June 2023 newsletter

Dear Friends,

Our 2022-2023 academic year is about to end, with the final session of our 2023 rendition of Fairytales on May 30th. I am now into planning the agenda for the annual meeting of the Jungian Center Board of Directors. Next up, organizing the courses of the next academic year. I plan to give a course on Mary Magdalene (by student request) in September, a Dream Intensive course for therapists in October, and a team-taught course on our current civic dilemma in November. Also running through the whole of Fall ’23 to May ’24 will be a course on Reading Jung, 9 of his own books, one a month, on the third Saturday of each month, September through May. The first Thursday of each month I will offer another rendition of The Wisdom of the Crone course, with nine different books from those we read last year. Faculty who plan to offer courses for Fall term should get their descriptions to me by July 27th.

For a full list and descriptions of our Fall program, watch for our August 1st newsletter.

I hope you have a wonderful, healthy June.



the link to our blog essay for June:

Jung on Lying