Curriculum Info.

The curriculum is delineated in 5 paths:

  • the path of contemplation and inner practices;
  • the path of investigation (the path which most closely resembles a college curriculum);
  • the path of creativity, drawing on a wide array of arts and crafts;
  • the path of physicality, designed to foster all forms of well-being; and the path of
  • practicality, which equips students with some of the core skills for the spiritual journey.

Note that all courses are not offered every year, and new courses are being created all the time, as student and faculty interests warrant. If you have an idea for a course that is not represented in the table, let us know: we encourage suggestions and will try to accommodate all substantive suggestions. Individual tutorials can be arranged for these courses, or for other subjects not listed here. Contact us for further information and guidance on setting up a tutorial. Fee schedules for individual tutorials are worked out between the instructor and student. The Center’s catalogue contains more information about the curriculum and can be downloaded below.

File: Catalog 2019-2020