Upcoming Courses for Fall Term 2022

Upcoming Courses Fall Term 2022


NOTE: As we publish this course notice, it is not yet clear if the U.S. will retain Daylight Savings Time, which we would normally leave on the first Sunday of November. Therefore, for courses that  begin after or continue after November 5th, you will have to check with the course leader to confirm the start time.


The Wisdom of the Crone, 9/1, 10/6, 11/3,12/1, 1/5, 2/2, 3/2, 4/6, 5/4; 7-9PM; (Eastern Daylight time; contact Sue to confirm the time from November on); via Zoom; $90 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

This reading/discussion course mines the wisdom in a variety of older women’s stories and memoirs, including those of Jungian analysts Jean Shinoda Bolen and Jane Wheelwright, artists Judy Chicago, Dolly Parton and Viola Davis, diplomat Madeleine Albright and journalist Katie Couric, as well as others. Led by Sue Mehrtens.


A Jungian Perspective on Current Events, 9/6, 10/4, 11/1, 12/6, 1/3, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2;

7-9PM; (Eastern Daylight time; contact Sue to confirm the time from November on); via Zoom; $90 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

Demagogues and dying democracy, global capitalism and civil wars, polarization and the power of just doing stuff–our news feeds these days seem overwhelming at times. But the perspective of Carl Jung offers us a necessary overview from which to assess what is really going on in our world, and how we might best traverse our fraught global landscape. In this nine-month reading/discussion course we will examine key features of our current reality toward gaining a very different viewpoint that can empower us to move into the future with optimism and understanding. Led by Sue Mehrtens


Shadow: Recognizing White Privilege, 9/7, 14, 21 & 28; 7-9PM (Eastern Daylight Time); via Zoom; $60 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

A hands-on experiential workshop designed to help people get wise to racism and how concepts like white superiority and implicit bias serve to maintain our racist culture. Multiple readings and exercises drawn from sources by both whites and persons of color provide different perspectives and offer insights into how we all can benefit from becoming more conscious and self-aware of this powerful aspect of our collective and personal shadow. Led by Sue Mehrtens


Book Study Group: Man and His Symbols, ed. C.G. Jung, 9/18, 10/16, 11/20, 12/18, 22 and 1/22/23; 1-3PM (Eastern Daylight Time for 9/18 & 10/16; contact Cecile to find out the start time for the November-January course meetings); via Zoom; a donation of $50 can be made out to the Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences, via check or PayPal on the Center web site; we also offer a sliding scale;

to register, email Cecile at: .

Join us for our new monthly Book Study Group. We begin our series featuring Man and His Symbols, with essays by C.G. Jung, Joseph Henderson, Marie-Louise von Franz, Aniela Jaffé, and Jolande Jacobi. For the serious student of C.G. Jung who seeks to explore the role of conscious and unconscious patterns and the inherent interplay between the personal, societal and subliminal, this book is a classic in Jungian literature. Each month we will examine one of the five parts of the books as follows: Part I–“Approaching the Unconscious,” by C.G. Jung; Part II–“Ancient Myth and Modern Man,” by Joseph Henderson; Part III–“The Process of Individuation,” by M.L. von Franz; Part IV–“Symbolism in the Visual Arts,” by Aniela Jaffé; and Part V–“Symbols in an Individual Analysis,” by Jolande Jacobi. This book series seeks to analyze the reading material, process in small group discussions and offers reflection time for those who seek to integrate this in-depth inquiry. Please join us! Pick up your copy of this paperback book (via your local bookstore or Amazon), as we will begin the first meeting with an analysis and discussion of Part I. This book discussion group meets via Zoom on the third Sunday of each month from September through January. Facilitated by Cecile Leriche, MA, LCMHC, artist, Art Therapist, Transpersonal counselor, Peacekeeper at the Sunray Meditation Society, student and teacher at The Jungian Center, teaching integrating conscious and unconscious patterns and exploring complexes of the mind and spirit by using archetypes, symbols and dreams to help people access their own healing potential; email Cecile () for payment arrangements, to register and get a study packet.


Fall Equinox Collective Channeling, 9/22; 7-9PM (Eastern Daylight Time); via Zoom; $20 (via PayPal , Zelle, Venmo or check to Kimia Maleki, sent c/o Jungian Center, 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury VT 05676); to register, email Kimia at

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.” C.G. Jung. As the Northern Hemisphere of our little garden planet moves into the portal of darkness, we are given an opportunity to create alchemical magic and own our spiritual resilience and inherent power. For more information: www.projectalchemyhq.com Led by Kimia Maleki.

How to Find Inner Calm in Times of Destabilzation, 9/29; 7pm EDT; via Zoom; cost: $20; payments can be made via Zelle, Venmo, PayPal or please mail checks made out to Kimia Maleki, c/o Jungian Center; to register, email Kimia at

As the world becomes more polarized and traumatized we have an opportunity to commit ourselves to being ancient wisdom keepers and lighthouses that feel our way into Peace and knowingness.  This session is about finding beauty within Self (& nature) and how to extract our inner resource for goodness and compassion for humanity.  For more information: www.projectalchemyhq.com

The Little Guide to Finding Our Lost Souls Workshop, 10/11,18 & 25 or 11/1,11/8 & 11/15; 7-9PM (Eastern Daylight time; contact Julie to confirm the start time after 11/1); $75 (via Venmo, Paypal or check in $US); to register, email:

It is time to do the work of Finding Our Lost Souls. Together we will navigate the practices from the book The Little Guide to Finding Our Lost Soul, using accountability, questioning, and self-reflection in a supportive environment. Newfound spiritual practices will unfold and guide you to a more soulful life. Led by Julie Roick, BCC, a personal trainer and life coach who has a heart for women who feel spiritually lost. Understanding what it is like to question one’s spirituality, July draws on her personal journey of enlightenment and insider knowledge to teach the practices in her book, available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/little-Guide-Finding-Lost-Souls…


Animal Communication Workshop, 10/16; 10AM-3PM EDT; via Zoom; $125; please mail check made out of Julie Soquets, to 53 Thistle Hill Drive, Hinesberg VT 05461; to register, email Kimia at

This workshop is an opportunity to connect telepathically with our animal friends. This will open hearts and awareness of intuitive gifts and sensitivities. (Please be prepared to provide 4 photos of one animal that is currently in your life that will be participating in class with you). For more information: www.juliesoquet.com


The Literary Circle: Finding Strength and Inspiration in Diverse Books, 10/20 & 27; 7-8:30PM (Eastern Daylight Time); via Zoom; $30 (via Paypal ); to register, email us:

This course explores the transformative power of stories, drawing on Jungian concepts of the shadow and the collective unconscious, inviting participants to go on personal journeys where diverse literature takes center stage for strength and inspiration. Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and the role of symbols will also guide our sessions.  Led by Maria Manteo, a professor of English and specialist in children’s literacy, who holds multiple degrees, including a Practitioner’s Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming Applied to Education. She trains teachers in holistic methods in the weaving of reading, writing and the arts. She currently serves on the Notable Books for a Global Society Award Committee of the International Literacy Association.


Critical Thinking in a Time of Confusion, 11/2,9,16, 30; 7-9PM Eastern Daylight time on 11/2; contact Sue to confirm the start time thereafter); $60 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

With our media now full of “fake news” and “alternate realities,” slippery slope arguments, red herrings, faulty analogies, scare tactics and “phishing,” how are we ever to determine what is true from what is false? This course, created by student requests, presents multiple techniques we can use to evaluate what we hear and see. In addition to multiple exercises, a variety of readings from current sources is provided to give participants hands-on practice in applying what we discuss. Created by Richmond Shreve and Sue Mehrtens; led by Sue Mehrtens. Students will have available a book by Richmond they can download from the Internet.


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