Recommended Reading

C.G. Jung and Our Collective Future

Price: $17.95

As a visionary student of ancient wisdom, Carl Jung understood the true nature of the challenges facing our transitional time—polarization, climate change, technological terrorism etc.—and provides us with an array of resources—concepts, techniques, new perspectives—we can use to seize the opportunities of this unique period in human history, and create a positive future.

C.G. Jung’s Wisdom for Our Time

Price: $12.95

Economic inequality, profound changes in our society, politics and environment, #meToo, Black Lives Matter, global pandemics, and a host of other current phenomena cause ferment and anxiety. Into this challenging era the intuitive wisdom of Carl Jung offers insights and solutions that are practical and grounded.

The Spiritual Adventure of Our Time

Price: $12.95

In the Terry Lectures C.G. Jung gave at Yale University he spoke of “the spiritual adventure of our time,” recognizing that the planet is on the cusp of shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Jung is known as the “father of the New Age,” and this book explains just what Jung meant by the shift, how it is showing up now, and what it will mean for the world to operate in the spirit of an Aquarian era.