July 2021 newsletter

July 2021 Dear Friends,   To my delight and amazement, our summer program, “Tools for Empowerment,” proved to be very popular–so much so that I had to close the enrollment! Jung had no use for “big.” “Small is beautiful” could have been his motto. So I will plan to offer the program again at some […]

June 2021 newsletter

June 2021   Dear Friends,   At our base here in central Vermont summer is upon us–in theory: the weatherman predicts possible frost “in the colder hollows” even as we are about to bid May goodbye as I write this. In the U.S. we observe “Memorial Day” in late May, the “unofficial start of summer,” […]

May 2021 newsletter

May 2021   Dear Friends, Last year at this time we were in week 6 of quarantine, while this year widespread vaccinations (at least in Vermont) have cut the infection rate substantially. Here at the Jungian Center we listen closely to the experts, so we will not be returning to status quo ante any time […]

April 2021 Newsletter

April 2021   Dear Friends,   A year ago we were grappling with shifting our courses to an online format, learning Zoom and wondering when normalcy would return. Now we have come to realize that the “old normal” may never return, and we have to anticipate some new form of “normal.” For the Jungian Center […]

Upcoming Courses for Spring 2021 Term

Upcoming Courses Spring 2021  Treasures of the World’s Religions, Tuesdays, 3/2, 4/6 & 5/4; 7-9PM (Eastern US time) via Zoom; $10/session (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us: info@jungiancenter.org The March meeting will examine Islam, the April meeting, indigenous religions, and the May meeting will consider Jung’s sense of the new “dispensation” […]

February 2021 newsletter

February 2021   Dear Friends,   As the vaccine roll-out continues, promising to restore normalcy (if we can recall what that means) I have gotten emails from some current students worried that we will go back to on-site only courses. I want to assure everyone that we will maintain our Zoom capabilities going forward, so […]

January 2021 newsletter

December 31, 2020 Dear Friends, As I write this on the eve of a new year, the Roman god Janus comes to mind. Janus was the root of our word “January,” and he was imagined in Roman culture as a being with two faces. One face looked back, the other looked forward. I will do […]

Upcoming Courses for Winter Term 2021

Upcoming Courses for Winter Term 2021     Treasures of the World Religions continues on the 1st Tuesdays: Jan 5th, Feb 2nd & Mar 2nd, with treatment of Taoism, Christianity and Islam, respectively.   Gnosticism, Wednesdays, Jan. 6,13,20,27; 7-9PM; 7-9PM (Eastern US time) via Zoom; $60 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email […]

November 2020 newsletter

November 2020   Dear Friends,   Some followers of our blog have noticed that I’ve posted the November  blog essay earlier than usual. That is because I got trained in how to post the essay as a pdf, so as to preserve the formatting. Thanks to the patient tutelage of Melissa Rose, I was able […]

October 2020 newsletter

29 September 2020   Dear Friends,   With the months’ long lack of rain we’ve experienced here, I was worried our foliage season would be a washout, but no! To celebrate my 75th this past weekend I shared an entourage of cars in a foliage tour around the Northeast Kingdom and the trees were glorious! […]