Working with Dreams: A Jungian Perspective (book by Sue Mehrtens, Ph.D.)


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A short, succinct guide to Jung’s way of handling dreams, including definitions of terms, useful tools, how to foster dream recall, and techniques for interpreting dreams on the three levels Jung used. Five appendices, bibliography and an extensive index make this both an indispensable primer and a handy reference work.

From the Back Cover:

Working with Dreams: A Jungian Perspective combines the wisdom of dream master Carl Jung with the author’s personal experience of
teaching dream work to hundreds of people on three continents over thirty-plus years.

A background section defines dreams and their features, purposes and types, followed by a discussion of the practical requirements: how to tackle insomnia, how to recall and record dreams, and the role of intentionality in this process.

Next is the core of the book: interpretation, which Jung admitted is a most “exacting task.” Jung used many methods–from amplification to yogic techniques–to tease out a dream’s messages, which can be interpreted on three levels. Helpful guidelines and questions offer ways to gain insights into the meaning of the dream.

A final section sets dream work in the context of daily life, with tips on how we can “actualize” a dream to maximize the psyche’s contribution to our outer life reality. A short review of the dozens of ways famous people have used dreams to create, invent, win prizes and solve problems is included, along with six appendices with recipes and useful reference works.

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