May 2023 newsletter

Dear Friends,

While many of our participants are now enjoying full-blown Spring, we in Vermont are still seeing snowy mountaintops and temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s (Farenheit). The Coast Pilot was not exaggerating when it labeled Spring in New England as “disagreeable”!

Our one new course coming up in May (9th through 30th) is a 4-week course on fairy tales. All 8 tales are from Grimm’s collection: Snow White and Rose Red & Mother/Frau Trudy; Rapunzel and Jorinda & Joringel; The Sweet Porridge and The Drummer; and The Nixie of the Pond and The Riddle. The 4 sessions will be recorded and the cost is $60.

This summer, rather than offer a short course in June through August, I will be spending those months preparing a 9-month course “Reading Jung,” in which we will read Jung’s own texts, from the personable memoir he wrote late in life, to his more accessible alchemical text. This course will meet once a month, on the third Saturday of the month, and it has five parts: Jung the Man, Jung basics (his departure from Freud and his writings on symbols and type), Jung’s social criticism (CW 10), Jung’s psychology (CW 7 and 16), and alchemy (CW 13). This course will begin on September 19th, and participants will have to obtain the books (CW is available free on the internet; Memories, Dreams, Reflections is widely available in libraries and also in inexpensive paperback). The cost will be $90.

I will also offer a 4-week course in September on Mary Magdalene, a 4-session Dreamwork Intensive for Therapists in October, and a team-taught course on our collective shadow in November. More details on these in upcoming newsletters.

A reminder to our faculty: Course descriptions for Fall term 2023 must be to me by July 27th.

I hope you all have a wonderful May!



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