May 2021 newsletter

May 2021


Dear Friends,

Last year at this time we were in week 6 of quarantine, while this year widespread vaccinations (at least in Vermont) have cut the infection rate substantially. Here at the Jungian Center we listen closely to the experts, so we will not be returning to status quo ante any time soon, if ever. (Will we remember what “status quo ante” looked like??). As I have said to our far-flung students now attending our programs via Zoom, we will continue to Zoom in the future.


As I did last summer, I will be running via Zoom a 3-session summer program, meeting the first Wednesdays of June, July and August, 7-9PM (EDT)


Tools for Empowerment: An Evening Discussion Series, Wednesdays, 6/2,7/7 & 8/4; 7-9PM (Eastern Daylight time zone); via Zoom; free; to register, email us:

When you register you will be sent all the reading materials–22 short essays drawn from the Center’s blog postings.


The Fall course offerings are taking shape. I will be running the “Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious” course on the first Tuesdays of September through May, 7-9PM, and a new course, “Honing Our Empathy, Considering Other Perspectives” on the first Thursdays of September through May, 7-9PM. On the 8 Wednesdays from September 1st through November 17th I will offer 3 4-week courses on The Mother (September), The Father (Sept 29-Oct 20), and Jungian Parenting (Oct 27-Nov 17). All of these will be via Zoom.


The link to our May blog essay, “Are We Experiencing an Enantiodromia Now?” is below.


I hope you have a wonderful and healthy month!


Stay safe!




Are We Experiencing an Enantiodromia Now?

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