Week Three Lesson

  • Discussion of Stead and Steiner

Homework: Read excerpts from Alexander & Robbins

Session 3 reading, to prepare for discussions in Session 4:

Franchezzo, excerpts from A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands

  • What is Franchezzo’s purpose in communicating this book?
  • What is his opinion of Spiritualism?
  • According to the publisher, J.R. Francis, what does this book offer the reader?
  • What momentous change did F. experience when he had decided a true love was not for him?
  • What affect did this change have on him?
  • How did he react to his sudden death?
  • What change came over him?
  • What forced F. to realize he was dead?
  • Why had F. left the church?
  • What did the spirits of his beloved’s brothers say to F?
  • What did he feel then?
  • What happened after he confessed his shameful life?
  • What did F discover about the power of thought on the spirit plane?
  • What is key, on the spirit plane, to having a strong appetite?
  • How did the spirit describe the way of repentance?
  • Why did F decide to take this way?
  • What sustained him in the future?
  • What was the Home of Help?
  • What was the environment of the Home of Help?
  • What determined the living conditions in the Home of Help?
  • Did F feel all sin was personal?
  • Does this resonate, given our current social, economic and political realities?
  • What was the impact of the lectures?
  • What would be the next stage in his progression?
  • What did the residents of the Home of Help do?
  • What does F predict?
  • Of what is the spirit conscious of, while it is on the lower spirit planes?
  • What happens as the spirit advances?
  • Why was his strength a problem?
  • What kept F from succumbing to the temptation and going back to earth?
  • How long was F in the House of Hope?
  • In that interval, what had happened to him?
  • What are the “Twilight Lands”?
  • What would F be called on to do, as a member of the Brotherhood of Hope?
  • What did the spirit do in this interval?
  • What were F’s roles while he was a helper?
  • What spiritual impact did his helping have on F?
  • Why was F well suited to this work?
  • When did F do his work?
  • How did F atone for his sins?
  • To whom does F give credit for his rapid progress?
  • What kind of help was given?
  • Who taught him in the Twilight Land?
  • What was his life like in the Twilight Lands?
  • How did they tell time in the Twilight Lands?
  • Why did F progress so fast?
  • What was a fresh source of happiness for F?
  • What impact did this have on him?
  • What is the great despair on the spirit plane?
  • What does F ask us to do?
  • How many spheres did F count?
  • Where does a spirit go once it passed beyond the limits of the earth spheres?
  • What does this remind you of?
  • How does F describe this transition?
  • What was F’s surroundings like in the “Land of Dawn”?
  • How did he look at this point?
  • What still hung over him?
  • What was his beloved about to do after his ceremony?
  • What are elementals?
  • Why is it not a good idea to deal with elementals?
  • What do elementals want?
  • What is often necessary for a drunkard to get free of the parasites?
  • Does this resonate in the philosophy of a certain group in our culture now?
  • What powers belong to the soul?
  • What are some examples of elemental astral beings?
  • What sustains these beings?
  • Where do they tend to congregate?
  • What happens as nations advance and grow more spiritual?
  • Why do many modern people doubt the reality of the soul?
  • What is F’s sense of our current focus and culture?
  • How does Hassein define God?
  • How does Hassein define astrals?
  • Where is the astral plane?
  • What happens to the astrals around a person of higher desires?
  • What impact can astrals have on a person of base desires?
  • Of whom should people be most wary?
  • What does Hassein want to see happen?
  • What does the spirit world never do?
  • Why must we consider who our associates are?
  • What happens in times of revolution?
  • What happened when F yielded to the influence of the spirits?
  • Why was F vulnerable to the spirits?
  • To whom did F owe his power of clearer and purer vision?
  • What lesson did F work on in this land?
  • How does the spirit world differ in appearance from earth?
  • What blocks passage between spheres?
  • What is the nature of the soul?
  • What changed once F attained an advanced position in the spirit world?

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Alexander: Proof of Heaven excerpt

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Tom Robbins Jitterbug Perfume excerpt

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