June 2017 newsletter

late May 2017


Dear Friends,


By students’ request, we’re having a special “dream” session on Tuesday, May 30th, for anyone who has had a dream and wants to discuss it. This arose out of the dream course that met earlier this semester, but you don’t have to have been a member of that course to attend. It’s free and will meet from 7 to 9PM at the Center.


With the conclusion of the “Listening for Spiritual Guidance” course on May 31st, we wrap up our classes for the academic year. Over the summer we will be planning the course offerings for 2017-2018. If you have a course you would like to see offered, please let me know.

The following courses have not been offered for years, and I am wondering if there is interest in any of them:


Ethics for the 21st Century

Jung and Ufos


Conscious Prosperity: Jung on Money


If you would be interested in taking any of the above, or if you have an idea for a course that does not yet exist, let me know: I am open to suggestions, and many of our courses began with a student’s request.


I hope you have a wonderful summer–a summer full of good health, happiness, and sweet dreams!





P.S. The June blog essay, “Jung on Modern Technology,” can be found at:

Jung on Modern Technology


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