, 3/7, 2PM); 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

A hands-on experiential workshop designed to help people get wise to racism and how concepts like white superiority and implicit bias serve to maintain our racist culture. Multiple readings and exercises drawn from sources by both whites and persons of color provide different perspectives and offer insights into how we all can benefit from becoming more conscious and self-aware of this powerful aspect of our collective and personal shadow. Led by Sue Mehrtens

A Sense of Place, Mondays, 2/10,17,24,3/2; 7-9PM (snow day, 3/9, 7PM); 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

The Native American author N. Scott Momaday wrote in his book The Names “The events of our lives take place…Take place.” He makes clear that a sense of place is required as the setting for our lives to unfold. Through a series of short reading and writing assignments we will explore the role that place has had in each of our lives. Does your childhood experience of place still define who you are? Has travel allowed you to develop and reflect on a broader sense of self? Is your present home a true home to the person you are becoming? Are you a transportable potted plant or a deeply rooted tree? Family photos, journals, maps, and art work can all help us find our places. Come explore your sense of place. We will read excerpts from Bruce Chatwin’s Song Lines, Leslie Marmon Silko’s work on the relationship between narrative and place, Tom Wessel’s Reading the Forested Landscape, and more. Led by Ann Turkle


Soul-Tending, Tuesdays, 1/7, 2/4, 3/3; 7-9PM

Harpies & Harridans, Women Behaving Badly, Thursdays, 1/2,2/6,3/5; 7-9PM