July 2022 newsletter

July 2022   Dear Friends,   Thanks to Kimia’s creativity and years of training, we have an exciting new course being offered in July and August: (note the change of date to July18th and time, from 6EDT to 7EDT): in the June newsletter it was listed as 6PM on July 21st)   How to Live […]

June 2022 newsletter

June 2022   Dear Friends,   Summer is upon us in these parts, with lilacs in bloom and the rhubarb up and ready to harvest. In our Jungian Center schedule, this is a time of planning the 2022-2023 academic year, and our Fall semester will offer exciting learning opportunities, as we have some wonderful teachers […]

May 2022 newsletter

May Day 2022 Dear Friends,   Our local weatherman on WDEV recently told us that one feature of climate change seems to be a shift of seasons, with each season beginning a month later. This certainly seems to be true in Vermont, as our April seemed more like a typical March (lots of wind, “sugar” […]

April 2022 newsletter

April 1, 2022 Dear Friends,   As is typical for March in Vermont, our weather is playing April Fool’s on us–cold one day with snow, warm the next with mud.  As I write this on the cusp of April, I hope your way is mud-free and smooth, unlike our situation where the freeze-and-thaw conditions have […]

March 2022 newsletter

1 March 2022   Dear Friends,   March–the month of high winds, teasing Spring-like days followed by blizzards and deep snows. Sigh! The Coast Pilot describes the Springs in New England as “disagreeable.” Yes–no understatement there! But it warms my heart to list the wonderful course offerings coming up this month, which are listed below. […]

February 2022 newsletter

February 2022   Dear Friends,   As I write this, the outdoor thermometer tells me it is 11 below zero in my backyard, with minus 32 reported in Island Pond, up in our “Northeast Kingdom.” Cold! All the houses are “smoking,” big plumes of smoke rising from their chimneys, with no prospect of respite from […]

January 2022 newsletter

December 31, 2021   Dear Friends,   Another year is about to begin, and while we cannot know for certain just what it will hold, we can note below the courses we plan to offer in the month of January 2022:   Romance and Your Stars, Wednesdays, 1/5,12,19,26,,2/2; 7-9PM; via Zoom; $75 (via PayPal or […]

Upcoming Courses for Winter/Spring 2022

Upcoming Courses for Winter/Spring Term 2022   Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious, Tuesdays, 1/4, 2/1, 3/1, 4/5;  7-9PM (ZD +5 until 3/5, then ZD+4); via Zoom; $80 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us: info@jungiancenter.org Carl Jung was emphatic in his belief that human beings’ purpose in life is to create more […]

November 2021 newsletter

November 2021   Dear Friends,   The leaves are (mostly) gone, likewise the tourists. So we have our roads and stores more to ourselves as Vermont settles into late Fall and awaits the first snowfall. A feeling of expectation hangs in the air around this time, as homeowners bustle around to bed down the house […]

October 2021 newsletter

30 September 2021   Dear Friends,   Where did September go? It seems I just got around to posting our Fall/2-21/22 year course offerings in late August and here it is nearly October. Foliage is turning, however–a clear sign in this part of the world that October is here. Below are courses beginning (or continuing) […]