September 2015 News

Dear Friends,

Special Event!
Field Trip to the Oldest Coral Reef in the World
Saturday, September 19th, 2015.

If you are interested in participating in this FREE event, email or call me to get on our car pool list. The exact times are still uncertain. I will let you know when to be at the Center to car pool if you let me know you are interested. Hope you can join us!
            Below are the courses coming up at the Jungian Center this month. Before turning to those, I want to remind you of the opportunity Amazon is providing for non-profit organizations: If you do any shopping on Amazon and sign up for their “Smile” program, designating the Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences as the organization you want to receive a percentage of the total or your order, we will glean this revenue. This costs younothing, but would certainly help us continue to exist. Our finances are almost entirely tuition-driven, so every little bit of extra income helps.
            Thanks for your help!
            Enjoy this wonderful month of foliage color and tourist traffic!
Women’s Herstory, Thursdays, 9/3,10/1,11/5,12/3; 7-9PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $90 (for all 9 sessions); to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909
This 9-month, student-generated course offers a survey of 10,000 years of women’s experience, via reading and discussion of nine books, supplemented with some of the seminal essays and articles by prominent feminists from the 19th, 20th and 21stcenturies. Interested students should come to the first meeting having read Woman’s Evolution, by Evelyn Reed. Led by Sue Mehrtens
Jung on Aging: Wednesdays, 9/9,16,23,30; 7-9PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909.
Analytical psychology—Jung’s version of depth soul work—is unique among psychotherapeutic schools in its positive attitude toward old age and the aging process. Jung felt that people should live into life right up to the moment of death and he laid out a process for doing so that draws on personality type, personal talents, creative expression and a variety of life experiences that foster soul connection and anticipation of life after life. In this course we read Jung’s work on the stages of life, along with several other short works by older Jungian analysts who draw on their own experience of aging. In-class activities include multiple thought-provoking exercises. Led by Sue Mehrtens, teacher and author. This course provides 8 hours of instruction suitable for CEUs.
Techniques for Transformation, Saturdays, 9/12,19; 9AM to 5PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909
Jung loved to laugh and regarded a good sense of humor as crucial to mental health. Medical doctor that he was, Jung felt a daily “laughsitive” was crucial. In this rendition of the course we join synchronicity with laughter to provide insights into personal problems and current life situations, so as to strength trust in both our inner guidance and the sympatheia of the Universe. Students should come to this course with specific questions about which they want insight and guidance. Readings by Jung and other important Jungians (e.g. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Marie-Louise von Franz, Robert Hopcke) provide students with different perspectives on synchronicity and how to use it. Led by Sue Mehrtens