July 2022 newsletter

July 2022


Dear Friends,


Thanks to Kimia’s creativity and years of training, we have an exciting new course being offered in July and August: (note the change of date to July18th and time, from 6EDT to 7EDT): in the June newsletter it was listed as 6PM on July 21st)


How to Live in Reciprocity and Balance, Thursdays, 7/18 and 8/18;7 EDT; via Zoom; cost: donation based; please feel free to mail checks made out to Kimia Maleki, care of the Jungian Center (55 Clover Lane, Waterbury VT 05676) or make a donation via PayPal or venom apps; to register, email Kimia at projectalchemyhealing@gmail.com or through the web site: projectalchemy.com

This course explores how the indigenous way of life and methodology can get us back on track to healing the collective–a 21st-century powwow, with teachings and discussion on parallels with Jung, indigenous prophecy, messages from the winged ones, and how to live in reciprocity and balance.


This is the time of the year when we plan the academic year ahead, and for our Fall lineup we have some exciting learning opportunities, beginning with “The Wisdom of the Crone,” a reading/discussion course which will run for 9 months on the first Thursday of every month, September 1st, through May. In the second week of September (date TBA), Maria Manteo, a professor of English and specialist in children’s literacy, will offer a course exploring the transformative power of stories, drawing on Jungian concepts of the shadow and Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and the role of symbols. That same week we will begin a 9-month course focused on current events from a Jungian perspective. I plan to offer participants the opportunity to work with their shadow in the White Privilege course, beginning on September 7th. Later in the Fall term Kathryne Delorme will be delve into the subject of labyrinths, with some “hands-on” experience (“finger-walking” will be possible). I will reprise my course on “Critical Thinking” in November. Details for all of these events will be provided in our “Upcoming Courses for Fall 2022” newsletter, which will be posted on August 1st.


I look forward to joining some of you at Kimia’s Zoom “room” on July 18th, and hope you have a wonderful month.


Stay safe!


The link to our July essay is:

Jane Wheelwright, Jungian Analyst and Analysand

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