November 2022 newsletter

November 1, 2022


Dear Friends,


Vermont has moved into “twig season” now, with the once-glorious colors of hillsides now turned to gray interspersed with the deep greens of the pines and firs. The frost is on the pumpkins, rooftops, and cars, and we live in anticipation of the first snow. Killington doesn’t wait: It started up making artificial snow already.


Meanwhile, here at the Jungian Center, we have just one course beginning this month, on how to hone your critical thinking–a skill very much in demand these days. Our December newsletter will have the full list of our Winter/Spring course offerings.


Hope you have a safe, healthy month, and a wonderful Thanksgiving.





Critical Thinking in a Time of Confusion, 11/2,9,16, 30; 7-9PM Eastern Daylight time on 11/2; contact Sue to confirm the start time thereafter); $60 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us:

With our media now full of “fake news” and “alternate realities,” slippery slope arguments, red herrings, faulty analogies, scare tactics and “phishing,” how are we ever to determine what is true from what is false? This course, created by student requests, presents multiple techniques we can use to evaluate what we hear and see. In addition to multiple exercises, a variety of readings from current sources is provided to give participants hands-on practice in applying what we discuss. Created by Richmond Shreve and Sue Mehrtens; led by Sue Mehrtens. Students will have available a book by Richmond they can download from the Internet.


The link to our November blog essay is:

The Importance of Women and the Law of the Retarding Lead