July 2019 newsletter

July 2019

Dear Friends,


I am delighted to welcome two new faculty members to our Jungian Center teaching staff:

Ann Turkle will be teaching two writing courses this coming Fall: Writing Memoir, and Journal Keeping. Dr. Turkle is a retired college professor, with a Master of Fine Arts and Ph.D degrees. She has taught nonfiction in both university and public library settings and her poetry and nonfiction have appeared in literary journals.

Cecile Leriche will be leading a workshop as part of our Past Lives course. She has an M.A. from Naropa Institute, and many years of experience as a licensed clinical art therapist.

We are honored to have both these accomplished women join our Jungian Center endeavors.


Here’s how our Fall course schedule is shaping up. Full descriptions of these courses will appear in our Upcoming Fall Course Schedule on August 1st.


Soul Tending Workshop, 9/3,10/1,11/5, 11/15–concert, 12/3

Introduction to Astrology, 9/4,11,18,25

Harpies & Harridans: Women Behaving Badly, 9/5,10/3,11/7,12/5

Writing Memoir, 9/9,16,23,30, 10/7

Past Lives Journey of the Soul, 10/2,9,16,23 & special workshop 10/26

Journal Keeping, 10/21,28, 11/4,11,18

Archetypes Illustrated, 10/30, 11/6,13,20 (offers 8 CEUs to therapists)


Be sure to mark your calendars for this very special event that is not to be missed:


Welcome the Darkness, Give Thanks to the Light:

Celtic Music, Poetry and Story in Praise of the Natural World

Friday 15 November 2019

7:00PM; $25

All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne

A concert by Owen & Moley Ó Súilleabháin, two Irish brothers who sing everything from ancient Irish chanting to traditional Irish music and Irish rap

Check out these links to All Souls Interfaith and the lads’ performances:





Owen and Moley will also lead a one-day workshop on Saturday, Nov 16th, at All Souls. We will post more information about it in future newsletter. Please note that attendance at the Friday concert is required for participants in the Soul Tending workshop.

Enjoy summer!


The URL for our July essay is: https://jungiancenter.org/jungs-books-as-bread/