C.G. Jung: His Life, His Tools, His Writings (book by Sue Mehrtens, Ph.D.)


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C.G. Jung: His Life, His Tools, His Writings combines a succinct biography of Jung the man with an in-depth discussion of the tools and techniques he used in his  practice of analytical psychology, along with an overview of the enormous body of his written works.

Get to know the human side of Jung–often forgotten in the focus we put on his ideas, concepts and psychology–in this portrait of the man’s likes and dislikes, his hobbies and interests, his type and personality, his shadow side and complexes, and his life as husband and father. Peer into Jung’s inner life through his own dreams, and meet the Jung of many labels, from the “ladies’ man,” surrounded by his many “Valkyries,” to the “mystic” and “father of the New Age.”

Learn how Jung worked with dreams, how he handled symbols, how he used myths and mythologems, and how he encouraged his patients to “dream the dream forward” in the practice of active imagination, which he invented. Discover the wide array of tools in Jung’s toolbox, from familiar activities like creativity, meditation and mandala-making to the auseinandersetzung and tapas, which can foster self/Self awareness.

Gain an overview of the dozens of books, essays, seminars and lectures Jung gave over his sixty-plus years as an analyst, teacher and mentor, and come to understand why Jung’s writings can be challenging to read.

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