July 2020 newsletter

July 2020

Dear Friends,


To my delight and amazement, our summer program, Visions, Missions and Moving Forward into a Positive Future, has an enrollment of 18 people from all over, showing the potential of the Zoom format. Truly computers are shrinking our world!

Our Fall term begins on September 1st, with “Treasures of the World’s Religions,” with “Esoteric Christianity” following on the 2nd. “Conscious Prosperity: Jung on Money” will begin on September 30th. “Money” reminds me that at the Annual Meeting of the Jungian Center Board on June 26th the Board decided to maintain our course fee schedule, recognizing that our tuition is modest. But, also aware that the pandemic has caused widespread economic hardship, we don’t want financial circumstances to hinder someone from taking our courses. We welcome email conversations from anyone who would need a reduction in the usual fee.

Our Fall course list will come out around August 1st, and the schedule will also be posted on our Web site. I have contacted the faculty, with the request for their course descriptions by July 20th.

On the advice of epidemiologists I structured our Fall and Winter term courses in the Zoom format, and now, as we see the resurgence of the virus (as they predicted), I am very glad I did. Since asymptomatic transmission is a feature of covid-19, we have no way of knowing whether we have been in contact with someone infected, so we must be even more careful now as more stores, parks etc. are open. I hope all of you stay safe, healthy and take the opportunity the pandemic offers us to explore your “inner world”–Jung’s term for all the characters that live within us.





Link to our July blog essay:

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