September 2020 newsletter

29 August 2020 Dear Friends, As I write this the weather is giving us glimpses of Fall, and trees are already turning here in Vermont–all signs to gear up our Fall term program. It begins on September 1st. The courses are described below. Please note that we are still under pandemic conditions, so all our […]

Upcoming Courses for Fall 2020

Upcoming Courses for Fall Term 2020   note: all JCSS courses are now on the Zoom format; payment can be made through PayPal or via check in $US Aware that the pandemic has caused widespread economic hardship, we don’t want financial circumstances to hinder someone from taking our courses. We welcome email conversations from anyone […]

July 2020 newsletter

July 2020 Dear Friends,   To my delight and amazement, our summer program, Visions, Missions and Moving Forward into a Positive Future, has an enrollment of 18 people from all over, showing the potential of the Zoom format. Truly computers are shrinking our world! Our Fall term begins on September 1st, with “Treasures of the […]

June 2020 newsletter

June 2020   Dear Friends,   Normally we don’t run programs in the summer, with most people wanting to be outside. But, thanks to the pandemic, these are not normal times. These are times of challenge, as well as opportunities. One opportunity recently came from an email request from two Jungian Center members saying: “… […]

May 2020 newsletter

May 2020   Dear Friends,   As we move into May and week 6 of quarantine, we are beginning to see the rewards of sheltering-in-place, in the lower numbers of infections, the “flattening of the curve” and the hopes of  soon being able to resume more freedom of movement. I was tempted to write “return […]

April 2020 newsletter

April 2020   Dear Friends,   What a difference a month makes! At this time last month I posted our Spring Term Course Schedule, vaguely aware of the covid-19 virus making incursions in some areas of the U.S. Now, 30 days later, thanks to poor national preparedness and leaders espousing fake facts, it is killing […]

Upcoming Courses for Spring Term 2020

Upcoming Courses for Spring 2020     Creation of Consciousness. Wednesdays, 3/11,18,25, 4/1, workshop on 4/4 (snow day, 4/8); 7-9PM; workshop, 2-4:30PM; $75; 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909. This advanced course offers an in-depth examination of 4 key documents that explore the basis of what Jung called the […]

January 2020 Newsletter

                                                                                                29 December 2019 Dear Friends,             Here are the courses coming up in January, in addition to the continuing courses on Soul Tending (Jan. 7th) and Harpies (Jan. 2nd). All are welcome to join these courses, but, as with the courses listed below, let me know if you plan to do so, so I […]

Upcoming Courses for Winter Term 2020

Upcoming Courses for Winter Term 2020 Astrology II, Saturdays, 1/4,11,18,25th; 2-4PM (snow day, 2/1, 2PM); 55 Clover Lane, Waterbury; $60; registration required; to register, call Sue (802) 244-7909 This intermediate course considers a variety of topics essential to the practice of general astrology, including transits, progressions, solar returns, synastry and theories of chart comparison, psychological […]

November newsletter

                                                                                    November 2019 Dear friends,             Our final Fall term courses are underway (“Archetypes Illustrated” having begun on October 30th), so this newsletter looks ahead, to our Winter term, which begins on January 2nd, with the 5th session of the “Harpies & Harridans” course. That and the soul-tending course (5th session on January 7th) are […]