Jackson, Andrew, the racism of, 145

Jackson, Eve, quoted, 83, note 69

Jacob, wrestling of, with the dark angel, 9

Jacobi, Jolande, 1, 7, note 29; 16, 38, 72, 78

Jacobi, Jolande, book on psychological reflections, 150, 173

Jacobs, Jerry, 59, note 24

Jacoby, Mario, examples of, of transference/countertransference, 57

Jacoby, Mario, transference definition of, 57

Jaffé, Aniela, 1, note 8; 26, 70, 72, 81

Jaffé, Aniela, description of Jung's UFO collection by, 164, note 8; 170, 176, note 96

Jaffe, Lawrence, 63, note 1; 94

Jaffe, Lawrence, quotes of, 139, 170, note 12

jaguar, the, as a symbol for the trickster, 58

Jahn, Robert, 34

Jahweh, the God of the Torah, worship of, 63

James, William, 33, 34, 64, 66

James, William, the opposites in the psychology of, 157

Janet, Pierre, 9 & note 50; 34, 69, 72, 88 & note 14

Janet, Pierre, Jung's studies with, 121

Japan, the nationalistic arguments for aggression, causing World War II, 175, note 29

Jarman, Beth, 34, note 4

Jaspers, Karl, examination of German guilt by, 145, note 18

Javice, Charlie, the deceit of, 105 & note 9

Jefferson, Thomas, correspondence of, with La Mettrie, 144, note 32

Jeffersonian ideal, the, 27

jester, the, 16

Jesus, 2, 7, 10-12, 14, 16, 20, 21, 23, note 9; 63, 81, 84, 87, 119

Jesus, as an apocalyptic prophet, 155, note 6; 165 & note 28; 188

Jew, the Christ complex of, 126

Jewish friends, Jung's help of, to get to safety, in World War II, 124

jihad, definitions of, 125

jihad, etymology and meaning of, 76, note 9

jihadists, 76, 83, note 72

jihadists, the medieval mindset of, 76

Jim Crow era, the, 126 & note 17; 145, 171

Jim Crow laws and customs, as evil, 55

Joachim de Fiore, concept of the three ages of, 138; 142, 155, 169

Joachim of Flores, 34, 63

Joan of Arc, as the handmaid of Satan, 175

Job, quoted, 147

Job, the Book of, as corroboration for Jung, 81

John of Patmos, the prophesy of, 125, 137, 172

Johnson, Buffy, author of Lady of the Beasts, 48

Johnson, Lyndon, the civil rights actions of, 145

Johnson, Omar, list of suggestions of, for business persons, in reparative actions, 145

Jonah, myth of, 108

Jones, Indiana, 17

Josephson, Brian, 29, note 17

journal writing, 45, 47

journalists, most, as embedded in the old model of organizing, 160

joy, 11, 51, 52

joyousness, as a feature of cosmic consciousness, 160, note 9

Judaism, 31, 34

Judas legend, the, 108

Judeo-Christian tradition, the development of, 169

judgers, quick decision-making by, 139, 159

Judgers, trouble of, with change, 52

Judges, the Book of, Gideon's story in, 148

Judging and Perceiving, as two attitudes, 139

Judging attitude, the features of, disliking ambiguity, 159

Judging type, decision-making as easy for, 36

judging, as not judgmental, 139, note 20

judging, impatience of, 92

judgment of others, as skewed, due to group-think, 128, 170, 171

judgment, withholding of, 119

judgmentalism, 2, 76, 103

Julian, the efforts of, to restore the old order, 149

Jung, C.G., BBC interview of, 1

Jung, C.G., core realities of, 1

Jung, C.G., correspondence of, 1

Jung, C.G., ethics of, 2

Jung, C.G., heirs of, 1

Jung, C.G., legacy of, 6

Jung, C.G., letters of, 1, note 32

Jung, C.G., master works of, 1

Jung, C.G., memoir of, 1

Jung, C.G., morality of, 2

Jung, C.G., opinion of doctors of, 1, note 14

Jung, C.G., personality type of, 1, note 1

Jung, C.G., readable essays of, 1

Jung, C.G., warnings of, 3

Jung, C.G., works of, 1 & notes 2-9
Jung as an anal erotic, with obsessive punctuality and frugality, 72

Jung, a portrait of, by Jane Wheelwright, 45

Jung, abandonment of, by his mother, 72

Jung, ability of, 7, 71

Jung, absorption of, in his work, 73

Jung, acceptance of his own nature by, 12

Jung, acceptance of, of both life and death, 103

Jung, access of, to religion, through psychological understanding of inner experiences, 97

Jung, accusations of consorting with Nazis by, 69

Jung, accused of plagiarism by a teacher, 72

Jung, activities in World War II, 93

Jung, admiration for the hearty American laugh, 67

Jung, admission of, to Freud, that his personality repelled some people, 72

Jung, admonition of analysts by, 20

Jung, advice of, 26, 27, 34, 46, 47, 98-100

Jung, advice of, to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, 124, 125, 131, 140, 143, 146, 164, 165, 175, 180, 183

Jung, advocacy for, of schools for adults, 85

Jung, African trips of, 69

Jung, aim of, to deprive morbidities of any foothold, 91

Jung, aim of, to empower patients, 111

Jung, alchemical works of, as beyond Jane’s grasp, 46

Jung, ambivalence of, about modern technology, 68

Jung, amplification of dreams by, 90

Jung, analytical training program of, 28

Jung, ancestors of, in the helping professions, 68

Jung, and the Numinosum, essay, 52

Jung, angular profile of, 70

Jung, anima deficits of, 46

Jung, anima of, lived out via Toni, his muse, 80

Jung, answers of, on why people are irrational, 127

Jung, anticipation of the mystery in communion, 81

Jung, anticipation of, for a new revelation, 82

Jung, anticipation of, of a dramatic enantiodromia, 99

Jung, antipathy of, toward the culture and society of the Middle East, 166

Jung, anxiety of, around money, 72

Jung, anxiety of, making him leery to allow "The Mother" to have too much of him, 73

Jung, aphorisms of, 28

Jung, appearance of, 46, 70

Jung, appearing in public with wife and mistress, 72

Jung, appreciation of ancient wisdom by, 61

Jung, appreciation of native and indigenous wisdom, 46

Jung, appreciation of the anima mundi by, 28

Jung, appreciation of, by those with no book learning at all, 75

Jung, appreciation of, of Freud, 96

Jung, appreciation of, of Gnosticism, 97

Jung, appreciation of, of the chthonic powers of Mother Nature, 160, note 7

Jung, approach of, as human-focused, 146

Jung, approach of, to treating patients, 9

Jung, approval of, of Wilson's acknowledgement of the vital role of a higher power, 115

Jung, arguments of, supporting immortality, 26

Jung, armentarium of techniques of, 20

Jung, as "speculating heretic," 7

Jung, as a "holy terror" in bourgeois society, 104

Jung, as a 19th century man, 73

Jung, as a big man, 70

Jung, as a brilliant intuitive, able to access his inferior sensation, 46

Jung, as a captain in the Swiss army, 71

Jung, as a child, on the lookout for something mysterious, 81

Jung, as a clinician, 84

Jung, as a comparative anthropologist, 82

Jung, as a controversial figure, 71, 72

Jung, as a country boy, 181

Jung, as a country boy, in touch with Nature, 71, 73

Jung, as a culture-coolie, 181

Jung, as a devotee of etymology, 183

Jung, as a father, 73

Jung, as a German-speaking Swiss medical doctor, 46

Jung, as a great genius, 69

Jung, as a great listener, 71

Jung, as a great therapist, 71

Jung, as a healer of souls, 26

Jung, as a human being with flaws, 69

Jung, as a husband, 73

Jung, as a INT type, 143

Jung, as a Logos man, 71

Jung, as a loner and pioneer, 46

Jung, as a long-time solitary, 81

Jung, as a man of enormous passions, 173

Jung, as a man of his time, 38

Jung, as a man of his time, nationality and heritage, 126, note 4

Jung, as a man of science, 147

Jung, as a master of abstraction, 44

Jung, as a medical doctor, 60

Jung, as a minister’s son, 16, 23, 42

Jung, as a model of intellectual courage and independence of mind, 176

Jung, as a moral relativist, 80

Jung, as a narcissist, enjoying women's admiration, 74

Jung, as a non-participant in his children's lives, 73

Jung, as a pioneer for a new ethic, 160

Jung, as a pioneer in creating his empirical psychology, 46

Jung, as a pioneer in the treatment of mental diseases, 88

Jung, as a pioneering herald, 62

Jung, as a poor judge of people, 71

Jung, as a popular teacher, 66, note 7

Jung, as a pragmatic empiricist, 42, 119, note 30

Jung, as a presence in his family, 73

Jung, as a prophet, 155

Jung, as a psychiatrist, a specialist in mental diseases, 88

Jung, as a putative heretic, as the possible savior of the Church, 180

Jung, as a realist, 10, 177

Jung, as a senex type, 163

Jung, as a religious skeptic, 81

Jung, as a restrictive presence in his children's lives, 73

Jung, as a scientific empiricist, 106

Jung, as a scientist, 29, 72, 100, 102

Jung, as a self-identified intellectual, 71

Jung, as a sensitive, impressionable child, 81, 118

Jung, as a severe parent, 73

Jung, as a shaman, 71

Jung, as a skilled artist, 167

Jung, as a stern "admiral" on the water, 70

Jung, as a strong Introvert, 16

Jung, as a strong Intuitive, 71

Jung, as a student of history, 118

Jung, as a Swiss medical doctor, witnessing pandemics, 183

Jung, as a teleologist, 9

Jung, as a teleologist, warning about the purposes of phenomena, 183

Jung, as a Thinking type and intellectual, 180

Jung, as a traveler, 188

Jung, as a true scientist, 156

Jung, as a truth-seeker, 71

Jung, as a visionary, 34

Jung, as a womanizer, 72

Jung, as adaptable and ready to be inconsistent, 91

Jung, as Agent 488, in working with the Allies and Allen Dulles, 69

Jung, as alive in Jane, 46

Jung, as an adept gourmand, 70

Jung, as an affront to many, 17

Jung, as an alchemist, 30, note 35

Jung, as an astute observer of the world, 105

Jung, as an avid student of history, 82

Jung, as an early riser, 70

Jung, as an easy read for those steeped in esoterica, 75

Jung, as an eloquent forerunner of deep ecology, 181

Jung, as an empiricist, 7, 24, 26, 42, 78, 86, 105, 112, note 15; 130, 138, 158, 161, 162, 174, 176, 180, 187, 189, note 18;

Jung, as an empiricist, finding it hard to speak of life after death, 161

Jung, as an enigma, 17

Jung, as an example of living right with nature, 104

Jung, as an example of living the positive provisional life, 141

Jung, as an iconic figure, 69

Jung, as an iconoclast, 46

Jung, as an impoverished medical student, 77

Jung, as an intellectual, 130

Jung, as an INTP (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiver), 71, 72, 78, 96

Jung, as an Introvert, 71, 139

Jung, as an introvert, relishing solitude, 75

Jung, as an Intuitive Thinking type, intrigued by the puzzle of alchemy, 151

Jung, as an only child for 9 years, 71

Jung, as an oracle, 71

Jung, as an outlier in academia, 66

Jung, as an overbearing bully, 72

Jung, as authentic, 71

Jung, as caught up in the mail spiritual ideas, 46

Jung, as chair of the Medical Psychology program, Basil University, 66, note 7

Jung, as combative by nature, 165

Jung, as competitive, in playing games, 70

Jung, as conscious up to the end of his life, 161

Jung, as deeply spiritual, 170

Jung, as defensive about his sexism, 74

Jung, as definitely democratic, 46

Jung, as describing facts, 78

Jung, as dismissive of complaints about his marriage, 73

Jung, as dismissive of hallucinogenic drugs, 70

Jung, as doctor and scientist, 7, 120

Jung, as empirical, using induction, 91

Jung, as exemplifying the positive features of science, 120

Jung, as experimental scientist, 11, note 40

Jung, as father of the New Age movement, 34

Jung, as full of contradictions, 70

Jung, as furious with people who suggested he had Nazi sympathies, 173

Jung, as independent in his thinking, 80

Jung, as inside Christianity, 180

Jung, as inspirational for the Jungian Center, 151

Jung, as intensely curious, 7

Jung, as intuitive, 37, 59

Jung, as knowing God, 137

Jung, as labeled "unspiritual," 7

Jung, as living a meaningful life, 94

Jung, as living in contact with nature, 68

Jung, as living provisionally, during World War II, 124

Jung, as master of multiple esoteric subjects, 75

Jung, as multilingual, 42

Jung, as never dogmatic, 103

Jung, as non-theoretical, 9

Jung, as not a good loser, in games, 72

Jung, as not a missionary, 88

Jung, as not a people person, 46

Jung, as not one for modern converniences, 60

Jung, as not optimistic about the world's spiritual development, 137

Jung, as Oberarzt, at the Burghölzli Clinic, 71

Jung, as odd man out, 43, 114, 143

Jung, as often misunderstood, 181 & note 40

Jung, as open-minded, relying on experience, 143, 183

Jung, as optimistic in the long run, 75

Jung, as permanently wounded by early assault, 71

Jung, as personalistic in his treatment of patients, 9

Jung, as practitioner of science, 7

Jung, as prescient, 84

Jung, as psychic, 68

Jung, as psychological commentator, 29

Jung, as religious with reservations, 81

Jung, as the carrier of many projections, 74

Jung, as the center of attention in media interviews and Psychology Club activities, 46

Jung, as the father of "New Age" term, 62

Jung, as the father of 5 children, 73

Jung, as the father of the New Age concept, 149, 175, 183

Jung, as the incarnation of a virility symbol, 70

Jung, as the key to vitality of Christianity, 180

Jung, as the originator of the term "new age," 155 & note 8

Jung, as the recipient of many letters from clerics, 81

Jung, as the son of the maternal unconscious, 71

Jung, as the unbelieving outsider questioning, 180

Jung, as too powerful a man, 46

Jung, as unconventional in many ways, 142

Jung, as unconventional, excepting Jane as an analyst, 46

Jung, as unpredictable, 46

Jung, as unsystematic, 78

Jung, as unusual in his personality, 71

Jung, as up against a terrible will, in his turd vision, 81

Jung, as well read, 49

Jung, as well-versed in philosophy, 130

Jung, as without unconscious shadow, 46

Jung, as writing for himself after his heart attack, 151

Jung, assessments of, as proving to be accurate, 69, note 2; 95

Jung, assumption of, of power as a zero-sum game, 164

Jung, assumptions of, about Emma's role as hausfrau, 73

Jung, astrological study of 800 charts of, 86

Jung, attempts of, to find help from his father on deep issues of life, 119

Jung, attitude of, 38, 41, 59, 66, 73, 74, 87, 119

Jung, attitudes of, as different from current ways of thinking, 143

Jung, attitudes of, toward women, 74

Jung, attraction of, to unpopular things, 176

Jung, automobile of, 107

Jung, avoidance by, of all types of metaphysics, 97

Jung, avoidance of church by, 81

Jung, avoidance of funerals by, 70

Jung, avoidance of speaking to unprepared groups, 16

Jung, avoidance of, of anything that smacked of mysticism, 123

Jung, awareness of Negro discrimination of, 38

Jung, awareness of synchronicity of, 70

Jung, awareness of, of groundless illusions in the Roaring Twenties, 83

Jung, awareness of, of his inferior feeling function, 71

Jung, awareness of, of non-material causes in nature, 104

Jung, awareness of, of the broad influence of the Negro, 126, 133, 180, 183

Jung, awareness of, of the Church fathers' patriarchal bias, 116

Jung, awareness of, of the implications of theory in psychology, 78

Jung, awareness of, of the importance of the individual, 101

Jung, awareness of, of the power of prayer, 118

Jung, awareness of, of the storm his religious ideas would release, 81

Jung, away from home often, 188

Jung, background of, 74, 81, 107

Jung, basic theme of the thinking of, 142

Jung, battles of, with daughter Gret, 73

Jung, being like a Swiss peasant, 70

Jung, being mistaken for the gardener, 70

Jung, belief of, in the value of troubles as inducements to grow, 115

Jung, belief of, that men would disappoint him, 72

Jung, belief of, that theory is the very devil, 96

Jung, bicycling of, to work, 70

Jung, birth of, 69

Jung, books of, as bread, 75

Jung, booming laugh of, 71

Jung, break up of, with Freud, 22, 38, 138

Jung, bringing Toni into his home, spending time with her, not his children, 73

Jung, call of, for the clergy and psychotherapists to join forces, 119

Jung, called "sadistic" by some, 72

Jung, called Aion by critics, 72

Jung, calls of, for a revision of our materialistic paradigm, 29

Jung, camping of, with his children, 70

Jung, carriage of, as a soldier, 70

Jung, carving of stone memorials to Emma and Toni, 69

Jung, casual manner of, 70,

Jung, caution of, in judging others, 103

Jung, caution of, with the "perverse," 103

Jung, cautions of, to Westerners smug with modernity and superiority, 125, 161

Jung, challenge of, to Freud's method of analysis, 111

Jung, challenge of, to us, 4, 76, 128

Jung, charisma of, 55

Jung, childhood feeling of affinity of, with Hindu gods, 81

Jung, childhood feelings of being outlawed or blessed, 81

Jung, childhood illnesses of, due to the poor home environment, 72

Jung, childishness of, about money, 69

Jung, children of, not allowed to bring friends home, 73

Jung, children of, put to bed by maids, 73

Jung, children of, shunned by their friends due to Jung's work as a psychiatrist, 73

Jung, choice of, to pursue science and medicine, 120

Jung, choices of, that left little time for family, 73

Jung, church attendance of, for weddings, 70

Jung, clash of, with his father, as due to their type difference, 72

Jung, clothing style of, 70

Jung, coarse humor of, at professional conferences, 72

Jung, cold departing words of, to Jo Wheelwright, in their last session, 46

Jung, collective warnings of, 77

Jung, commentary of, on Wilhelm's Chinese alchemy text, 154

Jung, commitment of to self/Self knowledge, 180

Jung, commitment of, to empiricism, 26

Jung, competence of, to advise on the psychic side, 164

Jung, complaint of, about theologians not listening, 180

Jung, complexes of, 71, 72

Jung, concept of the psyche's structure of, 25

Jung, concept of, of children having two mothers, 72

Jung, concepts of, as no help in answering the ultimate questions of life, 119

Jung, concern of, about the dogmatism of clergy, 119

Jung, concern of, for his hard-won reputation for truthfulness, reliability, and scientific judgment, 86

Jung, concern of, for the Earth and nature, 160, 183

Jung, concern of, with overpopulation, 101

Jung, conclusion of, on the similarity of the races, 126, 158

Jung, conclusion of, that answers lay in his deepest self, 81

Jung, conclusions of, about theology and God, 158

Jung, confirmation of personal experience of, 64

Jung, conflict of, with traditional doctrine, from using his thinking, 180

Jung, confrontation of, as an adult, with Mater Ecclesia, 81

Jung, confrontation of, with his inner characters, 69

Jung, constant arguments of, with theologians, 30

Jung, contradicting himself, 46

Jung, controversies swirling around, 70

Jung, conversations of, 138, 180

Jung, correspondence of, 34

Jung, correspondence of, with J.B. Rhine, 62

Jung, cracking jokes by, at a solemn dinner, 67

Jung, craving of, for his Bollingen retreat, 71

Jung, creativity of, in coining the term "Platonic month," 82

Jung, credited by many with saving their life, 74

Jung, criteria of, for truth, 130

Jung, critical attitudes of, 24

Jung, criticism of churches by, for fostering spiritual distress, 160

Jung, criticism of education as one-sided, 66

Jung, criticism of theologians by, 63

Jung, criticism of, of Freud's theory of sexuality as too limited and dogmatic, 97

Jung, criticisms of academia of, 66

Jung, criticisms of, about science, 104

Jung, criticisms of, about the conduct of experiments, 104

Jung, criticisms of, of science, 120

Jung, critiques by, 62

Jung, cure of, for the puer's neurosis, 141

Jung, cut off from the Church, for God's sake, 81

Jung, daily greeting of the kitchen utensils by, 70

Jung, daily routine of, 70

Jung, death as meaningful to, 94

Jung, deathbed vision of, 5, 10, 77, 81, 83

Jung, debt of, to Rudolf Otto, 64

Jung, defense of, 38

Jung, deficiency of feeling of, 71

Jung, definitions of death by, 26

Jung, definitions of God of, 63

Jung, delight of, by the shift of Divinity to a quaternity, 132

Jung, delving into the unconscious, in the evenings, 70

Jung, demand of, that Jacobi return to Vienna, as sadistic, 72

Jung, denial of racial differences by, 145

Jung, denigration of doctors by, 89

Jung, derogatory terms applied to, 72

Jung, description of, of the global situation, 149, 161

Jung, detachment of, as his father died, 72

Jung, development of ideas of, from his lived experience, 119

Jung, diagnosing by, of leading Nazi figures, 69

Jung, diagnosis of, of America's drug abuse crisis, 115

Jung, differences of, from Freud, 57, 111

Jung, differences of, from Jane Wheelwright, 46

Jung, differences of, with Freud, 109

Jung, differences of, with Freud, examples of, 138, note 5

Jung, difficulty of, in sustaining relationships with men, 71

Jung, disagreement of, with Freud on the nature of art, 168 & note 5

Jung, disagreements of, with Freud, 56

Jung, disappointment of, 12

Jung, disappointment of, at having to return to life on earth, 103

Jung, discomfort at hearing the word "love," due to his parents' marriage, 72

Jung, discouragement of, of the ego intruding into the psychic realm, 90

Jung, discoveries of, from observations, 100

Jung, discovery of the mathematical analog of the psychological transcendent function, 129

Jung, discovery of, of God's grace, 81

Jung, discovery of, of the Gnostics, 70

Jung, discovery of, the stages of the healing process, 112

Jung, disgust of, with medical malpractice, 28

Jung, disillusionment of, with orthodox religion, 81

Jung, dislike of crowds, 71

Jung, dislike of effusive displays of affection, 73

Jung, dislike of end notes of, 60

Jung, dislike of highbrows--intellectuals trained into orthodoxy, 75

Jung, dislike of -isms, 34

Jung, dislike of military duty, 22

Jung, dislike of talking on the telephone, 71

Jung, dislike of teaching, 181, 185, 190

Jung, dislike of the drug-oriented practice of psychotherapy, 115

Jung, dislike of theory of, 44, 91, 109, 111

Jung, dislike of women wearing trousers, 74

Jung, dislike of, for large groups. 65

Jung, dislike of, of American Extraversion, 70

Jung, dislike of, of any activity distracting from reality, 60

Jung, dislike of, of being a subordinate, 70

Jung, dislike of, of collaboration, 66

Jung, dislike of, of creeds, 104 & note 88

Jung, dislike of, of dancing, 70

Jung, dislike of, of politics, 117

Jung, dislike of, of social small talk and parties, 70

Jung, dislike of, of solemnity, 67

Jung, dislike of, of the literalism of fundmenatalists and evangelicals, 119

Jung, dislike of, of theology, 70

Jung, dislike of, of vivisection in anatomy, 70

Jung, dislike of, of writing letters, 70

Jung, dislike of, for creeds, 68

Jung, dismissal of, as a mystic, 35 & note 33

Jung, dismissive attitude, about his wife, 73

Jung, disrespectful behavior of, at Harvard and Oxford, 72

Jung, dissertation of, on psychic experiments, 70

Jung, distinction of, between his psychotherapeutic works and his general works, 75

Jung, distrust of Lord Jesus by, as a child, 81

Jung, divergence of from Freud, 42

Jung, dividing women into categories, 74

Jung, divinity classes of, as dull, 81

Jung, doctoral dissertation of, 61

Jung, doubting his father, 81

Jung, doubts of, as to the validity of Freud's theories, 96

Jung, drawing on an old alchemical test, to quell patients' panic fear, 177

Jung, dream methods of, as different from Freud, 90

Jung, dream of, of his dead wife, 26

Jung, dream of, prefiguring World War I, 83

Jung, dream of, when his mother died, 83

Jung, dream seminar of, 13

Jung, dreamwork methods of, 91

Jung, dysentery of, on his Indian trip. 69

Jung, eagerness of, for any information about the unconscious, 97

Jung, early experiments of, 144

Jung, early home environment of, as tense, 72

Jung, early life of, in country villages, 69, note 3

Jung, early life, as lonely, 81

Jung, early sense of destiny of, 93

Jung, effort of, to calculate the beginning time of the Age of Aquarius, 119, note 45

Jung, efforts of, to have a positive attitude toward Christ, 81

Jung, efforts of, to keep the international psychological community together before the war, 69

Jung, efforts of, to keep the reality of the psyche in the forefront of life, 70

Jung, efforts of, to warn people of dangers, 60

Jung, emanating radiance, 70

Jung, emphasis of, on individuality and spirituality, 68

Jung, emphasis of, on the person, not the diagnosis, 111

Jung, empiricism of, 35, 63, 64, 91

Jung, encouragement of, of fantasizing, for his patients, 143

Jung, enjoyment of Africa, for its remoteness, 70

Jung, enjoyment of Bach by, 70

Jung, enjoyment of, at shocking people unaware of his trickster side, 72

Jung, enjoyment of, of the women's attention, 74

Jung, esoteric interests of, 7

Jung, essay of, on German guilt for World War II, 145

Jung, esteem of, for the Gnostics, 180

Jung, evolution of, on women, 38

Jung, examination by, of the charts of married couples, 86

Jung, examination of Negro patients at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 126

Jung, examples of hunches of, 71

Jung, examples of secrets of, 95

Jung, examples of sexism of, 74

Jung, examples of, of living through wartime, 124

Jung, exasperation of, with academia, 66

Jung, experience of bliss, happiness and illumination, 81

Jung, experience of ecstasy of, 12

Jung, experience of the mysterium coniunctionis, in his near-death experience, 69

Jung, experience of, 161, 180

Jung, experience of, at the gymnasium, 69

Jung, experience of, of woundedness, 46

Jung, experience of, with parapsychology, 61

Jung, experience of, with silos, 29

Jung, experiences of multiple losses by, 25

Jung, experiences of the numinous of, 33, 64

Jung, experiences of, with fate and destiny, 93

Jung, exploitation of women by, 72

Jung, exploration of a wide range of fields by, 143

Jung, extensive international correspondence of, 73

Jung, extraordinary insight of, 46

Jung, eye color of, 70

Jung, failure of, to acknowledge Toni Wolff's contribution, 128, note 11

Jung, failure of, to give up smoking, 70

Jung, failure of, to promote Toni Wolff’s independence, 46

Jung, fainting of, due to hunger, 69

Jung, faithfulness of, to scholarship, 100

Jung, familial experiences of, use of, in his professional career, 68

Jung, familiarity of, with Buddhist thought, 100

Jung, familiarity of, with parapsychology, 70

Jung, familiarity of, with the Bible, 182

Jung, familiarity of, with the classics, 40, 70

Jung, family life of, as formal, 73

Jung, fascination of, with the I Ching, 70

Jung, fascination of, with unpopular subjects, 75

Jung, favorite pastimes of, 70

Jung, fear of abandonment of, 73

Jung, fear of, of being categorized, 46

Jung, fear of, of losing control, 72

Jung, fear of, turning into an authority for others, 46

Jung, fears of, as a child, 81

Jung, feeling of being alone before God, 81

Jung, feeling of estrangement of, from others, 81

Jung, feeling of, that moralists deserve their torment, 165

Jung, feeling response of, to perilous times, 124

Jung, feelings of, for America, 31

Jung, female warmth and sensitivity of, 46

Jung, fielding of many questions about suffering and death, 103

Jung, financial fortunes, improvement of, in marriage, 69

Jung, financial history of, 143

Jung, financial strictures of, 69

Jung, fire-building of, as a ritual act, 70

Jung, first experience of God of, 42

Jung, first sighting by, of Emma, his future wife, 83

Jung, flaunting of social propriety by, in flirting with Christiana Morgan, 72

Jung, fluid thinking of, 46

Jung, focus of, 4

Jung, focus of, on alchemy, 70

Jung, focus of, on empowering his patients, 91

Jung, focus of, on facts, 156

Jung, focus of, on persons, not groups, 44

Jung, focus of, on relieving patients' suffering, 9

Jung, focus of, on self-development, 30

Jung, focus of, on teleology, not diagnosis, 56

Jung, focus of, on the individual person, 44

Jung, focus of, on the individual, 50, 146

Jung, focus of, on the present, not the past, 111

Jung, focus of, on the purpose of an illness, 9

Jung, focus of, on things provable by personal experience, 81

Jung, focus on, seeking interpretation of facts, 180

Jung, foibles of, 46

Jung, following his inner direction, 71

Jung, forced to grow up faster, due to his father's failure, 72

Jung, foresight of, 99

Jung, fostering the development of women, 71

Jung, four facets of orientation of, 68

Jung, frequent traveling of, 70

Jung, Freudian assessments of, 72

Jung, frugality of, with heat, 70

Jung, frustration of, at being often misunderstood, 81

Jung, frustration of, with scientists, 66

Jung, generation of, reflected in his interests, 46

Jung, generosity of, 46

Jung, genius of, 46

Jung, German patients of, 43

Jung, gift of, for getting into the interiority of others, 71

Jung, giving Jane her life’s work, 46

Jung, giving women direction for their talents, 74

Jung, gleaning of insights about the psyche, from Gnostic texts, 97

Jung, gnosis of God of, from dreams and visions, 97

Jung, gnosis of, resting on immediate experience, 97

Jung, Gnostic poem of, 97

Jung, goal of, as empowerment, 30

Jung, God working his will with, 81

Jung, grandfather of, as a medical doctor, 68, 181

Jung, grief of wife's death, processing of the, 70

Jung, growing pity of, for his father's lack of faith, 81

Jung, growing up as the son of a poor Swiss parson, 46

Jung, growth of the international reputation of, 69

Jung, guidelines of, for parents and educators dealing with neurotic children, 140

Jung, habit of silence while eating, 70

Jung, habit of, of questioning his motives, 103

Jung, hair of, like feathers, 70

Jung, hatred of stupidity, 72

Jung, hatred of, for going to church, 81

Jung, healing methods of, with his patients, 155

Jung, health problems of, 81

Jung, heart attack of, 12, 24, 26, 69

Jung, hearty sense of humor of, 67

Jung, helping women give birth to themselves, 74

Jung, Heraclitean sense of reality of, 44

Jung, historical reference of, to previous transitional times, 159

Jung, hobbies of, 70

Jung, honorary degrees of, 69

Jung, hope of, that materialism will be eradicated from scientists' minds, 156

Jung, hopes of, for widespread consciousness, 102

Jung, hounding of, by Freud's minions, 96

Jung, house of, in Kusnacht, 70

Jung, humble attitude of, 52

Jung, humiliation of, at having to carry his father around, 72

Jung, humility of, 91

Jung, humorous disrespect for ceremony of, 72

Jung, idea of creativity as an innate impulse in everyone, 167

Jung, ideas of, on immortality, 26

Jung, illness of, the insights from the, 141

Jung, immersion of, in alchemy, 89

Jung, immersion of, in comparative religion, 108

Jung, immersion of, in Gnosticism, 70, 97

Jung, impact of, on Jane Wheelwright, 46

Jung, inability of, to explain UFOs' physical nature, 164

Jung, inability of, to learn Arabic, due to his father complex, 72

Jung, inability of, to submit to Freud's authority, 69

Jung, inclination of, to circumambulation, 7

Jung, inconsistency of, 46

Jung, independence of authority and tradition of, 31

Jung, independence of mind of, 16, 29, 69, 88

Jung, independence of, 9, 16

Jung, independent thinking of, 144

Jung, indifference of, to his appearance, 70

Jung, indignation of, that his father was a victim of religious orthodoxy, 81

Jung, ineptitude of, about assessing others, 72

Jung, inferior function of, 7, 72

Jung, influence of, on the deepest levels of Jane’s unconscious, 46

Jung, influence on, by his mother’s highly intuitive personality, 68

Jung, inner authority of, 102

Jung, inner security of, coming from his sense of his destiny, 93

Jung, inner sense of safety of, 81

Jung, inquiries of, about the personality types of Freud and Adler, 96

Jung, insights of, into America's temperament and culture, 38

Jung, insights of, on choosing, 49

Jung, insistence of, that his house be quiet, 73

Jung, intellectual brilliance of, 7, 69

Jung, intellectual interests of, as seeking confirmation for his intuitions, 176

Jung, intellectual interests of, unlike the mainstream, 69

Jung, intelligence of, 69

Jung, intention of, 61

Jung, interest in Gnosticism, causes for, 97

Jung, interest in Jane by, ramifications of, 46

Jung, interest of, in arcana, 7

Jung, interest of, in continuing the road Freud built, 96

Jung, interest of, in ideas, 71

Jung, interest of, in Islamic art and architecture, 166

Jung, interest of, in Jane Wheelwright, 45

Jung, interest of, in type differences, 44

Jung, interpretation of illness of, 33

Jung, interrogation of, by himself, 108

Jung, interview of, on the art of living, 98

Jung, introverted bias of, 46

Jung, intuitive knowing of, that he would marry Emma, 77

Jung, intuitive sense of, prefiguring the start of World War I, 77

Jung, intuitive working with symbols by, 71

Jung, investigation of Ufos, in old age, 70

Jung, investigation of, of the rhizome he came from, 108

Jung, investigations of, 75

Jung, inward orientation of, as a child, 71

Jung, inward turn of, in his last decade, 69

Jung, isolation of, during World War II, 69

Jung, Jane Wheelwright as analysand of, 45

Jung, joining a fraternity, 71

Jung, keen intuition of, 62

Jung, key events in life of, 69

Jung, key principles of, for handling children with problems, 140

Jung, knowledge of God of, 63

Jung, knowledge of products of the collective unconscious, 90

Jung, knowledge of wines of, 70

Jung, knowledge of, of Arabic, 166

Jung, knowledge of, of how evil God can be, 81

Jung, knowledge of, of the reality of religious experience, 97

Jung, labels put on, 7, 66, 93, 97, 111, note 66

Jung, lack of compassion of, turning his back on Toni Wolff, 46

Jung, lack of interest in children, 73

Jung, lack of interest of, in causes, 9

Jung, lack of optimism of, on people addressing guilt, 145

Jung, lack of personal experience of UFOs, 176

Jung, lack of respect of, for dogmatic ideas, 180

Jung, last prediction of, 83

Jung, learning of, of heart language from Mountain Lake, 160

Jung, learning the stone mason's craft, 70

Jung, leaving theory aside, 78

Jung, lecture of, on spiritualistic phenomena, 176

Jung, leitmotifs of, 27

Jung, letters of, 16, 26, 46, 63, note 5; 81

Jung, letters of, as full of insights, 165

Jung, life demands of, as a help, 32, note 10

Jung, life of, as full of meaningful coincidences, 70

Jung, life of, as overshadowed by a secret, 81

Jung, lifelong active life of, 70

Jung, like Merlin, in his prophetic vision, 46

Jung, likes of, 70

Jung, limitations of, as a father, 46

Jung, linguistic fluency of, 68

Jung, list of children of, 69, note 30

Jung, list of correspondence of, with theologians, 180

Jung, list of correspondents regarding drugs, 115, note 26

Jung, list of international personal contacts of, 119, note 8

Jung, list of letters received by, in response to Answer to Job, 119

Jung, list of the values of, 188

Jung, list of, his shadow qualities, 72

Jung, list of, of spiritual works supporting the spiritual journey, 169

Jung, little concern of, for money, 9

Jung, living in the grip of the daimon, 71

Jung, living life on his own terms, 80

Jung, living the Pygmalion and Dionysus myths, 71

Jung, long holidays of, 70

Jung, longing of, for an influential father figure, 72

Jung, loss of interest in types by, 78

Jung, love of building of, 71

Jung, love of dogs of, 70

Jung, love of Nature of, 60

Jung, love of playing with building blocks, 70

Jung, love of, for intellectual controversies, 165

Jung, love of, for sailing, 70

Jung, love of, of chopping wood, 70 & note 38

Jung, maintenance of his annual routine, during World War II, 124

Jung, many foreign trips of, 73 & note 14

Jung, master works of, 12

Jung, mention of, in textbooks, 66

Jung, method of, in building trust, 20

Jung, methodology of, 44, 96

Jung, methodology of, as empirical, 142

Jung, milestones in the religious history of, 81

Jung, military obligations of, 15, 73

Jung, missing the choral music of church, 81

Jung, mistrust of women of, 72

Jung, modest self-expression of, 70

Jung, money complex of, 131

Jung, mother's reprimanding of, 70

Jung, multiple citations of, on Negroes, 38

Jung, multiple trips of, 9, 69

Jung, multiple trips of, to America, 9, 126

Jung, mustache, as encrusted with food, 70

Jung, my discovery of, 170

Jung, naivete of, in thinking he could hoodwink the Nazis, 72

Jung, near-death experience of, 7, 12

Jung, need of, for adulation, 72

Jung, need of, for silence, 71

Jung, need of, for the intellectual and creative companionship of women, 74

Jung, need of, for women around him, 72

Jung, need of, to understand God's intention, 81

Jung, negative aspects of personality of, 71

Jung, negative attitude of, toward leaders, 102

Jung, negative father complex of, 22

Jung, negative feelings assailing, during World War II, 124

Jung, negative mother complex of, 46

Jung, negative opinions of, about the process of dying, 161

Jung, negative school experience of, 46

Jung, negative view of, of planned suicide, 103

Jung, never discovering the importance of relationship, 46

Jung, new perspectives of, 7

Jung, nightmare of, 10

Jung, no use of, for theory, 78

Jung, non-linearity of, 7

Jung, not a joiner, 4

Jung, not much into music, 155, note 47

Jung, numerous patients of, in daily life, 70

Jung, objections of, to any kind of prejudice in the therapeutic approach, 96

Jung, objections of, to Freud's asocial, biological point of view (theory of neurosis), 96

Jung, objections of, to Freud's credulity, in his trauma theory, 96

Jung, objections of, to Freud's fanciful assumptions (totem & taboo theory), 96

Jung, objections of, to Freud's materialism, 96

Jung, obsessions of, 27

Jung, offending the Tercentenary Committee, 72

Jung, offering meaningful work for women, 74

Jung, office of, as dark, 70

Jung, often quoting Schopenhauer, 67

Jung, on academics, 66

Jung, on adult education, 66

Jung, on American attitudes, 115

Jung, on American Negroes, 126

Jung, on archetypes, 49

Jung, on belief, 87

Jung, on both spirituality and sexuality as creative, 136

Jung, on choosing, 49

Jung, on Christian moralists, 165

Jung, on creativity and the creative process, 167

Jung, on death, 103, 161

Jung, on delusions in the insane, 88

Jung, on determinants of human behavior, 187

Jung, on doubt, 87

Jung, on dreams, 90

Jung, on drugs and opioids, 115

Jung, on falling in the hole backwards, 92

Jung, on fear, 51

Jung, on free will, 103

Jung, on Freud, 96

Jung, on imagination, 100

Jung, on leadership, 102

Jung, on miracles, 106

Jung, on modern technology, 107

Jung, on myths, 108

Jung, on navigating the transitio, 159

Jung, on navigating the years ahead, 149

Jung, on neurosis' causes, 109

Jung, on numbers, 112

Jung, on one-sidedness, 113

Jung, on our De-psychized modern reality, 150

Jung, on our opioid crisis, 115

Jung, on paradox, 114

Jung, on perfection and completeness, 116

Jung, on politics, 117

Jung, on prayer, 118

Jung, on Russia, 117

Jung, on self-partnering, 121

Jung, on so-called lucid dreaming, 122

Jung, on soul tending, 123

Jung, on suicide, 103

Jung, on terrorism, 125

Jung, on the Antichrist archetype, 175

Jung, on the axiom of Maria Prophetessa, 132

Jung, on the chakras, 133

Jung, on the importance of the individual, 101

Jung, on the irrationality of dying of whiteness, 127

Jung, on the J&P attitudes, 139

Jung, on the Middle East, 166

Jung, on the nature of the unconscious, 174

Jung, on the negative doctor, 89

Jung, on the power of affects, 128

Jung, on the principle of compensation, 162

Jung, on the problem child, 140

Jung, on the spiritual adventure of our time, 142

Jung, on the transcendent function, 129

Jung, on the value of humor, 67

Jung, on trust, 87

Jung, on truth, 130

Jung, on UFOs, 164

Jung, on universities, 66

Jung, on usury, 172

Jung, on values

Jung, on ways to tend the soul, 123

Jung, opening a career venue for Jane, 46

Jung, open-minded attitude of, 7, 20

Jung, openness of, to change, 7

Jung, opinion of, about Christian morality, 165

Jung, opinion of, of the professoriat, 66

Jung, opinions of, about children, 140

Jung, opinions of, about prayer, 118

Jung, opportunity of, on his father's death, 69

Jung, opposition of, to controlling lucid dreams, 90

Jung, opposition of, to gurus, 62

Jung, orientation of, to intention/purpose, 30

Jung, orientation of, toward God, 23

Jung, orientation to life of, as changed after his heart attack, 141

Jung, original family of, as poor, 69

Jung, origins of, in the 19th century German Romantic tradition, 74

Jung, other children alienating him from himself, 71

Jung, outer-life responsibilities of, 16

Jung, overbearing personality of, 46

Jung, panic reactions of, in response to legal actions, 70

Jung, parental attitude of, 46

Jung, parental complexes of, 153, note 16

Jung, parents of, living devout lives, full of anger, 81

Jung, patience of, giving patients time to grow into the dream's meaning, 91

Jung, patients of, 134, 156

Jung, patients of, coming from all over, 69

Jung, patients of, lacking meaning in life, 94

Jung, patients of, list of psychological problems of, 115

Jung, patriarchal attitudes of, 38, 74

Jung, penchant of, for free thinking, 97

Jung, penchant of, for seeking confirmation of his own experiences, 95

Jung, period of disorientation of, 69

Jung, persistent irritation of, 52

Jung, personal accounts of transference of, 57

Jung, personal background of, 158

Jung, personal experience in the unconscious, 46

Jung, personal experience of God by, 7, 137

Jung, personal experiences of prayer of, 118

Jung, personal history of, informing his personality, 69

Jung, personal interest of, in Jane Wheelwright, 46

Jung, personal religion of, key points of, 81

Jung, personal religious history of, 81

Jung, personal researches of, list of topics of, 151

Jung, personality of, 46, 71

Jung, personality typology of, as a major achievement, 46,

Jung, perspective of, 49

Jung, Philemon as the guru of, 102

Jung, philosophy of, 62, 100, 111

Jung, pioneering work of, in alchemy, 69

Jung, playful manner of, with others, 70

Jung, playing at modesty, 72

Jung, playing practical tricks on his children, 73

Jung, portrait of, by Jane Wheelwright, 46

Jung, potato planting of, each Spring, 124

Jung, powerful ego of, 46

Jung, powerful friends of, 124, note 52

Jung, predictions of, 27, 137

Jung, preference of, for a humanistic education, 85

Jung, preference of, for casual clothes, 70

Jung, preference of, for cold rooms, 70

Jung, preference of, for working with a series of dreams, 91

Jung, preferences of, for the experiential, 155

Jung, premonitions of, about the world, 124

Jung, prescience of, 117

Jung, prescriptions of, getting patients out in nature, 68

Jung, pressure on, to define a career path, 81

Jung, pride of, in his collection of alchemy books, 70

Jung, problem of, with his father's doubt, 165

Jung, problematic personality traits of, 46

Jung, problems of, with his father, due to their type difference, 81, note 68

Jung, profession of, as cause for social ostracism, 73

Jung, projection of financial security of, on to Emma, 131, note 37

Jung, projection of his financial security by, 25

Jung, projection of his inner (unconscious) positive father, on to Freud, 72

Jung, prophetic visions of, 77, 83

Jung, psychological type of, 7

Jung, psychology of, 7

Jung, psychology of, as more accurate and powerful in healing neuroses, 96

Jung, psychology of, as not in line with our culture, 16

Jung, puer play of, 163

Jung, purging of, by Freud and his followers, 96

Jung, putting Sabina or Toni forward, while slighting Emma, at conferences, 73

Jung, question of, of his own myth, 108

Jung, questioning by, of modern technologies, 107

Jung, questionnaire of, sent to European clerics and therapists, 119

Jung, questions of, elucidated by psychological understanding, 97

Jung, questions of, for evaluating claims of truth, 130

Jung, quote by, of Maria's axiom, 132 & note 4

Jung, quote of, 40

Jung, quotes by, of Chinese sayings, 28

Jung, quoting the old alchemical adage, that the art requires the whole human being, 89

Jung, radiating power even in old age, 70

Jung, rages of, as legendary, 173

Jung, reactions of, as a child, to his parental environment, 81

Jung, readers of, as ordinary people, not academics, 75

Jung, reading Faust as a child, 70

Jung, reading of, in the classics, 70

Jung, realization of, that God had sent him the turd vision, 81

Jung, reasons for the split of, from Freud, 96

Jung, recognition by, that his sexism was outré, 74

Jung, recognition of being in the presence of superior possibilities by, 70

Jung, recognition of the 3 ages, 34

Jung, recognition of the purpose of pain by, 9, note 16

Jung, recognition of the reality of fate in life, 93

Jung, recognition of, of his debt to Freud, 96

Jung, recognition of, of how a religious upbringing colors one's life, 180

Jung, recognition of, that he was unpopular with theologians and doctors, 89

Jung, recognition of, that the divine is ever-present, 81

Jung, recognition of, that things are constantly going wrong with man, 116

Jung, recognition of, that women need intellectual outlets, 74

Jung, recurring dream of, prefiguring his work in alchemy, 90

Jung, refusal of the cookbook approach, 30

Jung, refusal of, to accept social conventions, 72

Jung, refusal of, to allow men to question his authority, 72

Jung, refusal of, to declare belief in Biblical miracles, 106

Jung, refusal of, to get into philosophical debates, 80

Jung, refusal of, to send his daughters to college, 73

Jung, regard of lost objects, as bewitched, 70

Jung, relationship of, with Freud, ruptured in 1913, 69

Jung, reliance of, on his personal experience, not on dogma, 88, 96, 106

Jung, reliance of, on the curative powers in the patient's nature, 180

Jung, religious discoveries of, at age 11, 81

Jung, religious teachings pumped into, 81

Jung, reminder of, 125, 148

Jung, reputation of, for miraculous cures, 39

Jung, required military duty of, 41

Jung, researches of, leading to the development of the concept of the collective unconscious, 119

Jung, respect of, for ancient Greek philosophers, 120

Jung, respect of, for ancient wisdom systems, 83

Jung, response of, to modern crises, 160

Jung, rigorous gymnasium education of, 46

Jung, rule of, barring conversation at meals, 73

Jung, rule of, when beginning to tackle a dream, 91

Jung, rule of, when undertaking to handle a dream, 90

Jung, sadness of, in being outside Christian faith, 81

Jung, sarcasm of, 28, 71

Jung, sartorial style of, coming from his personality #2, 70

Jung, scarab beetle story of, 44, note 157

Jung, scientific claims of, 46

Jung, search of, for others who experienced God, 81

Jung, secret of, about religion, 81

Jung, seeking confirmation of theories of, 71

Jung, seeming like a miracle worker, 71

Jung, self-label of, as a sort of left-wing Protestant, inside Christianity, 180

Jung, seminar of, on dream analysis, 106

Jung, sending huge taxi bills to his hosts, 72

Jung, Sensation as inferior function of, 71

Jung, sense of duty of, to prepare people for the future, 164

Jung, sense of history of, 31

Jung, sense of humor of, 71

Jung, sense of, of aloneness with God, in all decisive matters, 81

Jung, service of, in the army, 71

Jung, set apart by his psychic, prophetic vision, 46

Jung, sexism of, 38

Jung, sharing Heraclitus' insights, 188

Jung, significant dream of, about alchemy, 151

Jung, signs of disgust by, 70

Jung, silent experiment of, in group psychology, 65

Jung, similarities of, with Jane Wheelwright, 46

Jung, six positive signs identified by, 137

Jung, six trips of, to the United States, 38, 41

Jung, skepticism of, around UFOs, from his lack of personal experience, 164, 176

Jung, skepticism of, of leaders as positive figures in society, 102

Jung, skills of, in delving into alchemy, 100

Jung, sleeping with his father, 72

Jung, sobriquet of, as father of the New Age movement, 82

Jung, social gaffes of, 13

Jung, solution of, as looking within, to change ourselves, 125

Jung, source of strength of, in the conviction of doing God's will, 81

Jung, spending of his last breath of, trying to get our attention, 77

Jung, spirit of, as strong and contentious up to his death, 81

Jung, split of, from Freud, 96

Jung, statements of, on morality, 80

Jung, statements of, on perfection, 116

Jung, steps of, in using a depression for enrichment, 35

Jung, stress of, at administrative work, 71

Jung, stress of, on humanities in education, 66

Jung, stress of, on internal, intangible considerations, 98

Jung, stress of, on soul nourishment, 107

Jung, stress of, on the collective unconscious, 38

Jung, stress of, on the independent activity of dreams, 122, 164, 166, 188

Jung, stress of, on the individual cleaning up his own psychic backyard, 46

Jung, stress of, on the psyche, the inner life, and personal connection to the Self, 68

Jung, stress of, with his differences from Freud and Adler, 88

Jung, strokes of, before his death, 69

Jung, strong personality of, 70

Jung, strong preference of, for thinking, 71

Jung, struggles of, with math, 66

Jung, study of, of philosophers, 81

Jung, sudden rages of, 72

Jung, suggestions of, 128, 149, 175

Jung, suggestions of, 9, 13, 84, 88, 102, 104, 111, 117

Jung, support of, for women's voting, 37

Jung, system of typology of, 159

Jung, taking women on as assistants and collaborators, 74

Jung, talks of, with the "Other," as struggles and ecstasy, 81

Jung, taxation of, by theologians with metaphysical truth, 81

Jung, teasing Barbara Hannah, calling her a dunce, 72

Jung, techniques of, the vitalizing and healing qualities of, 128

Jung, teleological orientation of, 41, 54

Jung, telling Emma Toni was his other wife, 73

Jung, tenuous relationship of, with his mother, 72

Jung, the view of the divine of, as including good and bad, 59

Jung, the parents of, 72

Jung, the "peripatetic process" of, 71

Jung, the #2 personality of, awareness of the other whole subjective reality, 81

Jung, the #2 personality of, suffering isolation, 81

Jung, the “both/and” attitude about life of, 43

Jung, the 19th century Swiss German gender conservatism of, 46

Jung, the 43-year relationship of, with Toni Wolff, 73

Jung, the 5 basic factors of happiness of, 98

Jung, the 5 children of, 69

Jung, the ability of, to identify the unique gifts of each person, 74

Jung, the ability of, to read the psychic undercurrents of the time, 164

Jung, the ability of, to see through a person, 72

Jung, the actions of, not matching his words about women, 74

Jung, the active inner life of, full of unorthodox visions, 81

Jung, the admission of, to the American press, of his disinterest in politics, 117

Jung, the adolescent interest in God of, 118

Jung, the amplification process of, defined, 128

Jung, the anima problem of, 73

Jung, the anti-authoritarian stance of, 102

Jung, the appearance of, 70

Jung, the appreciation of, for Rhine’s research into parapsychology, 176

Jung, the approach of, to his patients, 60

Jung, the artistic skill of, 70

Jung, the assessment of, of modern science, 120

Jung, the association experiments of, 83

Jung, the attitude of, toward theories, 78

Jung, the attunement of, to things psychic, 70

Jung, the authenticity of, 108

Jung, the backgrounds of the patients of, 104

Jung, the bad table manners of, 72

Jung, the best way to honor, 77

Jung, the bipolar philosophy of, 38, 126

Jung, the black books of, 70

Jung, the boyhood experiences of, informing his professional life, 95

Jung, the brand of psychology of, as the talking cure, 60

Jung, the busy schedule of, 81

Jung, the call of, to apply concentration to our inner lives, 153

Jung, the callous disregard of, for foreign patients, standing them up, 72

Jung, the caustic criticism of, of fellow physicians, 89

Jung, the caution of, toward anything new, 88

Jung, the charisma of, 70, 71

Jung, the children of, coming to resent Toni, 73

Jung, the child's life of, 163

Jung, the choice of career of, 181

Jung, the circumambulations of, 151

Jung, the clarity of, that we should not try to control dreams, 122

Jung, the clear sense of his mission of, 55

Jung, the communing of, with his inner characters, 178

Jung, the complexes of, 69

Jung, the concern of, not to shock people at the news of his death, 161, 186

Jung, the confidence of, put in personal experience, 87

Jung, the confirmation of, as a disappointment, 81

Jung, the conservatism of the culture of, 38

Jung, the constructive standpoint of, offering different interpretations, 88

Jung, the conviction of, of life after death, 161

Jung, the convoluted writing style of, 81

Jung, the courage of, to stick with the inner work, 129

Jung, the courage--physical, ethical, moral, professional--of, 71

Jung, the criticisms of the medical profession of, as still valid, 89

Jung, the cruelty of, 72

Jung, the cultural preferences of, in the German Romantic tradition, 70

Jung, the daily habit of, of greeting the kitchen utensils, 149

Jung, the dark side of, 71

Jung, the deathbed vision of, 59, note 67; 76

Jung, the deathbed warning of, 166

Jung, the deep meditations of, after his break with Freud, 102

Jung, the demands of, for analysts to give up pretensions to superior knowledge, 185

Jung, the departure of, from Freud’s orthodoxy, 43

Jung, the depreciatory attitude toward his wife by, 73

Jung, the desire of, for us to choose paths of growth and self discovery, 171, 176

Jung, the destiny of, to become a hermetic, 176

Jung, the determination of, to understand his patients and their psyches, 180

Jung, the different perspective of, from modern society, 146

Jung, the different value system of, 101

Jung, the different world of, from our own, 143

Jung, the dire warning of, 156

Jung, the disclaimers of, around the physical reality of UFOs, 164

Jung, the dismissal of Angelucci as naïve by, 164

Jung, the doctoral dissertation of, on the psychic activities of his cousin, 68, note 13

Jung, the early-life domestic environment of, 72, 81

Jung, the earthy quality of, 71

Jung, the ecological awareness of, 181

Jung, the educational background and professional training of, 68

Jung, the effort of, to determine the dates of the shift of ages, 159, note 43

Jung, the election of, as an honorary fellow of the American Society for Psychical Research, 176

Jung, the emotional variability of, 72

Jung, the empathy of, for oldsters suffering physical debility, 103

Jung, the empirical approach of, in examining the delusional system of a patient, 88

Jung, the empirical material of, as an assortment of ideas, 180

Jung, the empirical methodology of, 96

Jung, the engagement of, in a different dimension of reality, 71

Jung, the ensouled reality of, 70

Jung, the epithet of, as father of the New Age, 86

Jung, the eternal wisdom of, holding useful guidance now, 115

Jung, the exasperation of, with mainstream physicians who failed to appreciate the value of psychology, 89

Jung, the expectation of, of a great change as Pisces gives way to Aquarius, 86

Jung, the Extraverted shadow side of, appearing in his college years, 81

Jung, the eye color of, 72

Jung, the fallow years of, 70, 72

Jung, the familiarity of, with the libelli that make up the Corpus Hermeticum, 176

Jung, the family of, as psychics, 176, 187

Jung, the fatal impressions of, in his youth, 97

Jung, the father complex of, 72

Jung, the favorite activities of, as outdoors, 181

Jung, the feeling of, that he was beneath theologians' consideration, 180

Jung, the financial history of, 131

Jung, the fluency of, in the language of the unconscious, 57

Jung, the foci of, 143

Jung, the focus of, on helping patients, 80

Jung, the focus of, on intangibles, 172

Jung, the force of, as powerful and simple, 104

Jung, the formulation of auxiliary concepts, 156

Jung, the four complexes of, 52

Jung, the frugal ways of, 131, 181

Jung, the frustration of, at the lack of comprehension from the clergy, 89

Jung, the fullness of humanity of, 46

Jung, the goal of, requiring loose organizations to achieve, 146

Jung, the good psychiatrist of, features of, 89

Jung, the great message of, for us in challenging times, 84

Jung, the greeting by, of the pots and pans, 181

Jung, the gymnasium education of, 68, 81

Jung, the half-year routine of, 70

Jung, the hard work of, to liberate himself of regard for the father, 72

Jung, the help of, for developing a more reliable inner locus of security, 87

Jung, the Herculean task of, to challenge the Weltanschauung of Western culture, 81

Jung, the heritage of, 68

Jung, the high esteem for sinologist Richard Wilhelm, 176

Jung, the high regard of, for Hermetic wisdom, 61

Jung, the higher loyalty of, to science, 96

Jung, the hobbies of, 70

Jung, the honesty of, 87

Jung, the honesty of, in apprizing us of our challenges, 99

Jung, the hydraulic analogy of, 31

Jung, the ideas of, as enriching our understanding of human nature, 87

Jung, the impatience of, 72

Jung, the importance of the UFO essay of, 164

Jung, the important eternal things to, 94

Jung, the inclusive definition of creativity of, 47

Jung, the incubation period of, during World War II, 124

Jung, the independence of mind of, 70, 96, 176

Jung, the inferiority of the feeling function of, 71

Jung, the inner life of, as overflowing, 71

Jung, the insistence of, that doctors not make suggestions about the patient’s need, 89

Jung, the instrumental thinking of, using people, 72

Jung, the integrity of, 108

Jung, the intellectual courage of, 100

Jung, the intellectual interests of, 70

Jung, the intrepid journey of, into the unconscious, 119

Jung, the introverted nature of, 146

Jung, the introverted nature of, strained, 71

Jung, the intuitive nature of, 83, 143

Jung, the keen intuition of, 77, 187

Jung, the keen sense of form and color of, 70

Jung, the key to the way of, 154

Jung, the knowledge of, that the psyche is real, 182

Jung, the labels put on, 97

Jung, the last essay of, on approaching the unconscious, 81

Jung, the last months of, 161

Jung, the last trip of, to America, 72

Jung, the late-life shift of, 141

Jung, the letters of, insights from, on suicide, 103

Jung, the letters of, related to Answer to Job, 118, note 8

Jung, the liberation of psychic forces of, in Africa, 70

Jung, the lifelong struggle of, to be understood, 156

Jung, the likely reservations of, about artificial intelligence, 68

Jung, the likes of, 70

Jung, the limitations on, as a doctor, 180

Jung, the list of accusations directed at, 180

Jung, the list of, of the pillars of the bridge of the spirit, 169

Jung, the lonely quest of, to find understanding of God's nature, 81

Jung, the loss of patience of, in old age, with those unfamiliar with his work, 164, note 56

Jung, the love of an intellectual challenge of, 176

Jung, the main concern of, as creating more consciousness, 149

Jung, the many broken friendships of, with men, 72

Jung, the many experiences of loss of dear ones, 161 & note 20

Jung, the many labels put on, 100

Jung, the many personal encounters of, with the divine, 87

Jung, the master works of, 151

Jung, the master works of, 70

Jung, the masterpieces of, 81

Jung, the memorandum to UNESCO of, 131

Jung, the methods of, as effective, 115

Jung, the mid-life extraversion of, 71

Jung, the million Internet sites related to, 65

Jung, the momentous discovery of, as his experiences were similar to the alchemists, 151

Jung, the money and power complexes of, 72

Jung, the money complex of, 131

Jung, the moral relativism of, 80

Jung, the most creative period of (1945-1952), 69

Jung, the most important contribution of, as his type theory, 46

Jung, the mother complex of, 72-74

Jung, the nature of the private life of, 72

Jung, the near-death experience of, 26, 81, 151

Jung, the need of, to define his outlook, 139

Jung, the negative attitude of, toward techniques and theories, 190

Jung, the negative father complex of, 72

Jung, the negative opinion of, on theory, 78

Jung, the nightly prayer of, as a child, 118

Jung, the non-interference attitude of, toward suicide, 103

Jung, the non-linear style of, 78, note 32

Jung, the non-racism of, 147

Jung, the notable presence of, 70

Jung, the notion of, of the shift from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, 176

Jung, the notoriety of, for his UFO statements, 181

Jung, the number two personality of, verging on the psychic, 89

Jung, the numerous digressions of, 71, 151

Jung, the old age of, as creative, 24

Jung, the one certainty of, that nothing can put out the light within, 171

Jung, the open-minded temperament of, 100

Jung, the openness of, to learning from the world around him, 176

Jung, the openness of, to the irrational, 71

Jung, the opinion of, that astrology is in the process of becoming a science, 176

Jung, the outlook of, as unpopular in American society, 146

Jung, the outrageous behavior of, 72

Jung, the outré interests of, 70

Jung, the paradoxical replies of, 188

Jung, the paranormal experiences of, 176

Jung, the patterns of interaction of, with men, 72

Jung, the peasant solidity of, 71

Jung, the peculiar triangular relationship of, with Emma and Toni, 72

Jung, the perceptiveness of, 71

Jung, the personal background of, 143

Jung, the personal experiences of, leading to his concepts, 138, 167

Jung, the personality of, 70

Jung, the personality type system of, 96

Jung, the philosophy of, as the convenient philosophy of the selfish male, 74

Jung, the physical toughness of, 70

Jung, the pipe-smoking habit of, 70

Jung, the play of, as purposive and tangible in result, 163

Jung, the poor table manners of, 71

Jung, the positive view of, of life and illness, 111

Jung, the possession of a secret, as a feature of his youth, 95

Jung, the power complex of, 72

Jung, the pragmatism of, 119

Jung, the prediction of, about large groups, 146

Jung, the predictive dream of, 176

Jung, the preference of, for living close to Nature, 160

Jung, the preference of, for the precious gift of doubt, 87

Jung, the preference of, that people have direct personal contact with the divine, 87

Jung, the prescience of, 117

Jung, the primary focus of, on healing, not diagnosing, 185

Jung, the principal activity of, 156

Jung, the private practice of depth psychology of, 69

Jung, the professional work of, as distinguishing between idea and reality, 180

Jung, the profound dreams of, 81

Jung, the prophetic visions of, 83

Jung, the psychic gifts of the family of, 100

Jung, the psychological system of, 127

Jung, the psychology of, as focused on development, 116

Jung, the questioning of, about Christian doctrines, 165

Jung, the racial blindness of, 183

Jung, the realistic goal of, 116

Jung, the reckless eclecticism of, 180

Jung, the recognition of, of his moral deficit, 134

Jung, the reduction of the public work of, in World War II, 124

Jung, the refusal of, to indulge in psychological mysticism, 123

Jung, the refusal of, to sugar-coat reality, 137

Jung, the refusal of, to tell another how to live, 141

Jung, the refusal of, to use drugs in his psychotherapeutic practice, 115

Jung, the relevance of, 173

Jung, the religious testament of, carved over his doorway, 81

Jung, the reluctance of, to form a training institute, 146 & note 18

Jung, the repeating dreams of added wings on his house, prefiguring his discovery of alchemy, 176, note 67

Jung, the reputation of, as a ladies' man, 73

Jung, the reputation of, as a mystic, 66

Jung, the reputation of, as growing, 69

Jung, the rise of archaic authoritarianism in, when dealing with men, 72

Jung, the rudeness of, to speakers at the Psychology Club, 72

Jung, the secret lust for power of, 72

Jung, the self-definition of, as a physician, 180

Jung, the serious ten-year study of Gnosticism by, 176

Jung, the shadow of, 72

Jung, the social ostracism of the family of, 80

Jung, the spiritual development of, at age 11, 81

Jung, the spirituality of, as rooted in experiences of the Divine, 170

Jung, the stage V level of power of, 55

Jung, the strength of character of, 96

Jung, the stress of, on individuality and spirituality, 68

Jung, the stress of, on living true to oneself, 165

Jung, the stress of, on the individual, 101

Jung, the stroke of, due to an embolism, 77

Jung, the strokes of, 161

Jung, the strong introversion of, 70

Jung, the strong language of, in his letters to theologians, 180

Jung, the struggle of, to come to terms with his father complex, 102

Jung, the struggle of, to unite Catholicism and Protestantism in himself, 180

Jung, the success of, with patients, 71

Jung, the synthetic method of, 57

Jung, the talk therapy of, 9

Jung, the teen years of, as fog, 81

Jung, the teleological perspective of, 30, 43, 96

Jung, the teleology of, 159

Jung, the temperament of, as not docile, 69, 100

Jung, the therapeutic method of, not bound by dogma, 180

Jung, the third hypothesis of, on UFOs, 164, 176

Jung, the timeliness of, 65

Jung, the transformation of, from his NDE, 81

Jung, the triangular relationship of, 69

Jung, the troubled marriage of, 73

Jung, the two personalities of, 71

Jung, the type preference of, 71, 139

Jung, the typological system of, 179, note 27

Jung, the unbridled arrogance of, 72

Jung, the uncanny attraction of, for unpopular things, 86

Jung, the unconventional ménage à trois of, with Emma and Toni, 80

Jung, the unconventional thought patterns of, 134

Jung, the underdeveloped sense of, as a father, 72

Jung, the understanding of both senex and puer of, 141

Jung, the understanding of, on the nature of our time, 182

Jung, the unique response of, to each patient, 190

Jung, the uniqueness of, in his treatment of reflection as an instinct, 138

Jung, the unstable self-confidence of, 72

Jung, the urging of, for a power balance between the ego world and the psyche, 88

Jung, the use of history by, 155

Jung, the Valkyries around, 74

Jung, the valuation of nature and natural living of, 68

Jung, the values of, examples of, 143

Jung, the variable methods of, 91

Jung, the vengefulness of, 72

Jung, the vision and intuition of, about future events, 82

Jung, the vision of the good doctor of, as bringing his or her whole self to the work, 89

Jung, the Vision Seminars of, 72

Jung, the wholeness of, 71

Jung, the wide travels of, 166, 183

Jung, the wider concern of, for dreams fostering individuation, 190

Jung, the wisdom of, 170

Jung, the wisdom of, as growing in popularity, 82

Jung, the working hypothesis of, as the psyche as real, 156

Jung, the writing style of, as difficult, 151

Jung, the youth of, as a rough kind of life, 181

Jung, theologians giving grief to, 180

Jung, theories of, about UFOs, 164

Jung, thinking of, in pairs, 126

Jung, thought process of, about the turd vision, 81

Jung, thoughts of, on aging, 24, 26, 46, 82, 102

Jung, thoughts of, on the end of life, 161

Jung, timeliness of, 84

Jung, tips of, on handling secrets, 95

Jung, toeholds on reality of, 69

Jung, tolerance for ambiguity of, 71

Jung, transformation of, at his father's death, 72

Jung, transformation of, from his NDE, 81

Jung, trauma of childhood sexual assault, 69

Jung, travels of, 130, note 11; 151, 187

Jung, travels of, in mid-life, 71

Jung, treatment method of, for addicts, 115

Jung, treatment method of, seeking to strength what is healthy, 91

Jung, treatment of depression by, 9

Jung, treatment of patients as individuals by, 74

Jung, treatment of physicians by, providing amusing experiences, puncturing their pride, 89

Jung, trends spotting of, 119

Jung, trips of, 16, 51, 66, 67, 108, note 33

Jung, true responsibility of, beginning at age 11, 81

Jung, trust of, in the wisdom of the psyche, 43

Jung, trusted friends of, as UFO eye-witnesses, 164

Jung, two personalities of, 23

Jung, two types of experiences of death of, 26

Jung, two-fold orientation of, 52

Jung, typology of, 70, 73

Jung, uncertainty as the watchword of, 46

Jung, uncertainty of, about the afterlife, 103

Jung, unconventional interests of, 16

Jung, underdevelopment, in his sense of fatherhood, 73

Jung, understanding of stones, 70

Jung, understanding of, of the concept of vocation, 93

Jung, university teaching by, 66

Jung, use of ancient wisdom, by, 135

Jung, use of astrology on individual and collective levels, 183

Jung, use of chakra wisdom, in working with Oriental patients, 133

Jung, use of conversation, as a healing modality, 60

Jung, use of humor by, to puncture "stuffed shirts,," 67

Jung, use of justifying arguments by, 80

Jung, use of symptoms by, 9

Jung, use of the anamnesis by, 30

Jung, use of the women's energies, 74

Jung, useful roles of, in staying grounded, 154, note 13

Jung, value of, for history and sense of roots, 115

Jung, value of, of history and roots, 143

Jung, vehement discussions of, with his father, 81

Jung, view of himself, as a scientist and psychologist, 97

Jung, view of history of, 31

Jung, view of technologies as devilish engines of destruction, 128

Jung, view of, of childish illusions, 43

Jung, view of, of symptoms, 30

Jung, view of, seeing the human being above the race, 126

Jung, views of, on women, 38

Jung, vision of the turd falling on Basel cathedral, 180, note 51

Jung, vision of, at age 11, 23, 81

Jung, vision of, of a school of Self-directed study, 85

Jung, visions of, 12

Jung, visions of, in his near-death experience, 103

Jung, visit of a newsstand proprietor to, 75

Jung, visit of, to the Pueblo Indians, 147, note 51

Jung, vocation of, as psychiatry, 69

Jung, vocation of, as serving the cause of man's knowledge of man, 96

Jung, wall-painting of, 163

Jung, warning of, to those who would try to control their dreams, 122, 124, 125, 128, 130, 137, 143, 144, 161, 164, 179, note 14; 180, 182, 183, 184

Jung, warnings of, 8, 11, 31, 38, 52, 65, 78, 88, 99, 101, 115, 117, 120

Jung, wide curiosity of, 66

Jung, wide reading of, 46

Jung, wide travels of, 108

Jung, willingness of, to confront the deepest levels of the unconscious, 46

Jung, wisdom of, 12, 75, 115

Jung, witnessing multiple hot wars and the Cold War, 117

Jung, work of, 40

Jung, work of, as a psychiatrist, 37

Jung, work of, for the International Association, as incongenial, 69

Jung, work of, Jane Wheelwright’s assessment of, 46

Jung, work of, on typology, 92

Jung, work of, with patients from many cultures, 80

Jung, works of, 9, 40, 75

Jung, worries of, about the world's opinion of him, 72

Jung, wounded by his father, 72

Jung, writing of, at Bollingen, 70

Jung, writing of, interrupted due to the stress of wartime, 124

Jung, writing style of, as intuitive, 71

Jung, writings of, based on empirical evidence, i.e. experiences, 81

Jung, writings of, on psychiatry, 9

Jung, yearly military duty of, 70

Jung, zestful living of, 24

Jung’s beatitude, as a blissful wedding, 176

Jung’s constructive method of interpretation, the, 57

Jung’s cosmology, the tension in, 172

Jung’s one certainty, that nothing can put out the light within, 175

Jung’s psychology, as empirical, 42

Jung's appreciation of Negroes' gifts, 38

Jung's concepts, as mere names, not philosophical terms, 78

Jung's dislike of, Islamic culture, 70

Jung's father, death of, 38, note 28

Jung's hero, definition of, 79

Jung's ideas, the intuitive response to, 75

Jung's intuition, examples of, 83

Jung's memoir, the tortuous history of, 81

Jung's NDE, 26

Jung's patients, a common theme of, as finding a religious outlook on life, 119

Jung's patients, description of, 119

Jung's patients, list of the nationalities of, 80, note 13

Jung's predictions of, on religion, 37

Jung's students, list of the nationalities of, 80, note 15

Jung's vision of "enormous stretches" devastated, as likely, 77

Jung's women, as man-centered and male-directed, 74

Jung's work, speaking to the soul, 75

Jung, Emilie (mother of C.G.Jung), as a gifted psychic, 187

Jung, Emilie Preiswerk, 38, note 28

Jung, Emilie, as a "sensitive" (psychic), 61

Jung, Emilie, as unpredictable, with her two personalities, 72

Jung, Emilie, hospitalization of, when Jung was 3, 73

Jung, Emilie, inability of, to economize, 69

Jung, Emilie, sensing Jung's inner turmoil, 81

Jung, Emilie, the #2 personality of, 176

Jung, Emilie, the #2 personality of, 81, notes 11 & 73

Jung, Emilie, the psychic temperament of, 81

Jung, Emilie, tone of contempt of, when speaking of other religions, 81

Jung-Preiswerk, Emilie, mother of Jung, 81, note 10

Jung, Emma (wife of C.G. Jung), as an heir to a watch factory, 143, note 84

Jung, Emma Rauschenbach (wife of C.G. Jung) as a teenager, 83

Jung, Emma Rauschenbach, as a rich heiress, 69

Jung, Emma, as a good mother, 46

Jung, Emma, as a married Swiss woman, without rights, 73

Jung, Emma, as money-manager, 14

Jung, Emma, as the real parent, but cold and unfeeling, 73

Jung, Emma, as the second-richest woman in Switzerland, 131

Jung, Emma, being cordoned off as the wife, 73

Jung, Emma, childbirths of, 70

Jung, Emma, correspondence of, with Freud, 73

Jung, Emma, death of, 25

Jung, Emma, death of, from cancer, 69

Jung, Emma, death of, in 1955, 131

Jung, Emma, deflating Jung's pomposity, 72

Jung, Emma, desire of, to be Jung's intellectual companion, 73

Jung, Emma, embarrassment of, at Jung's boorish behavior, 73

Jung, Emma, encouraged in her studies, by Jung, 38

Jung, Emma, exclusion of, from Jung's inner work, 69

Jung, Emma, focus of, on her husband, 73

Jung, Emma, forcing Jung to agree to their own home, 73

Jung, Emma, funeral of, 68, note 30

Jung, Emma, grief of, for Jung's inability to sustain friendships with men, 73

Jung, Emma, having to protect her mother from embarrassment, 73

Jung, Emma, Jung attending the funeral of, 70

Jung, Emma, Jung carving stone tablets in honor of, 70

Jung, Emma, lack of intimacy of, with Barbara Hannah, 72, note 136

Jung, Emma, lack of leverage financially, if divorced, 73

Jung, Emma, lack of religiosity of, 73

Jung, Emma, lack of thoroughness as a parent, 73

Jung, Emma, leaving her money to her children, 73

Jung, Emma, multiple attempts of, to divorce Jung, 73

Jung, Emma, never becoming Jung's confidante, 73

Jung, Emma, new house of, 107

Jung, Emma, recognition by, of how Jung used people, 100, note 33

Jung, Emma, refusal of, of Jung's first marriage proposal, 73

Jung, Emma, relegation of, to the sidelines of Jung's life, 73

Jung, Emma, resentment of, at not being the chief object of Jung's attentions, 73

Jung, Emma, the bourgeois background of, 70

Jung, Emma, the deep emotional commitment of, to Jung, 73

Jung, Emma, the exclusion of, from Jung's work in the unconscious, 70, 73

Jung, Emma, the high social standing of, 73

Jung, Emma, the obvious pain of, about Jung and Toni, 73

Jung, Emma, the rich property of, lost to her husband, 73

Jung, Emma, the suffering of, from Jung's outrageous behavior, 73

Jung, Emma, the wealth of, 100, note 47

Jung, Emma, training of her children, to develop inwardly-driven self-confidence, 73

Jung-Rauschenbach, Emma, as a rich woman, 151, note 11

Jung-Rauschenbach, Emma, marriage of, 131

Jung-Bauman, Gret (daughter of C.G. Jung), as a respected authority and teacher of astrology, 176

Jung, Johanna Gertrud (daughter of C.G. Jung) 38, note 28

Jung, Franz (son of C.G. Jung), refusal of, to sail with Jung, 70

Jung, Paul (father of C.G. Jung) abdominal disease of, 81

Jung, Paul (father of C.G. Jung), as fluent in Arabic, 166

Jung, Paul and Emilie, the poor marriage of, 72

Jung, Paul, as a failure, predictable but powerless, 72

Jung, Paul, as a feeling type, 72

Jung, Paul, as an academic star, at Göttingen, 81

Jung, Paul, as entrapped by the Church, 81

Jung, Paul, change of personality of, from gentle to combative, 72

Jung, Paul, death of, 25, 69

Jung, Paul, doing too much good, thus being irritable, 81

Jung, Paul, father of Jung, 81, note 9

Jung, Paul, forbidding Carl to think, 70

Jung, Paul, hypochondria of, 81

Jung, Paul, lacking a personal experience of the divine, 68

Jung, Paul, loss of faith of, 180

Jung, Paul, pleas of, that Jung not become a materialist, 81

Jung, Paul, question of, about marital psychology, 83

Jung, Paul, refusal of, to think, due to inward doubts, 81

Jung, Paul, struggles of, to believe, 97

Jung, Paul, struggles of, with his faith, 87

Jung, Paul, taking refuge from himself, 81

Jung, Paul, the death of, freeing Carl, 81

Jung, Paul, the depressive moods of, 81

Jung, Paul, the diminishment of, as Carl matured, 81

Jung, Paul, the irritability of, due to religious doubts, 81

Jung, Paul, the preaching of, as stale and hollow, 81

Jung, Paul, the religious dogma of, as a hurt to Jung's spirit, 72

Jung, Paul, the sentimental idealism of, 81

Jung Codex, the, Jung’s lecture on the, 176

Jung Institute, creation of the, 143, 146, 173

Jung Institute, the, Jolande Jacobi, as the Extraverted impresario of the, 173

Jung Institute, women's role in creating the, 38, 45, 65, 70, 74, 97

Jung Institutes, 17

Jung Societies and Centers, role of, 17, 65

Jung Society for Scholarly Studies, 84

Jungfrauen, the, as the Valkyries around Jung, 74

Jungian activities, attracting more Introverts than Extraverts, 188

Jungian analysis, as operating outside the allopathic medical system, 185

Jungian analysis, benefits of, 17, 78, 89, 91, 102

Jungian analysis, structure of, as different from Freudian and other therapies, 185

Jungian analysis, the face-to-face setting of, to foster interpersonal connection, 185

Jungian analyst, the training of a, 185

Jungian analysts, foreswearing authority by, 20, 30, 42, 57, 78, 88, 102, 119

Jungian analytical work, the challenges in, 57

Jungian approach, the, 52

Jungian astrologers, list of, 42, note 57

Jungian Center, principles of, 4, 9, note 5; 23, 30, 33, note 1; 38, 39, 43, 60, 63, 65, 67, 79, 84, 85, 90, 91, 111

Jungian Center, the, 135, 139, 146, 151, 160, 172, 180, 188

Jungian depth work, 179

Jungian individuation process, the, elements of, 43

Jungian parenting, a course on, 85

Jungian personality types, the four letter system of, 184

Jungian psychiatrist, the training of a, 89

Jungiana, the realm of, 52

Jungians, definition of, 7

Jungians, the values of, reflecting Introversion, 188

Jung's alchemical texts, tips for reading, 151

Jung's curiosity, as wide-ranging, 181

Jung's eclecticism, appreciation of, 180

Jung's empiricism, the unbridgeable gulf between, and theologians' metaphysical inclinations, 180

Jung's psychology, elements of, 129, 144, 185

Jung's UFO essay, the context of, 164

Jung's words, explication of, 167

Jung's works, theologians' reactions to, 180

junk media, the need to avoid, 101

Jupiter, 5

Jupiter, as a timer of the sublimatio, 159, note 23

justice approach, the, 2

justice, as power correcting everything that stands against love, 55

justice, non-violent, reparative, restorative, 31

Juzek, Charles, 181, note 72