Honing Your High Sense Perception

It has been said that we draw on a small fraction of our true brain power. Equally, we go through daily life using a narrow range of our senses. This workshop introduces participants to their real perceptual ability, what some call our “high sense perception.” Via a series of assessment instruments and dozens of exercises, students discover their strongest perceptual mode, their psychological type and its effect on their sensory engagement with the world, and how to access and use the full range of psychic abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience (knowing beyond the normal range of hearing), and clairsentience (kinesthetic knowing). Key techniques for further work with energy fields and energy healing are also presented, along with guidelines in psychic etiquette and safety tips. An essential course for all further energy work. This course is suitable for CEU credits.

55 Cover Lane, Waterbury; $75 (includes snacks and lunches both days); call Sue (802) 244-7909

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