June 2020 newsletter

June 2020


Dear Friends,


Normally we don’t run programs in the summer, with most people wanting to be outside. But, thanks to the pandemic, these are not normal times. These are times of challenge, as well as opportunities. One opportunity recently came from an email request from two Jungian Center members saying:

“… how helpful and encouraging it would be if you were willing to offer some type of forum, class, or discussion in which we consider the ways each of us can move forward into these new times, perhaps epochal times.”

The members then referred to some of the courses we’ve offered, visions we’ve spoken of, and discussions we’ve had over the years, and they asked me to “help us clarify how we each may best contribute and move forward into a creative and constructive future.”

This email got me thinking and the result is the 3-part program described below. I will “host” it via Zoom, with an initial presentation by me, followed by participants’ discussion based on 18 short readings, all of which will be provided.


Visions, Missions and Moving Forward into a Positive Future: Mondays 6/8, 7/13 & 8/10; 7-9PM; free (a $50 deposit is required for those new to the Jungian Center, returned at the end of the program in August–as an attempt to deter trolls); via Zoom; registration required; contact Sue at .

This 3-evening reading/discussion series considers our current situation, to understand the larger picture within which we are living. We will discuss the lessons we can learn from what is going on and consider Jung’s ideas on how we might best respond and contribute. The factors involved in making good choices while feeling safe, secure and supported will also be identified, toward helping each participant identify and seize the myriad opportunities this extraordinary experience offers us. Registrants will be sent all the course materials via email.

Note: Participants do not need to install Zoom on their computers; the link will be provided shortly before the program is to begin.

Looking ahead to our Fall term, below is the tentative schedule of courses I plan to teach, all via Zoom. The term begins on Tuesday, September 1st. Over the summer I will ask other faculty for their offerings. Our Fall course list will come out around August 1st, and the schedule will also be posted on our Web site.

Treasures of the World’s Religions

Esoteric Christianity

Conscious Prosperity: Jung on Money


I hope you have a safe, healthy summer, and I look forward to sharing the June-August program with you.




Link to our June blog essay:

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