Creating and Managing Newsletters

Recommended workflow for newsletter:

  1. Create newsletter either by cloning an existing one or creating a new one from scratch. There is an experimental menu item in the “Actions” block under “Create Content” called “Newsletter from template” This presents you with the edit screen for a cloned blank newsletter template which can then be populated. 
  2. Save as draft if you need to ensure all involved have proof read etc. 
  3. You can send the newsletter as a test email to those who need to review it by clicking the “Newsletter” tab and sending a test to selected email addresses which you would insert in the space provided. You can put more than one email address in there separated by commas. Remember to send yourself a test. 
  4. Once you are happy with the content publish the newsletter: In the edit screen click “Submit” button at bottom.
  5. Send out the newsletter to the mailing list:
    1. Open full view of newsletter where you see the various tabs above including “Newsletter”.
    2. Click the “Newsletter” tab and check the “Send one test newsletter to the test address”. Enter an email address you have access to in the field below and click “Submit”. 
    3. The test newsletter should arrive in your mailbox in the next 15 minutes. Check all is well. 
    4. Return to the newsletter screen in 2. be sure the “Send newsletter” option is selected and click “Submit”
  6. The newsletter should start appearing in mailboxes within an hour. They are sent out in batches of 100 every hour.

Note: Use the “Submit” button at the bottom of the edit screen wne you wish to publish the post. If you wish to edit an existing draft and save as a draft click “Save”


The newsletter is contained in a 3 colum, single row table. The left column contains Sue’s missive, the centre column is a 5 pixel spacer and the right column contains news about the center activities etc. The total column width is fixed to the width of the content space on the web page. This way the email version will look the same as the version viewed on the site. 

Tables can be created by clicking the table icon on the editiing toolbar. Modifying table settings can be done by right clicking in the table. To change cell properties the contents of the cell need to be selected. 

Managing Subscriptions

Use the “Actions” menu link, “Newsletter Subscriptions” to open the subscriptions management page. The direct link is:

  • To remove email addresses from the list click the “Mass unsubscribe” link at the top and type (or paste) the relevant addresses into the “Email addresses” field, select which mailing list to remove from and click “Unsubscribe”. If you do not want to delete the address but just inactivate it filter the list for the relevant email address and use the “Update options”.   
  • To add addresses click the “Mass subscribe” link at the top and add the addresses in the “Email addresses” field, select which mailing list to remove from and click “Subscribe”.