September newsletter

                                                                                                September 2019

Dear Friends,

            Fall is upon us, and the Jungian Center has geared up to resume classes. I have to begin with an apology to all those who were frustrated with the Upcoming Course notice that I posted in late July. It seems to have gotten trolled, i.e. crucial information was missing. This nuisance led to a positive development: We (i.e. our marvelous tech expert Brett Hinson) updated Word Press, installed a firewall and taught me how to post crucial information as an unchangeable pdf. Thanks to all that I think it very unlikely that any future tri-annual course notices will get trolled.

            Below is a reminder of the courses that will run beginning in September. Two–the Soul Tending and Harpies–will run for 9 months, meeting once a month. Astrology and Writing Memoir have shorter runs (4/5 weeks).

            I hope to see you at some of these, and also at the concert and workshop that Lynn McBrien has organized–a very special event. See below for information about it.

                                                            Enjoy these halcyon late summer days~


Soul Tending Workshop: Tuesdays, 9/3,10/1,11/5, 11/15 (concert), 12/3,1/7,2/4,3/3,4/7,5/5; 7-9PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $115; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

This nine-month experiential workshop introduces participants to various ways to tend their souls, including “forest-bathing” in Nature, music, bodywork, poetry and soul-nourishing forms of writing, art and mandala-making, dream work, and myths. Thomas Moore’s The Reenchantment of Everyday Life is the text, which participants will have to obtain (Bridgeside Books in Waterbury gives a discount if you mention it is for this course). Note that the price of the workshop includes the cost of the required November 15th concert (see below for more information about the concert). Led by Sue Mehrtens

Introduction to Astrology: Wednesdays, 9/4,11,18,25; 7-9PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

A basic course for the novice with no prior training in astrology. The major components of the natal chart–the zodiac, planets, signs, houses and aspects–are identified and interpreted in depth. In addition, students are provided with information about various computer programs toward fostering their future work in astrology. The text for the course is Hewitt, Beginner’s Guide to Astrology, which students can obtain (with a discount) from Bridgeside Books in Waterbury. Led by Sue Mehrtens

Harpies & Harridans: Women Behaving Badly, Thursdays, 9/5,10/3,11/7,12/5, 1/2, 2/6,3/5,4/2,5/7; 7-9PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $90; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

Throughout history angry women have been instigators of major change. This course examines nine women in Western history who have been motivators and change agents, including Angelina and Sarah Grimké, Mary Harris (aka “Mother Jones”), Emmeline Pankhurst, “Flo” Kennedy, Bella Abzug, and Cecile Richards. The common themes running through these women’s lives, and how their “behaving badly” has served to promote social change and justice will be discussed. While the readings for September and October will be provided, students will need to acquire the biographies of the other women, plus the final book: Rebecca Traister’s Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger. These books will be available (for a discount) at Bridgeside Books in Waterbury. Led by Sue Mehrtens

Writing Memoir, Mondays, 9/9,16,23,30, 10/7; 7-9PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $75; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

Do you want to write personal stories or a family history? Are you just getting started or sustaining a project? Do forms like “letters” to family or a seamless narrative appeal to you? Would you like support and encouragement in writing about your life? This class can help you give some order and focus to memories you want to preserve. Join a small group in seeing your memoir take shape in a five-week course. Limited to 10 students. No previous experience is necessary. Led by Ann Turkle, MFA, Ph.D.

Welcome the Darkness, Give Thanks to the Light:

Celtic Music, Poetry and Story in Praise of the Natural World

Friday 15 November 2019

7:00PM; $25

All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne

A concert by Owen & Moley Ó Súilleabháin, two Irish brothers who sing everything from ancient Irish chanting to traditional Irish music and Irish rap

Check out these links to All Souls Interfaith and the lads’ performances:

Owen and Moley will also lead a one-day workshop on Saturday, Nov 16th, at All Souls. We will post more information about it in future newsletter. Please note that attendance at the Friday concert is required for participants in the Soul Tending workshop.

The September blog essay link is: