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55 Clover Lane, Waterbury VT 05676
(802) 244-7909; fax (802) 244-1696
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Besides teaching part-time at the Community College of Vermont (courses in history, mythology, women’s studies, global civilization), I serve as President of the Jungian Center, supervising hiring of faculty, tending to the Center’s administrative duties, and organizing the courses for the three terms the Center runs each year. I also deal with the global correspondence of the Center, create and teach new courses (both at the Center and through our distance-learning program), host the monthly Psychology Club and Dreamwork meetings, and introduce guest speakers when we have special programs. In addition to these activities, a good part of my time is spent researching and writing the monthly blog essays that appear on the Center’s Web site. A new facet of my work is the maintenance of the Web site—posting the blog essays and monthly newsletters (if Sara Waskuch, our Communications Director, is unable to do so)—and responding to the comments that are posted on the site. During summers, when my schedule allows more free time, I write books, the latest of which have been published by Eltanin Publishing: How to Survive and Thrive in the Coming Earth Changes, and Jung the Man: His Life Examined. Other books I have authored, co-authored or edited include : Earthkeeping: Readings in Human Ecology, The Fourth Wave: Business in the 21st Century, Intuitive Imagery: A Resource at Work, The Leap-Frog Option, and Wake Up, South Africa! I recently finished a book on Jung and his visions for the future, which should appear in early 2012.



My primary interest is Jung and all things Jungian, but I also indulge myself in productive hobbies like sewing (both clothing and home décor), woodcraft (making bookcases, which my constantly-expanding library seems to need more of all the time!), playing the harpsichord, walking and reading.



Since none of the above net me income, I make my living offering an array of services, including: 

  • teaching dreamwork on an individual one-on-one basis, with a sliding fee scale (from $60/hour to $25/hour) 
  • giving astrological chart readings: natal chart (includes a discussion of the myths and archetypes one is living, the soul purpose for the life, and an analysis of transits): $150 transit reading (a close examination of the energies operative over the coming year, including numerology and the alchemical aspects): $50 synastry reading (examines the relationship between 2 persons): $75
  • family matrix reading (extends the synastry reading to include all the members of a family): $75 for the first 2; $25 for each additional person
  • life purpose reading (includes a variety of Jungian, astrological and numerological components to describe mission in life and soul purpose): $50
  • psychic readings: $1/minute
  • public speaking: sliding fee scale, based on the group and its purpose (less for non-profits, more for corporate groups)