Courses and events currently on offer at the Jungian Center

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Below is a list of The Center's current activities.
Many of the courses offered at The Center are available in a distance learning format Click here for distance learning courses where you can purchase and download courses.

Upcoming Courses for Spring Term 2019


Upcoming Courses for Spring Term 2019



A Jungian Perspective on Contemporary Issues: Wednesdays, 3/20, 27; 4/3, 10; 7-9PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

Although Carl Jung died over 50 years ago, his intuition transcends time and makes his writing as pertinent now as it was half-a-century ago. We can draw on his wisdom as we grapple with ecological challenges, new technologies, political dysfunction, economic and financial issues, and the challenges posed by the rise of China and the “Silk Road” countries. C.G. Jung’s Wisdom for Our Time is the text for this course.


Edible Alchemy: Saturdays, 4/13,20 &27th; 9AM-2PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $75; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909.

A hands-on workshop that applies the terms, concepts and principles of alchemy to the activities we do in our domestic alchemical realm: the kitchen. Students will not only experience various forms of alchemical transition, but will also have the opportunity to eat the results of alchemical transformations. Pre-requisite: Introduction to Alchemy. Led by Sue Mehrtens


Archetypes for Everyone: Wednesdays, 4/17,24, 5/1 & 8; 7-9PM; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; to register, call Sue (8020 244-7909

An experiential course training both analysts and anyone interested is becoming more self-aware to think archetypally by exposing them to myths, legends and the powerful symbolism of the personal chart. Students will work with their own charts, as well as the charts of famous people (e.g. Trump, JFK, Marilyn Monroe etc.), to see how archetypes operate in individual lives. No prior background in astrology is required. This course comes with 8 CEUs for therapists.


Making Your Kitbag Workshop: Saturday, 5/18; 10AM-12 Noon; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $35; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909

In “Aion” Jung warned his students that “… anyone who is destined to descend into a deep pit had better set about it with all the necessary precautions rather than risk falling into the hole backwards. (Collected Works, 9ii, ¶125). This workshop helps students take those “precautions” by identifying those items, ideas and pieces of information that can support them in times of spiritual crisis. An invaluable adjunct to the spiritual journey and useful for anyone who works with his or her dreams.


Upcoming Events

Special Event not to be missed

Welcome the Darkness, Give Thanks to the Light: Celtic Music, Poetry and Story in Praise of the Natural World concert 11/15, 7PM, $25 workshop 11/16, 10AM-4PM All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne full information at  

Workshop / Retreat

October 9th-12th.  Workshop: “Love is What We Came Here For” by Dr. Jeremiah Abrams, from Bali; Jungian Analyst, Best-selling author, teacher, mentor. At Sacred Mountain Studio.  Dr. Abrams will be giving a public talk on the 7th of October at 7:30 at the College Street Congregational Church in Burlington ($5 to attend). Contact