Upcoming Courses for Winter/Spring 2023

Upcoming Courses for Winter/Spring Term 2023



A Potpourri of Topics, Jan. 3, 10,17,24,31, Feb. 6,13, 20; 7-9PM EST; single course, $20; set of 4 courses, $75; (via PayPal , Zelle, Venmo or check to Kimia Maleki, sent c/o Jungian Center, 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury VT 05676); to register, email Kimia at

This potpourri of topics will combine lectures and interaction with a Q&A afterwards. The topics are: Jan. 3: Closings, completions and integration of the last year; Jan 10: The Jungian Four: Power, Money, Mother & Father Complexes; Jan. 17: Separation vs. Unity Consciousness; Jan. 24: The narcissism pandemic; Jan. 31: The neuroscience of fear; Feb. 6: The basis of Dis-ease: trauma, toxicity, and thoughts; Feb. 13: Our local animals as our greatest allies and healers; Feb. 20: Internalizing the Good Mother: self-love, intuition, inner beauty, sacred home, intentional living, and emotional well-being


Working with Dreams, Wednesdays, Jan. 4,11,18,25; 7-9PM EST; $60 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

Get hands-on experience working with your dreams in this workshop that includes an array of Jungian tips and techniques for maximizing the riches and insights that dreams offer us. Participants are encouraged to keep a dream journal, and to attempt analysis of their own dreams and those of others. Included is a 96-page book Working with Dreams: A Jungian Perspective. Led by Sue Mehrtens


Introduction to Jung, Wednesdays, Feb. 1,8,15,22; 7-9PM EST; $60 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

A basic overview of Jung, the man, his thought and his legacy to psychology and our world. As a primer on Jungiana, this course introduces key concepts in Jung’s thought (e.g. personality types, the collective unconscious, archetypes, and the individuation process). Participants will have a one-on-one session discussing their unique set of archetypes. A foundational course for more advanced courses in the Jungian Center curriculum. Led by Sue Mehrtens


Animal Communication Workshop, Feb. 5; 9:30am -2:30pm EST; via Zoom;  $125 payable by check or PayPal.  Checks to Julie Soquet, 53 Thistle Hill Drive, Hinesburg, VT 05461. Paypal through www.juliesoquet.com, on contact page.  Registration by email to . Registration and payment due by 1/25.

This workshop will open our minds and hearts to our animal friends , who delight in being heard!  A variety of approaches will be practiced to enhance our natural telepathic and intuitive abilities. Photos of animals currently in your life are requested for the workshop. More details upon registration. The website, www.juliesoquet.com will offer more background on the workshop leader, Julie Soquet.


Jung Reads the Bible: A Jungian Perspective on Spiritual Truths, Wednesdays, March 1,8,15,22; 7-9PM EST/EDT; $60 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

At age 11 Carl Jung had his first experience of God, in a vision that he remembered for the rest of his life. As the son of a pastor in the Swiss Reformed Church, Jung grew up immersed in the Bible and recognized religio as one of the five instincts in human beings. In this course, we bring Jung’s understanding and interpretation to bear on multiple Bible verses and concepts like the numinosum, God, the Devil, evil, religion and perfection. Participants should possess a Bible, as most of our discussions will focus on specific verses and concepts. Other readings drawn from Jung’s works will be provided.


The Path of Individuation; Wednesdays, March 29, April 5,12,19,26, May 3,10,17; 7-9PM EDT; $90 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

Individuation is a key concept in Jung’s psychology, being both a process and a goal of the work of becoming conscious. Using over a dozen exercises, assessment instruments and dream work, the 8-week course aims to foster participants’ familiarity with their psyche and its unique language, while introducing various components of the individuation process.


The History and Mystery of the Labyrinth; Saturday, April 29 & May 6th ; 4-6PM EDT; $60 (via PayPal or check in $US made out to Kathryne Delorme); to register, email us:

The labyrinth is an ancient archetype and metaphor for the spiritual journey, the path of life, and individuation. The history stretches back over 4,000 years in cultures worldwide and has been a theme in both art and literature. A revival of the labyrinth as spiritual practice began in the 1990’s, and its use is being embraced by many in our fragmented world who long for connection to a sacred center both personal and collective. We will explore the ways that labyrinth walking can support our wholeness in times of challenge, change, as well as celebration. Participants will receive a labyrinth image before the class begins. Led by Kathryne Delorme, who has M.A. degrees in Transpersonal Psychology, Counseling, and Depth Psychology. She has facilitated transformative arts workshops and labyrinth walks for counseling and recovery centers, hospice, women’s groups and meditation circles. She is a Veriditas-trained Labyrinth Facilitator.