A High Sacred Place: Jane Wheelwright’s Tepitates Journal, 47

A.R.E., conference at, 161

abaissement du niveau mental, as helpful, 121

abaissement du niveau mental, 91 & note 18, 109, 110

abandoned child, the mythologem of, 57

abandonment fears, 52, 54

abandonment, 53

abandonment, complete, the state of, as a positive, 119

abandonment, feelings of, constellated by close relationships, 45

abductee phenomenon, the, 34

abhidharma, the practice of, as similar to analytical psychology, 138

ability, the limitations of, 54

Abraham, Karl, recognizing Jung's disagreeable character, 72

abrasiveness, as a coping strategy, 54

absent father, 22

absent father, as the negative pole of the father archetype, 175

absent-mindedness, 24

absolute destruction, the power of, 82

absolute truth, as inaccessible, 130

absolutism, 2

abstract thought, the need for, in the analytical process, 157

abstractions, Jung’s dislike of, 176

abstractions, primitive psychology shunning, 166

Abu Ghraib, 84, note 48

abundance program, the, 42

Abzug, Bella, 173, note 22

academe, the sylvan groves of, 30, 66

academia, as the sylvan grooves (no typo) of academe, 156 & note 60; 160

academia, Jung regarded as a mystic in, 156

academia, mainstream, as full of male values, 45

academia, specialization in, 66

academic discourse, as soul-deadening, 81

academic psychology, Freud's lingering influence in, 119

academics, as alienated from their souls, 66

academics, resistance of, to creativity, 66

academics, resistance of, to new ideas in their field, 66

academics, resistance of, to the spiritual, 29

academics, the intellectual arrogance of, 75

academics, the prejudice of, against areas of knowledge, 66

accident, definition of, 192

accident, etymology of, 192

accidents, as meaningful, 94

accidents, as opportunities to become more conscious, 23

accidents, as synchronicities, 24

accidents, causes for, 41

accidents, Jung on, 192

acculturation, as a cause of one-sidedness, 113

achievement, definition of, 14

achievements, fear of, 51

Ackermann, Josef, predictions of, about volatility, 186, note 113

acoustics, research in, 155

acquisitions, examples of, 27

acrophobia, 22

action through non-action, 30,, 32, 35, 41

action through non-action, the paradoxical nature of, 32

action, as both efficient and effective, 173

action, our Western love of, 32

action, possible courses of, 49

action, the difference between effective and ineffective, 173

action, the intention of an, as important in karma, 145

action, through non-action, 143

actions, effective, in align with individuation, 173

active imagination, 7, 11, 13

active imagination, an example of, 42

active imagination, as a method, 6

active imagination, as a passive activity, 6

active imagination, as a valuable technique, 42

active imagination, as a way to dream a dream forward, 42

active imagination, as a way to enter the imaginal realm, 95

active imagination, as therapeutic, 6

active imagination, as visionary meditation, 102

active imagination, dangers of, 6

active imagination, definition of, 6

active imagination, features of, 6

active imagination, functions of, 6

active imagination, healing via the, 33, note 29

active imagination, Jung’s invention of, 54

active imagination, Jung's encouragement of, 129

active imagination, Jung's engagement in, 72

active imagination, Jung's invention of, 91

active imagination, relation of, to the imaginal realm, 100

active imagination, the value of, 6

active imagination, use of, in healing, 33, note 99

active imaginer, the dual role of, 6

activism, examples of, 160, 171, note 66

activist, the effective, tools of the, 173

activities, appealing, as supportive, 32

activities, engagement in useful, while the psyche incubates solutions, 154

activity, as an instinctive factor, 167, 187

activity, as animation and movement, 187

activity, as the causal instinct, 138, note 20, 188

activity, the dark side of, 32

actual, the, as that which acts, 119

acupuncturists, 33

adaptability to change, as vital, 17

adaptability, as essential in aging, 24

adaptability, as essential to the analyst, 89

adaptability, as good, to a degree, 188

adaptation, easier, 54

adaptation, failure of, serious consequences of the, 153

adaptation, hampering of by a subculture, 127

adaptation, hesitancy about, 43

adaptation, inferior, linked with regression, 43

adaptation, reduced, in neurosis, 127

adaptation, the importance of, 33

adaptation, transference is a process of, 57

adaptations, fostering of, 31

addiction, 27

addiction, as an attempt to escape problems, 115

addiction, cell phone causing, 60

addiction, fostering of, by technology, 105

addiction, Jung's response to, to allow the soul to speak, 115

addiction, Jung's view of, 115

addiction, the growing spread of, 127

addiction, the healing of, as not mastered by rules or logic, 115

addictions, as likely to be passed down through generations, 140

addictions, the dangers of, 83

addictions, the prevalence of, 94

addicts, as neurotic, needing to understand their complexes, 115

addicts, Jung's view of, 115

Adelphia, 10, note 23

Adey, W. Ross, the work of, on electromagnetic bioeffects, 60

Adler, Alfred, 34

Adler, Alfred, as originator of the concept of compensation, 162

Adler, Alfred, differences of, from Jung, 139

Adler, Alfred, ideas of, as one-sided, 113, note 6

Adler, Alfred, the hostility of, to spiritual values, 119

Adler, Alfred, the orientation of, as psychology without the psyche, 119

Adler, Alfred, the psychology of, 55

Adler, Alfred, the reductive materialism of, 100

Adler, Alfred, the spiritual paucity of, 119

Adler, Alfred, theory of power of, 55

Adler, Gerhard, 1, note 8; 63, note 5

admiration, need for, 56

admiration, soliciting, as a pattern, 54

admission of ignorance, on the part of the doctor, as helpful, 89

adolescent attitudes and ways of living, the challenge to outgrow, 115

adult education, as indirect, 85

adult education, as individualized, 85

adult education, as self-directed and self-paced, 85

adult education, components of, 85

adult education, features of, 85

adult education, goals of, 85

adult education, Jung on, 85

adult education, Jung's path of, appealing to a few, 85

adult education, reasons for taking up, 85

adult education, tasks of, 85

adult education, the components of, 85

adult education, the results of, 85

adult learner, the needs of the, 85

adult partner, women’s desire for an, 53

adult responsibility, mother modeling of, 22

adult, Jung's definition of, 85

adult, the, as the man of life's afternoon, 85

adults, encouragement of, to look within, 85

Advaita Vedanta, 34, 62

advertising, foundation of, as insecurity, 36

advocacy, the value in, 101

Antichrist, as the negative pole of spirit, 175

aeon, Jung's definition of, 164

aeon, life at the end of a, 149

aeon, the longevity of a, as a problem that bedeviled Jung, 183

aeon, the outward manifestations in the shift of the, 183

aeon, the phenomenon defined, 149, note 10

aeon, the psychic consequences in the shift of the, 183

aeon, the shift of, from Pisces to Aquarius, 183 & note 51

aeon, the shift of, from the Age of the Son, 37, 99

aeons, transitions between as melancholy and despairing times, 82

affect, as a call to sense oneself and follow up the play of opposites, 128

affect, as a psychic automatism, 128

affect, as autonomous, beyond conscious control, 128

affect, as very infectious, 128

affect, clarification of, 9, 35

affect, definitions of, 128

affect, enrichment of, 6

affect, Jung's definition of, 128

affect, outbursts of, 29

affect, outbursts of, as anger, 173

affect, re-echoing waves of, 128

affect, shift of attitude about, to see it as an opportunity, 128

affect, the enrichment and clarification of, 128

affect, the felt experience of, as an alien force, 128

affect, the impact of, 128

affect, the influence of, on character, 128

affect, the interfering nature of, 128

affect, the release of, 40

affect, the susceptibility to, 128

affect, unrelated, becoming clear, 35

affective value, Jung's definition of, 143

affectivity, definition of, 64

affects, as a manifestation of the Self, 23

affects, as events, 128

affects, fear of strong, 128

affects, features of, 128

affects, perseveration of, 128

affects, physiological implications of, 128

affects, the danger of wallowing in, 128

affects, the dissociating effect of, on consciousness, 128

affects, the need to become conscious of our, 128

affects, the power of, 128

affirmation of what is, by oldsters, 24

Affordable Care Act, the, 31, note 10

Africa, 31, 42, 117

Africa, Jung's appreciation of the primitive aspects of, 166

African American cultural influence, Jung's examples of, 38

African American history, books on, 126

African Americans, as discriminated against historically, 37

African Americans, contributions of, to American culture, 38

African Americans, gifts of, 38

African Americans, the karmic mistreatment of, 145

African elements, of the American mind, as predominant in culture formation, 126

Aftergood, Steven, as director of the Project on Government Secrecy, 152 & note 29

afterlife, the, 12

afterlife, the, image of, as important, 24

afterlife, the, judgment element in the, 26

afternoon of life, Jung’s concept of, 24

afternoon of life, the features of the, 141, 188

afternoon of life, the meaning and purpose of, 24

afternoon of life, the, goals of, 103

Age of Aquarius, meaning of, 31

Age of Aquarius, shift to the, 34

Age of Aquarius, the beginning of, 27

Age of Aquarius, the water-bearers of the, 43

Age of Aquarius, the, 23, 37

Age of Pisces, second part of the, 11

Age of Pisces, shift from the, 34

Age of Pisces, the closing of, 27

Age of Pisces, the, 64

Age of Pisces, transition of, 37

Age of Reason, the, 11

Age of the Father, the, 63

Age of the Fishes (Pisces), evolution of the, 63

Age of the Holy Spirit, the, 63

Age of the Son, the, 63

Age of the Water-Bearer (Aquarius), the, 63

age, as a physiological modality influencing behavior, 187

age, deficits of, 24

age, living in sync with one's, as a requirement for health, 109

age, the new, task of, to hold and resolve the tension of opposites, 82

age-appropriate actions, in older age, 24

agency, the task of, defined, 108

Agenda for a New Economy, 160

agenda, making fear our, 54

ages, the astrological, 142, note 8

ages, the concept of, 34, 82

Ages, the three, of Joachim, 34

aggression, 56

aggression, equation of, with violence, 52

aggression, inhibition of, 52

aggression, misconception of, as violent, 52

aggression, the controlled utilization of, 52

aggression, withholding of, due to fear, 52

aggressive criticism, parental, 52

aging person, the, needing to be preoccupied with him or herself, 24

aging process, the, as disturbing, 161

aging well, tips to foster, 24

aging, as a developmental stage, 24

aging, as a developmental task offering benefits, 24

aging, as a great adventure, 24

aging, as a positive experience, 24

aging, as a time full of potentials and opportunities, 47

aging, as a time of reprioritizing, 24

aging, as a time to improvise and adapt, 47

aging, as the last great adventure, 24

aging, challenges in, 24

aging, conventional attitude towards, 24

aging, examples of phenomena of, 47

aging, features of, 26

aging, focus of, on what produces joy, energy and well-being, 24
aging, Jung’s image of, 50

aging, Jungian center course on, 50

aging, negative associations of, 24

aging, positive aspects of, 24

aging, prejudices around, 24

aging, signs of, 47

aging, tasks of, 24

aging, the meaning of, 24

agnoia, as unconsciousness, 30

agnosticism, 7

agnosticism, Jung accused of, 180

agnosticism, Jung's definition of, 165

agnostics, as possessed by agnosticism, 170

agony, containment of, 33

agoraphobia, 22

ahistoricity, 38

ahistoricity, as dangerous, 177

ahistoricity, of the 20th century, 38

Ahriman, the Persian name for the devil, 134

AIDS, as a disease of the immune system, 59

aimlessness, of life, as a general neurosis, 109

aims, limited, envy and jealousy as the results of, 94

Aion, 7, 24

Aion, two essays on, 151, note 30

AIPAC, the political influence of, on U.S. politics, 76

airmen, as Extraverts, unable to grasp the reality of the psyche, 164, note 56

ajna, localization of, 133

akashic records, the, 34

Akerlof, George, quoted, 58

Akerlof, George, the neologisms of, 127

al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr, the old crusader ideal adopted by, 125

albedo phase, emerging, as part of the process of alchemical change, 59

albedo, a phase of alchemical change, 83

albedo, the etymology of, 83

albedo, the goal of the, 83

albedo, the phase of alchemy, 18, note 23

albedo, the phase of, 49, note 7; 57

albedo, the task in the, 83

albedo, the, as a breakthrough time, 83

alchemical archetypes, the list of, 151

alchemical change, the stages of, 83

alchemical curriculum, courses in an, 151

alchemical gold, offered by the unconscious, 121

alchemical ideas, Jung's memorializing of, via stone carving, 163

alchemical lectures, Jung's, at Eranos, 151

alchemical material, as archetypal, 100

alchemical operations, the, as archetypes of change, 183 & notes 62 & 66

alchemical paradoxes, examples of, 114

alchemical phases, outer-life examples of, 83

alchemical process, the cooking of the, 129

alchemical processes, list of, 83, note 40

Alchemical Studies (CW 13), as the last of Jung's alchemical works to be published, 151, note 29

Alchemical Studies (CW 13), as the most readable, 28

Alchemical Studies, 7, 70

alchemical studies, as Jung's master works, 151

alchemical symbols, purpose of, 30

alchemical texts, Jung's outstanding collection of, 151

alchemical texts, the late, as fantastic and baroque, 151

alchemical transformation process, the, 49, note 7

alchemical world, the, as infused with spirit, 100

alchemical worldview, the, Jung's appreciation, 100

alchemist, the fantasy of, as helpful, 31

alchemist, the goal of, 151, note 13

alchemist, the perspective of, Jung's appreciation of the, 100

alchemist, the reliance of, on his own resources, 100

alchemist, the tenacity and patience of the 123

alchemists, advice of, 91

alchemists, as investigators, 132

alchemists, as solitaries, 100

alchemists, Jung's orientation to the world of the, 151

alchemists, the empirical orientation of, 100

alchemists, the goals of, 83

alchemists, the lived experience of Maria's axiom by, 132

alchemists, the reports of, as empirical, 151

alchemists, the striving of the, for union, 25

alchemists, the understanding of, 25

alchemists, the work of, as Gnostic, 151

alchemists, the, 34

alchemists, the, as medieval precursors of analysts, 57

alchemists, the, insights of, 52

alchemists, the, trust of, 31

alchemy, 5, 7, 17, 75, 83

alchemy, absence of a lexicon of terms in, 151

alchemy, as a collection of enduring mythologems, 61

alchemy, as a foreign language, 151

alchemy, as a process of change, 83

alchemy, as a rich foundation for Jung's philosophy of Nature, 181

alchemy, as a road map, 83

alchemy, as a system to live, 151

alchemy, as an historical counterpart to Jung's psychology of the unconscious, 151

alchemy, as an uninterrupted intellectual change going back to Gnosticism, 176

alchemy, as contributing a great deal to the development of consciousness, 176

alchemy, as non-rational and intuitive, 151

alchemy, as offering an anamnesis on the collective level, 151

alchemy, as one of Jung's most helpful sources, 180

alchemy, as outré, 183

alchemy, as providing Jung with historical verification of his theories, 151

alchemy, as the most absorbing component of Jung's work, 151

alchemy, as the unpopular thing that Jung delved into most intensely, 176

alchemy, classical, Maria's important role in, 132

alchemy, definition of, 83

alchemy, Goethe's understanding of, as appealing to Jung, 169

alchemy, Jung acquiring insight on the nature of, 176

alchemy, Jung as a student of, 54

alchemy, Jung writing letters about, 176, note 81

alchemy, Jung's deep immersion in, 100

alchemy, Jung's definition of, 81

alchemy, Jung's devotion to, 151

alchemy, Jung's disciplined, deliberate study of, 151

alchemy, Jung's initial opinion of, 151

alchemy, Jung's insights into, as parallel to his analytical psychology, 100

alchemy, Jung's investigations of, 176

alchemy, Jung's sense that von Franz was linked to alchemy, 77

alchemy, Jung's thiry-year study of, 151

alchemy, Jung's valuation of, 143, 151

alchemy, keynotes of, as paradox and ambivalence, 114

alchemy, list of the phases of, 151

alchemy, Maria's axiom as a leitmotif, 132

alchemy, modern views about, 150

alchemy, myth motifs in, 108

Alchemy, one of the definitive texts on alchemy and Jungian psychology, 77

alchemy, parallels of, with Jungian analysis, 83

alchemy, the albedo phase of, 10

alchemy, the benefits of study of, 151

alchemy, the close parallels of, with analytical psychology, 143, 151

alchemy, the four phases of, 18, note 23

alchemy, the road map of, 83

alchemy, the role and value of, in the analytic process, 151

alchemy, the secrecy of, 100

alchemy, the value and applicability of, 83

alchemy, the value of, for illustrating inner work, 143

alchemy, the wisdom of, 183

alcohol addictions, Jung treating patients with, 115

alcohol, 13

alcohol, craving for, as equivalent on a low level, of spiritual thirst, 60, 115

alcohol, prohibitions of, in the Middle East, 166

alcoholic, the healing of an, 115

Alcoholics Anonymous, William Wilson as the founder of, 115

alcoholism, as a spiritual problem, 149, note 35

Alexandria, as the intellectual capital of the Roman Empire, 132

Alger, Horatio, the myth of, 93

Alger, Horatio, the myth of, as the ideal self-made man, 140

algorithms, 27

algorithms, purpose of, 104

algorithms, quants’ clever, 58

algorithms, stress on, 28 & note 8

alien "other" in oneself, recognition of, 30

alien impulses, Jung's obedience to, 167

alien spirit, contact with, 29

alienation, as a result of holding secrets, 95

alienation, as endemic in modern reality, 179

alienation, individualism fostering, 44

alienation, resulting from social media, 60

alienists, the lack of knowledge or responsibility of the, 115

alienists, the, playing of, with a new poison, 115

Aligheri, Dante, description of gravity of, 83, note 73

Allah, martyrdom in the name of, 125

Alleluia game, the, 72

Allen, Byron, suggestions of, for 9 reparative actions, 145

alliances, uncommon, as forming now, 160

allopathic medical system, single-minded focus of, 33, note 95

allopathic model, the, 34

allopathic pharmacopeia, the, 24

allopathic physicians, 33

allopathic protocols, 28

allotment act, the, 147

allotment gardens, as a positive development, 181

allow mode, definition of, 83

allow mode, operating in, 27, 42

Almagest, of Ptolemy, 82

Alsatian Pastoral Conference, Jung's lecture at the, 119

alter ego, having it out with, 6

Alter, Adam, quoted, on the cardinal rule of drug dealing, 60

alternate facts, as an indicator of delusional outer vision, 88

alternate realities, implications of, 105

alternate realities, the spread of, 127, 130, 173

alternative facts, recognizing, 38

alternative facts, social media spawning, 177

alternative facts, the phenomenon of, 99

Altman, Sam, 68, note 47

Alzheimer’s disease, 24, 25

ambiguity, the value of, 114

ambitendency, 157

ambition, changes in, in late life, 24

ambition, hubristic, to control Nature, 144, note 29

ambition, inordinate, 138

ambition, mother’s, as a dampener, 45

ambition, thwarting of, 52

ambitions, mixed up, 24

ambivalence, 53

ambivalence, as a keynote of alchemy, 114

ambivalence, becoming conscious of, 31

ambivalence, Jung's concern to have his patients recognize their, 157

ambivalence, the value of, 114

ambivalent mother, disorders associated with the, 22

America First movement, the, 8

America, as 50 years behind in psychology, 115

America, as a Black nation from a popular-culture standpoint, 126

America, as a puer culture, 163

America, as a shadow place for Jung, 115

America, as ahead with technology, 115

America, as an ESTJ culture, not given to introspection, deliberation or empathy, 145

America, as its own worst enemy, 186

America, as squandering its wealth and power, 184

America, as the land of freedom, 8

America, as the land of opportunity, prejudiced against immigrants, 184

America, as wasteful, 186

America, belief of, in our exceptionalism, 59

America, challenges of, 145

America, character of, 186

America, contemporary, critique of, 83, note 78

America, delusion in, fostering the rise of Trump, 128

America, experiencing a fateful period now, 93

America, future of, 3

America, Jung’s view of, as one-sided, looking only on our bright side, 184

America, Jung's astonishment at the Extraverted extreme of, 188

America, Jung's trips to, 115

America, native prophecies about, 147

America, openness of, to new ideas, 70

America, psychiatric treatment in, relying on drugs, 115

America, slavery and racism as the original sin of, 145

America, the 3 key values of, as need, greed and speed, 131

America, the ahistoricity of, as problematic, 115

America, the astrological chart of, 186

America, the civil and military forces of, aligned with financiers, 131

America, the collective concerns of, 186

America, the cosmic vanity of, 147, 186

America, the cultural milieu of moral debauchery of, 76

America, the current situation of, 147

America, the deep background of its fate, 147

America, the democratic ethos of, 140

America, the ESTJ temperament of, 147

America, the Extraverted, Sensation orientation of, 115

America, the future of, 145, 147 186

America, the global problems of, to be outgrown, 76

America, the greater possibilities of, due to the presence of the colored man, 126

America, the habit of proclaiming our exceptionalism, 93

America, the hypocrisy of, 184

America, the inflation of, 93

America, the karmic deeds of, 147, 171

America, the legacy of racial violence of, as karmic, 145

America, the low level of the collective consciousness of, 186

America, the materialistic bent of, 76

America, the materialistic ethos of, 184

America, the moral crisis of, list of signs of the, 115

America, the national security system of, as broken, 184

America, the national self-indulgence of, 184

America, the nuclear arsenal of, 115

America, the personality gifts of, 186

America, the personality of, 186

America, the polarized politics of, 186

America, the political instability of, as a global concern, 186, note 104

America, the political system of, as defective, 145

America, the potentials in the future of, 186

America, the puer nature of, 186

America, the religiosity of, as problematic, 186

America, the shadow of, as the Taliban, 186

America, the strong Judging feature of, 186 & note 84

America, the values of, 186

America, the view of, by the world, as an exceptionally arrogant bully, 184

America, the yellow god of, 70

America’s collective shadow, the projection of, on to our black and Indian populations, 184

America’s dietary habits, as poor, 184

America’s foreign policy, as full of imperial delusions, 184

America’s manifest destiny, to liberate the people of the Philippines, killing 600,000 of them, 184

America’s national persona, as very bright, so our national shadow is very dark, 184

America’s national shadow, as pathological, producing suffering, 184

American catastrophe, the coming, 147, 184

American catastrophe, the deep background of the coming, 184

American civic myths, as outdated, 184

American Civil Liberties Union, 37 & note 25

American collective shadow, the form of the, 147

American colonists, the cosmic vanity of, 145

American conceit, 8

American consciousness, the primitive contents of, 126

American conservatives, claims of, 8

American consumer, the global role of the, 14

American culture, as a chaotic mixture of races and cultures, 115

American culture, as Extraverted, 52

American culture, as morally bankrupt, 14

American culture, as Sensate, 28, note 26

American culture, as too focused on greed, money and materialism, 131, 184

American culture, materialism of, 14

American culture, the ahistoricity of, 88

American culture, the ESTJ orientation of, 159, 187

American culture, the Extraverted nature of, 23, 84

American culture, the high conscious level of, 126

American culture, the one-sidedness of, 12

American culture, the Sensation bias of, 84

American culture, the soft power of, 124 & note 31

American culture, the strong bias of, 76

American culture, white, as influenced by the Negro, 38

American democracy, as hollow and false, 184

American dream, the, 8, 14

American education, Locke's influence on, 140

American emotional expression, Negro influence in, 126

American Enterprise Institute, Greenspan's address to the, 131, note 62

American enthusiasm, as enviable, 126

American entrepreneurial spirit, source of, 38

American exceptionalism, as bogus, 145, 147, 149, 184

American exceptionalism, definition of, 8, 83, note 78

American Extraversion, as excessive, 107

American Extravert, the superficial lifestyle of the, 16

American financier, the plight of the, 131

American foreign policy, as replete with shadow, 184

American frontier, the closing of the, 8, note 24

American Girls, 60

American health care system, the dysfunctionality of, 9

American health care, the focus of, on curing, 143

American history, karma in, 145

American history, the structural violence in, 145

American history, the systemic racism in, 145

American life, as one-sided and déraciné, needing compensation, 177

American mainstream culture, features of, 14

American manufacturing base, the hollowing out of the, 183 & note 27

American material growth, the soul-deadening focus on, 184

American materialism, leading to getting and spending, 184

American mind, the, 8

American mind, the, as a racially formed mind, 126

American modern health care, features of, 9

American music, the Negro influence on, 126

American naiveté, as famous and charming, 126

American naiveté, Negro influence on, 38

American national government, disfunctionality of, 117

American people, the co-optation of, with "bread and circuses," 186

American people, the, as collectively guilty for Floyd's murder, 145

American politics, 131, 171, 184

American politics, the current state of, 28

American popular culture, the African elements as predominant, 126

American population, the diversity of, affording a tension, 126

American population, the growing diversity of the, 37

American psyche, the infantile nature of the, 186

American Psychoanalytic Association, the, members of, 56

American public, mood of, 3

American racist rhetoric, in elections, 184

American rationalism, as narrow-minded, 124

American regulatory agencies, as the handmaidens of the industries they regulate, 60

American revolution, as start of a new growth curve, 50

American shadow, a portrait of the, 184

American situation, our, malaise of, 144

American Society for Psychical Research, 34 & note 32, 66

American society, 127, 134, 143, 145, 174, 184, 188

American society, as a youth culture, 24

American society, as highly mobile and future-oriented, 115

American society, preference of, for Extraversion, 48

American society, the competitive nature of, 102

American society, the Extraverted orientation of, 102

American society, the major features of, 76

American society, the strong ESTJ bias of, 65

American society, the tailspin of, 28

American soil, the primitive atmosphere of, 115

American spirit, the, 8

American temperament, the external nature of the, 9, 38

American type, the, as ESTJ (Extravert, Sensate, Thinking, Judging), 71, 78

American unconscious, as interesting, due to its higher tension, 126

American unconscious, the immense possibilities in the, 38

American unconscious, the, reflecting feelings of cultural inferiority, 8

American values, as "need, greed and speed," 9

American values, moralistic streak in, 8

American walk, the loose-jointed way of, 38

American way of life, the, as dysfunctional, 147, 184

American way of walking, the, the Negro influence in, 126

American woman, the unconscious of the, 41

American youth, the moral condition of, as poor, 115

American, a portrait of the typical, 184

American, conventional thinking of the, on the image of the child, 140

American, Jung's portrait of the typical, 115

American, the adolescent psychology of the, 115

American, the animalization of the, 44

American, the Negro complex of, 126

American, the patronizing attitude of, toward Arabs, 147

American, the, as unhampered by the burden of historical conditions, 131

Americana, definition of, 131

Americans' collective consciousness, as asleep, 147

Americans with Disabilities Act, 37 & note 22

Americans, 13 generation of, manifesting racism, 145

Americans, as ahistorical, 38

Americans, as crazy, for thinking with their heads, not their hearts, 160

Americans, as deeply sunk in the materialist paradigm, 187

Americans, as herd animals, other-directed, 174

Americans, as highly civilized, 126

Americans, as in denial about our political situation, 186, note 104

Americans, as more civilized than Europeans, 38

Americans, as not given to introspection, 115

Americans, as susceptible to group-think, 128

Americans, as uprooted, déraciné, 115

Americans, as very efficient, but not effective, 131

Americans, championing human rights, and producing Abu Ghraib, 184

Americans, character traits of, 8

Americans, focus of, on doing, 143

Americans, introspection as unlikely with, 124

Americans, lack of independence of mind among the, 128

Americans, major personality trait of, 60

Americans, majority of, as Sensates, 52

Americans, materialism of, 8

Americans, need of, to leave Switzerland as World War II began, 146

Americans, puer orientation of, 23

Americans, the commercial habits of, 8

Americans, the Extraverted orientation of, 170 & note 1

Americans, the knee-jerk reaction of, to some words, 131

Americans, the majority of, as Extraverts, 146

Americans, the sixth sense of, for the "real deal," 71

Americans, the unconscious assumptions of, 147

Americans, the wellspring of life energy of, as deep, 126

Americans’ daily lives, the lack of balance in, 184

Americans’ refusal to engage difficult ethical issues, 184

America's shadow, description of, 184

amplification, illustration of, 91

amplification, Jung's method of, differing from free association, 91

amplification, the method of, 118 & note 38

amplifications, Jung's fondness for, 71

anahata, localization of, 133

analysand, attacks of the, on the analyst, 57

analysand, definition of, 57

analysand, fear of, of losing the analyst, 57

analysand, the actions of, 57

analysand, the attitudes of the, 57

analysand, the cultural background of the, as essential to consider, 133, 185, 190

analysand, the dependence of the, on the analyst, 57

analysand, the initial condition of the, 57

analysand, the negative experiences of, in early childhood, 57

analysand, the possessiveness of, 57

analysand, the psychological state of the, 57

analysand, the tasks of the, 57

analysand, the, changes in the, 57

analysand, the, projecting parental complexes, 52

analysands, as unconsciously undermining the process, 57

analysands, reorientation of social life of, 17

analysis paralysis, 92

analysis, 5

analysis, activities in, 30

analysis, an example of an, 189

analysis, as a long difficult and painful process, 57

analysis, as a process of natural unfoldment, 57

analysis, as a way to depotentiate complexes, 72

analysis, as an antidote to Western materialism, 189 & note 16

analysis, as experiential, 17

analysis, as for the chosen, 17

analysis, as painful, 17

analysis, as part of destiny for some, 17

analysis, as the way to educate the shadow, 41

analysis, as the work of heroes, 17

analysis, benefits of, 30

analysis, components of, 188

analysis, components of, 57

analysis, conditions for, 30

analysis, conditions requiring, 17

analysis, fear of, as a sign the person needs it, 188

analysis, features of, 127, 130, 185, 188, 189

analysis, features of, 30

analysis, goals of, 30, 102

analysis, insights on, 30

analysis, Jung’s method of, opening the possibility for growth and change, 57

analysis, Jung’s requirement that the analyst have an, 185

analysis, lack of fun in, 17

analysis, material dealt with in, 17

analysis, moral challenges in, 17

analysis, motivation necessary for, 17

analysis, parallels of, with alchemists' activities, 30

analysis, payoff of, 41

analysis, reasons for undertaking, as varied, 189

analysis, reductive, 28

analysis, risks of, 17

analysis, seven components of, 57

analysis, signs of the end of an, 91

analysis, sparing of gossip by, 16

analysis, spiritual challenges of, 17

analysis, stress on, 28

analysis, supervision/training, 30

analysis, tasks of, 17

analysis, the absence of order in, 57

analysis, the benefits of, 170, 189

analysis, the complex processes of, 57

analysis, the dangers in, 57

analysis, the development of, 5

analysis, the energy investment in the process of, 57

analysis, the focus of, as the totality of the suffering individual, 185

analysis, the heterogeneous nature of, 57

analysis, the hoped-for end result of, as integration of the individual, 116

analysis, the illusions in, 57

analysis, the impact of, 16

analysis, the jumbled quality of, 57

analysis, the nature of interactions in, 185

analysis, the power of, to control autonomous complexes, 110

analysis, the reductive method of, as too narrow, 57

analysis, the transformative field of the, 57

analysis, thorough, the transference as an inevitable feature of, 57

analysis, timing of, controlled by the Self, 42

analysis, typical problems in, 57

analysis, use of symbols in, 5

analysis, virtues required for, 17

analyst, and analysand, interaction of the, 17

analyst, as a vocation, fulfilling one’s destiny, 57

analyst, as holding the space, 52

analyst, belief of, as important, 30

analyst, clues for, in numbers in patients' dreams, 132

analyst, knowledge and skill of the, 17

analyst, personality requirements in a, 57

analyst, relating to, as a human being, 57

analyst, role of, 57

analyst, subjective assessment of, as important, 185

analyst, the awareness of, of his or her personal equation, 185

analyst, the challenge of, to make way for a creative solution in a critical situation, 185

analyst, the experiential parts of the training of the,185

analyst, the intellectual part of the training of the, 185

analyst, the interest of the, 52

analyst, the Jungian training of an, 111

analyst, the knowledge of the terrain of, as comforting, 189

analyst, the learning of, in how to adapt his or her own psychological type, to meet the needs of the analysand, 185

analyst, the loss of, 52

analyst, the need of, for self-care, 57

analyst, the number one focus of the, as the welfare of the analysand, 185

analyst, the objective standards of the, 57

analyst, the personal qualities of the, 57

analyst, the role of, 123 & note 129; 170, 185

analyst, the role of, as an instrument in the service of the Self, 57, 102, 111, 119

analyst, the task of, 111

analyst, the task of, as demanding work, 185

analyst, the training of the, requiring two analyses, 111, note 26

analyst, the true, as not wedded to theory, 189 & note 18

analyst, the, as a human being, not a savior, 185

analyst, the, as in no position to judge the whole of the personality of the analysand, 185

analyst, the, as modeling the process of analysis for his or her analysands, 185

analyst, the, as no authority, 102

analyst, the, as source of support, 17

analyst, the, changes in, 57

analyst, the, having internalized the three loci as part of the process of individuation, 185

analyst, the, in training, learning how neuroses can be outgrown, and developing empathy, 185

analyst, the, learning to handle countertransference situations, 185

analyst, work of, as problem solving, 70, 78

analyst, working of, in league with the Self, 52

analyst/analysand relationship, Jung's attitude about the, 102

analysts' character, the, patients reading intuitively, 185

analysts, caveats about, 185

analysts, challenges for, 57

analysts, need of, to recognize their identity with analysands, 85

analysts, training of, 57, 90

analytic approach, adaptation of the, to the individual patient, 52

analytic container, the security of the, 57

analytic endeavor, the focus of the, 57

analytic experience, the essence of, as emotional and existential, 57

analytic method, working Jung's, as lived experience, 132

analytic process, immersion in the, 30

analytic process, the one-sidedness of the, 65

analytic space, the requirements for, in Jung's psychology, 185

analytical method, Jung's, resolving the psyche/science conflict, 104

analytical procedure, the, as a process of quickened maturation, 189

analytical process, as demanding the analyst become more knowledgeable, 133

analytical process, the challenges in, 17

analytical psychology, goals of, 104

analytical psychology, the close association of, with dream analysis, 90

analytical psychology, the future of, 9

analytical psychology, the parallel of, with alchemy, 143, 156, 165, 176

analytical psychology, universities' attitudes toward, 66

analytical work, the levels of, 30, 89

anamnesis, as essential, 151, 177

anamnesis, defined, 30, note 47; 60, note 45

anamnesis, definition of, 177

anamnesis, Freudian school's emphasis on the, 111 & note 74

anamnesis, Jung's psychological definition of, 177

anamnesis, the etymology of, 177, note 31

anamnesis, the importance of the, 54

anamnesis, the stress on the, 44

Ananke, the goddess of necessity, 93

anaphylactic system, as protection against realization, 41

anarchy, fostered by isms, 44

Anatomy of an Illness, 67, note 34

ancient creators of words, living closer to the unconscious, 42

ancient wisdom systems, 17

ancient wisdom, Jung as a student of, 61

ancient wisdom, Jung's drawing on, 132, 155, 176, 181

ancient wisdom, our departure from, 61

ancient worldview, the, 61

Andersen, Hans Christian, 62, note 29

Andersen, Kurt, 101, note 12

androgyny, definition of, 155

anemia, the world religions suffering from, 160

angels, as responses to requests for help, 121 & note 52

Angelucci, Orfeo, the experience of ETs by, 164

anger of morality, example of, 165 & note 30

anger of morality, the, as a temptation of religion, defined, 87

anger, as a feature of cosmic vanity, 147

anger, as the public face of fear, 102

anger, challenges of, 57

anger, choices of in handling, 92

anger, concern about, 52

anger, definitions of, 173

anger, features of, 173

anger, forms of, as repression, referred, displaced, somatized, 173

anger, the etymology of, 173

Anglican, as the state church in England, 138, note 69; 158

angst, 90

angst, as a function of the human condition, 51

angst, definition of, 51

angst, differentiation of, 51

angst, etymology of, 25, note 8; 51

angustus, 51

anima archetype, the, as a core element in Jung's system, 156

anima integration, the benefits of, 83, note 83

anima mundi, as Gaia, 34

anima mundi, the alchemists' belief in the, 100 & note 59

anima mundi, the ensouled world, 28

anima mundi, the recognition of the, 149, 160, note 15; 181 & note 10

anima mundi, the, 61

anima, 121

anima, definition of, 83, note 45

anima, dissocation from, features of, 30

anima, dissociation from the, caused by an overly rational mode of living, 88

anima, identification of, with reason, 30

anima, identifying, 42

anima, the function of the, as the medium between ego and the unconscious, 153

anima, the need to objectivate the effect of the, 153

anima, the, 2, 11, note 20; 33, 41, 42

anima, the, as an inner quality, 61

anima/animus, integration of, 83

anima/animus, Jung’s definition of, 42, note 9

anima/animus, Jung's advice to get to know the, 131, 144, 153, 170, 174, 184

animal darkness, the creative spirit rising from the depths of, 113

animal magnetism, 34

animal nature, denial of our, as a cause of one-sidedness, 113

animal sacrifices, 14

animal, the, as the natural thing in us, 104

animals, in dreams, as clues of our instinctual nature, 153

animals, Jung's love of, 181

animation, as the essential characteristic of the soul, 123

animation, the power of, 52

Animus and Anima, 38

animus and anima, balancing the energies of, 113

animus hound tendencies, of Jane Wheelwright, 45

animus woman, the compensatory accentuation of feminine traits, 162

animus, as the life-giving quality in a woman, providing spontaneity and creativity, 48

animus, connection to the, 22

animus, definition of, 83, note 45

animus, Jane Wheelwright’s description of the, 48

animus, listening to, causing overexertion, 47

animus, projection of, 16

animus, stimulation of the, 41

animus, the negative side of, 48

animus, the negative, features of the, 189

animus, the problem of identifying with, for women, 48

animus, the ugly head of, 45

animus, the, 2, 11, note 20; 33, 41

animus, the, women functioning out of the, 48

animus/anima, the integration of, 83

animus/shadow combination, the, dangers of, for a woman, 48

animus-driven wordiness, as wearisome, 57

ankylosing spondylitis, cure of, with laughter, 67, note 34

annihilation, danger of, 2, 12

anocracy, the current American, 37

anorexia, as a distortion of the hunger instinct, 188

Answer to Job, 1, 7 note 20; 63

Answer to Job, 130, 151, 180

Answer to Job, Jung’s discussion of God as both good and evil, 57

Answer to Job, Jung's compulsion to write, 81

Answer to Job, publication of, reactions to the, 42

Answer to Job, the brouhaha raised by, 118

Answer to Job, touching off a storm of incomprehension, in clerics, 119

answer, to big life questions, as lying in the asking itself, 119

answers, as found within, not outside, 84

answers, fear of the, 52

antagonism, as a feature of cosmic vanity, 147

Anthony, Maggie, interviewer of Jung's students, 71

anthropomorphisms, deifying, Jung's charge against theologians, 180

Anthropos, definition of, 83, note 84

Anthropos, the world soul as a counterpart of the, 181

Anthropos, the, as the entelechy of the human being, 33

Anthroposophical movement, the, 62 & note 9

Anthroposophy, 34

Anthroposophy, Jung's dislike of, 70

Anthroposophy, the religious flavor of, 137

antibiotic armamentarium, the growing ineffectiveness of, 99

antibiotics, the harmful implications of, 134, note 79

Antichrist archetype, the, 125, 175

Anti-Christ, as the devil, 30

Anti-Christ, associations to, as negatives, 182

Antichrist, ideologies as the, 125

Antichrist, Jung’s broader sense of the term, 175

Antichrist, ours as a time of the reign of the, 182

Antichrist, the coming of, as a prediction, 137, 182

Antichrist, the coming of, as a psychological law, 182

Antichrist, the devil as the, 134

Antichrist, the end time of reign of the, as unknown, 175

Antichrist, the fascination of, due to its numinosity, 175

Antichrist, the recent handiwork of, 175

Antichrist, the reign of the, the prediction of the coming of, 172, 175

Anti-Christ, the thousand years of, 105

Antichrist, the, 11

Antichrist, the, as the negative counterpart of Christ, 137

Antichrists, historical figures labeled as, examples of, 175

Antichrists, the appearance of, throughout the course of human history, 175

anti-intellectualism, American, Trump illustrating our, 159

antimimon pneuma, as the Gnostic devil, 134

antinomies, Jung's examples of, 109

Antioch New England Graduate School, 66, note 57

antiquity, the culture of, falling into decay, our time like, 82

anxiety level of society, rising of the, 83

anxiety neurosis, as a psychological disease, 51

anxiety, a general mood of, as a feature of cosmic vanity, 147

anxiety, ambient, as a feature of transitional times, 99

anxiety, as a feature of neurosis, 140, 147, 159, 173, 182, 183

anxiety, definition of, 51

anxiety, developing the ability to hold, 52

anxiety, differentiation of, 51

anxiety, etymology of, 25, note 8; 51, 90

anxiety, existential, 51

anxiety, source of, 11

anxiety, the reduction of, via laughter, 67

apocalypse, appearance of, in the media, 152, 159, 164, 182

apocalypse, confusion of, with Armageddon, 182

apocalypse, definition of, 182

apocalyptic time, ours as an, 152, 159, 182

apocalyptic, definition of, 152

apocalyptic, etymology of, 152

apocalypticist, Jesus as an, 152, note 3

apokatastasis, as restoration, following a death, 159

appendix, content of, as an example of putting out a fleece, 171

Appendix, on America's transits and future, 186

APRO Bulletin, the failure of, to understand Jung, 164

Aquarius, Age of, moving into the, 138

Aquarius, Age of, the focus of, on change, growth and subversion of authority, 180

Aquarius, impact of, 152

Aquarius, moving into the Age of, 138, 180 & note 118

Aquarius, the Age of, 142, 149, note 43; 155, 159

Arab Spring, the, 166

Arab world, the long memory of the, 125

arachnophobia, link of, to the negative mother complex, 128

arc of life, the, Jung's concept of the, 141

archaeologist, Jung's desire to become, 181

archetypal figures, causes for the appearance of, in dreams, 162

archetypal foundations, staying grounded in our, 183

archetypal images, 164, 167-169

archetypal intent, the dangers in the frustration of, 159

archetypal level, the impersonality of, 189, note 21; 190

archetypal symbols, as a common content in the unconscious, 174

archetype, as important to consciously recognize, 175

archetype, example of identification with a, as the ballerina, 187

archetype, identification with a, serious consequences of, 125

archetype, Jung's definition of, 159, 163, 175

archetype, the dangers of identifying with a, 134

archetype, the experience of, 159

archetype, the positive and negative pole of the, 134

archetypes as universal, Jung's hypothesis of, 126

archetypes of change, examples of the intentions of the, 159

archetypes of transformation, Jung's definition of, 159

archetypes, activated, 179

archetypes, as crucial factors influencing human behavior, 187

archetypes, as generative, examples of, 159

archetypes, as goals for the developmental process, 159

archetypes, as influential in behavior, 187

archetypes, as innate psychic structures in the collective unconscious, 190

archetypes, as living psychic forces, 175

archetypes, as modes of action, constituting the instinctive behavior of the human species, 175

archetypes, as mythological images, 147

archetypes, as numinous structural elements of the psyche, 123

archetypes, as numinous symbols, not found in every dream, 190

archetypes, as numinous, drawing on the power of the Self, 159

archetypes, as our psychological heritage, 177

archetypes, as patterns of behavior, 175

archetypes, as powerful, 123, 168

archetypes, as primordial images with ancient origins, 177

archetypes, as providing comfort in the initial states of analysis, 189

archetypes, as representing typical situations in life, 187

archetypes, as store-houses of energy, 123

archetypes, as the bringers of protection and salvation, 175

archetypes, as the creators of ideas, 125

archetypes, as the historical way of functioning, 177

archetypes, as the same in all the races, 126

archetypes, as true, genuine symbols, ambiguous and inexhaustible, 159

archetypes, causes for the constellation of, 140

archetypes, examples of the intents of, 183

archetypes, examples of, 188

archetypes, familiarity with, providing orientation in analysis, 177

archetypes, features of, 159, 175

archetypes, in art, 168

archetypes, Jung's definition of, 187, 188

archetypes, list of features of, 188

archetypes, list of personal, 159

archetypes, paired, puer/senex as an example, 140

archetypes, the connection of, to the Self, 188

archetypes, the content of, derived from conscious experience, 140

archetypes, the emotional power of, as transforming, 168

archetypes, the influence of, due to a process of identification, 187

archetypes, the intention of, 151, 159, 187

archetypes, the karma aspect as essential to understanding the nature of, 147

archetypes, the manifestation of, in behaviors, 188

archetypes, the nature of, related to karma, 147

archetypes, the numinosity of, due to transpersonal energies in the collective unconscious, 175

archetypes, the transformative potential of, 159

archetypes, the universal work of the, 159

archetypes, the universality and timelessness of, 187

archetypes, working with, as setting life in a larger context, 189

Argüelles, Jose, 155, note 19

aridity, science's impact on psychology as causing, 150, 189

Aries, the Age of, 142

Aristotle, 142, 170

arrogance, examples of, 150

arrogance, the dangers of, 122

art museum, the beauty in a, 142

art, as a process of self-regulation in the life of nations, 168

art, as any form of creativity, to Jung, 168

art, as suprapersonal, 168

art, features of, 168

art, great, speaking to the mind and heart of mankind, 168

art, Jung's definition of, 168

art, medieval, as reflecting the vertical orientation, 144

art, role of, in compensating collective one-sidedness, 168

art, the healing power in, 168

art, the horizontal orientation in, features of, 172

art, the impact of, 168

art, the psychological importance of, 167

art, the psychology of, concerns in, 167

art, the purposes of, as realized through the artist, 168

art, the social significance of, 168

art, the super-personal component of, 168

art, the unconscious element of, 168

art, work of, as a genuine creation, not a disease or a symptom, 168

artificial intelligence, Jung’s likely response to, 172

Artis Auriferae Volumina Duo, Jung's first alchemy book purchase, 151 & note 2; 176

artist, as a conduit or nutrient medium for the creative force, 168

artist, as full of inner conflicts, 168

artist, as subordinate to his work, 168

artist, Jung's definition of the, 168

artist, Jung's, as not to be envied, 168

artist, the gifts of, to the collective, 168

artist, the heavier burden of the, 168

artist, the personality defects of the, 168

artist, the personality of, as unusual, 168

artist, the role of the, 168

artist, the unsatisfied yearning of, as impetus to transform an image, 168

artist, the visionary, as enthralling and transmuting collective destiny, 168

artist, the work of the, 167

artist, the, as a duality or synthesis of contradictory qualities, 168

artist, the, as a prophet responding to the promptings of the unconscious, 168

artist, the, as an impersonal creative process, 168

artist, the, as collective man, implying sacrifices, 168

artist, the, as molder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind, 168

artists, as educating the spirit of the age, 168

artists, examples of, with the "technical gift," 167

artists, Jung on, 168

artists, our need to recognize ourselves as, 168

artists, the healing role of, in the life of the collective, 168

artists, traits of, 168

Aschuar, the, in Ecuador, 10, note 73

Asian Americans, as discriminated against historically, 37

asleep, as being at a lower level of consciousness, 179

aspects, incontrovertible, 186 & note 15

aspirations, as the best in man, 119

Assad, Bashar, 3

Assagioli, Roberto, 34

Assange, Julian, 182

assertion, the controlled utilization of, 52

assimilation, as a feature of transformative change, 148

assimilation, as essential, 143

assimilation, insights on the phenomenon of, provided by the Gnostic writings, 176

assistance, value of, in healing, 33

association experiments, Jung’s, 173, 187

Association for Research and Enlightenment, 34, 62

association process, as a chain reaction, 6

Association test, Jung's revealing his money complex, 131

association, as the means of analysis of dreams, 90

association, power by, 36

associations, archetypal, to a symbol, 91

associations, collective, to a symbol, 91

associations, natural, to a symbol, 91

associations, personal, to a symbol, 91

associations, the constellation of, by strong affects, 128

assumptions, doubting the absolute rightness of, 117

assumptions, examination of, limiting personal agency, 94

assumptions, of modern science, as mistaken, 144

assumptions, questioning the host of, about reality, 59

assumptions, the projection of, dangers of, 88

astrologer, visits to, at times of transition, 93

astrologers, Jungian-oriented, list of, 61, note 16

astrological change, the foreseeable, the possible psychic consequences of, 86

astrological chart, the analysis of the, benefits in, 176

Astrological Mandala,, 112

astrological signs, the four that are dual, 172 & note 5

astrological signs, the shift in, 82

astrological tradition, the components of the, 86

astrology as a powerful complex symbol system, 86

astrology, 17, 20, 34, 75

astrology, as a mantic procedure, and very much alive, 86

astrology, as a method of divination and the science of antiquity, 86

astrology, as a powerful symbol system, 42, 90 & note 124

astrology, as a psychological description of character, 86

astrology, as an ancient art and technique, 86

astrology, as following the principle of acausality, 176

astrology, as outré in academia, 66, note 29

astrology, as revealing the intention of the soul, 86

astrology, definitions of, 86

astrology, etymology of, 86

astrology, growing interest in, 137

astrology, insights in, 70, 82, 92

astrology, Jung’s studies of, 42, 66, 86

astrology, Jung’s understanding of, 86

astrology, Jung’s use of, 86

astrology, Jung's definition of, 70

astrology, Jung's interest in, 7

astrology, Jung's investigations of, 176, 186 & note 9

astrology, knowledge projected into the heavens contained in, 176

astrology, mundane, definition of, 83, note 23, 93

astrology, predictions of, as potential, not absolute, 186

astrology, the wisdom of, 183

astrology, the art, technique and science of, Jung’s appreciation for, 86

astrology, the basis of, 61

astrology, the elements of, as symbols, 183

astrology, the growing popularity of, 86

astrology, the operation of, according to the Law of Correspondence, 183

astrology, the Platonic months of, 82

astrology, the symbols of, the archetypal significance of, 176

astrology, the useful application of, in psychology, 69, note 2

astrology, the value of, in psychology, 176

astrology, the value of, its evocation of synchronicity to provide insights into the individual’s lives, 86

astrology, usefulness of, to Jung, 86

atheism, as a stupid error, 44

atheism, at the core of scientism, 75

atheism, epidemics of, 137, 180

atheism, the rise of, in the Western world, 144

atheists, as possessed by atheism, 170

Athena, 6

athleticism, as a positive quality, 184

Atlantis, investigation of, 62 & note 18

Atlantis, the reality of, 152

Atman, the identity of, with Brahman, 169

atman, the Self as, 121

atmosphere, creation of, 31

atmosphere, religion creating an, 138

atomic bomb, the, 28, 30

atomic physics, as a feature of the 20th century, 159

atomic war, as the worst catastrophe, 76

atomization, Jung's definition of, 117

atomization, the mass State's striving for, 117

Atreus, the curse of the house of, 140

Atropos, task of, 93

attachments, insecure, as stunting psychological growth, 52

attachments, living without, 179

attack, fear of, 52

attention, paying, as a challenge, 173

attitude, a change of, breaching the dissociation between old and new, 43

attitude, a change of, Jung's examples of Western thinkers aware of, 138

attitude, a slow historical change of, 31

attitude, adjustment of, 16

attitude, as still defective, 21

attitude, change of, as a first step in living meaningfully, 94

attitude, change of, defined, 84

attitude, changes in, 31

attitude, changes of, need for, 14

attitude, critical, as essential, 6

attitude, masochistic, 52

attitude, needed shift in, 41, 52

attitude, new, achieving a, 49

attitude, the “nothing but” type of, 42

attitude, the anamnesis fostering a change of, 177

attitude, the choice of, to rethink assumptions and spot opportunities, 171

attitude, the need for a shift of, 147, 150

attitude, the potentials in a major shift of, 83

attitude, the repression of, acquiring a fanatical character, 135

attitude, the shift in, calling up creativity, 148

attitude, the unconscious bringing about a change of, 174

attitude, wrong, roots of, in the past, 115

attitudes, change of, 53

attitudes, changing, for healing neuroses, 111

attitudes, common, in the initial stage of analysis, 57

attitudes, examples of the shift in, 160

attitudes, improvement of, via dreams, 90

attitudes, possessive, the relinquishment of, 83

attitudes, the J&P, Jung on the, 139

attitudes, the transformation of, as fostered by contact with Nature, 68

attitudes, the two, as opposites, 139

attitudes, unconscious, 17

attune, learning how to, internally and externally, 155

attunement, 34

attunement, as harmonizing vibrations, 155

attunement, definition of, 155

atunement, the great, preparing for, 155

audio-verbal types, 6

auditory hallucinations, 155

Augustine, Saint, 25

Augustinian age, as melancholic, 152

Augustinian age, the melancholy of the, 82

Aumüller, Annelise, criticism of, of Jung, 72

auras, as real, 60]

auras, seeing, 156

Auroville, 62

auseinandersetzung, as part of soul work, 171 & note 24; 184

Auseinandersetzung, Jung’s technique of, 54

auseinandersetzung, the, as a necessary technique, 111 & note 4

auseinandersetzung, the, defined, 109, note 69

Auseinandersetzung, the, enduring, 43

Australia, 31, 84, note 12

Australian Aborigines, 33, note 41

authentic being, living in alignment with our, 18

authentic living, as a benefit of analysis, 189

authenticity, 29

authenticity, as an Aquarian concern, 82

authenticity, fostering of, 24, 43

authenticity, goal of, thwarted by external success, 146, 178, 179

authenticity, lack of, in politicians, 117

authenticity, of the analyst, as essential, 185

authenticity, the achievement of, 113

authenticity, the power and insight from, 43

authoritarian institutions, examples of, 36

authoritarianism, as a feature of cosmic vanity, 147

authorities, concern of, to remain in control, 83

authorities, external, as unnecessary, 97

authorities, feet of clay of, 36

authorities, honoring of, as a societal expectation, 20

authorities, old, Paracelsus' attacks on, 20

authority figure, the analyst regarded as a, 57

authority figures, 6, 36, 186, 188

authority figures, list of, 102

authority figures, looking outside for, 21

authority figures, projections on to, 40

authority of tradition, 29

authority, 130, 138, 142, 154 & note 30; 178, 180, 185, 190 & note 17

authority, ancient, 29, 35

authority, conflicts with, 3

authority, disaffection from, 36

authority, faith in, as ruined, 102

authority, internalization of a locus of, as a way to avoid delusions, 88

authority, Jung's insistence on internalizing an inner locus of, 97

authority, Jung's thoughts about, 102

authority, locus of, definition of, 54

authority, locus of, internalizing, 36

authority, male, 36

authority, outside, looking to an, 49

authority, students robbed of a sense of, 85

authority, the infantile reliance on, 102

authority, the locus of, 29

authority, those bowing down to, as neurotic and infantile, 102

authority, true, source of, 85

authors, examples of, supporting a restoration, 10, note 8

autism, as an Aquarian type of problem, 82

auto-eroticism, as an epithet attached to psychic development in our society, 189

automatic processes, the independence of, 128

automatic writing, 6

automaton, the animal as an, 144

autonomous archetypal pattern, Jung's God-image as, 63

autonomous complex, Jung's definition of, 128

autonomous complex, representation of, by a planetary god or demon, 86

autonomous development of psychic contents, fear of, 38

autonomous entity, the archetype as an, 159

autonomous fragmentary systems, the inner effect of, 138

autonomous personality, the devil as a, 134

autonomous psychic complexes, dreams as, 122

autonomous psychic contents, possession by, 117

autonomous system, denial of the existence of, 28

autonomous technology, critique of, 60, note 8

autonomous technology, Langdon Winner's definition of, 177, note 29

autonomy, 27

autonomy, as a feature of archetypes, 188

autonomy, of archetypes, 10

Autrey, Wesley, bravery of, 79, note 8

Autry, James, 10

avarice, 12

avatars, examples of, 83, note 84

avoidance, as a coping strategy, 54

awake, being, defined, 40

awake, features of being, 179

awareness, as not waking up, 179

awe, as an important feeling, 150

awe, feeling of, 52

axiom of Maria Prophetessa, Jung's definition of, 132

axiomatic stages, unfolding of, in cyclical patterns of numbers, 132

axis of evil, the, 59, 83

Axis Powers, Switzerland was surrounded by the, causing fear in the Swiss, 171, note 68

Ayatollah Khomeini, quoted, 147

ayurveda, 34