Permissions and Roles

** Needing more detail **

There are a variety of settings that allow users different levels of access to content and site faclilities: These are flexible and can be easily adapted to suit growing operational needs. Currently users can be ssigned to one or more of the following roles:

  • Authenticated user. The default role of any registered user with a login account on the site.
    • They do not have to fill in a captcha field where it is applied.
    • They can sign up for courses and events without having to enter their details every time.  
  • Trusted. These users can post comments without them needing to be moderated.
  • Author. Can post and edit cetrain content – still to be defined. 
  • Content admin. Can post and edit most content on the site and perfrom some administrative tasks like approve comments, users etc.
  • Admin. Can do everything – this grants access to entire site configuration. password: P0tl@tch#!