July 2016 newsletter

July 2016


Dear Friends,


Hope you’re enjoying summer! I just got back from a fun week with friends in Pennsylvania—a good change of pace and scene.

For the Jungian Center summer is a quiet time of planning courses for the coming year. If there is a course you would like us to offer in the upcoming academic year, please let us know.

Some activities are ongoing, and Cornelia Ward has the following opportunity available right now, from anywhere you might be:


Cornelia Ward—who helps people love Mondays—offers a free weekly Passion and Purpose telegathering available from any location. To learn more or to get the audio downloads of recent telegatherings on how to turn your life experience3 into a career and how to share your gifts with the world and honor your sensitivity, please go to this link: www.IHelpPeopleLoveMondays.com http://www.IHelpPeopleLoveMondays.com

She can also be reached at:

802-864-2978 (Eastern time)


Our August newsletter, coming out around the 1st of the month, will have our Fall course listings. Summer goes swiftly in our northerly clime, so August 1st will be here before we know it!