June 2022 newsletter

June 2022


Dear Friends,


Summer is upon us in these parts, with lilacs in bloom and the rhubarb up and ready to harvest. In our Jungian Center schedule, this is a time of planning the 2022-2023 academic year, and our Fall semester will offer exciting learning opportunities, as we have some wonderful teachers bringing their wisdom and Jungian training to our roster. Connie Zweig, Jungian analyst and author, will be presenting two programs on September 3rd and 17th, and Kathryne Delorme will be delve into the subject of labyrinths, with some “hands-on” experience (“finger-walking” will be possible); details to be announced. I am planning to repeat the “White Privilege” course in September, as a follow-up of sorts to the free course which starts on June 1st: “America’s Karma Unspooled.” It is described below.

For a full list and descriptions of our Fall program, watch for our August 1st newsletter.

I hope you have a wonderful, healthy June.





America’s Karma Unspooled; Wednesdays, 6/1, 7/6 & 8/3; 7-9PM EDT; free; via Zoom; to register, email Sue:

What is karma? What is meant by “America’s karma”? What does it mean to “unspool” karma? And how might we hope to rectify, repair and respond to the reality of our collective national history? These and related questions form the core of this three-part workshop in which participants share ideas and possible ways to address a key challenge of our times. Note: you must register for this free program.


the link to our blog essay for June:

Carl Jung and George Land on What’s Really Going On