Honing Your High Sense Perception

It has been said that we draw on a small fraction of our true brain power. Equally, we go through daily life using a narrow range of our senses. This workshop introduces participants to their real perceptual ability, what some call our “high sense perception.” Via a series of assessment instruments and dozens of exercises, […]

The Future of Our “Too-Big-to-Fail” Institutions: A Jungian Perspective

“Large political and social organizations must not be ends in themselves, but merely temporary expedients. Just as it was felt necessary in America to break up the great Trusts, so the destruction of huge organizations will eventually prove to be a necessity because, like a cancerous growth, they eat away man’s nature as soon as […]

Fairy Tales and Their Deeper Meaning

A Tale-of-the-Month Club, Continuing Mondays:  There is a lot more to Snow White and Cinderella than the Disney cartoons would have you believe. Discover the depth of wisdom in familiar and some not-so-familiar fairy tales in this student-generated reading club.  This course meets the 3rd Monday of every month in Jan, Feb, Mar, April and […]

Accessing Bliss by Transcending the Ego

An experiential class focusing on transcending the ego to access one’s loving self. This class will practice “living in love,” explore what is accessed at that plane and how to maintain that state when interacting. An exciting opportunity for those stuck in their spiritual practice. Limited to 10 participants. Led by Reenie Sargent. 55 Clover […]

Jung’s Hero: The New Form of Heroism

Jung’s Hero: The Form of Heroism in the New Era   “In this overpoweringly humdrum existence, alas, there is little out of the ordinary that is healthy, and not much room for conspicuous heroism. Not that heroic demands are never put to us: on the contrary—and this is just what is so irritating and irksome—the […]

A New Spirit is Growing Up

Welcome to the new re-designed Web site of the Jungian Center! And praises to Rob Mills, the Webmaster responsible for it! Rob has been as patient as he is creative in undertaking this complex task. I hope you like the improvements: the retention of all the citations in the blog essays, the organization of the […]

The Blessings in Sacrifice

“… the problem of sacrifice [may seem to be]… a purely individual problem, but if we examine the way it is worked out we shall see that it is something that must be a problem for humanity in general.”                                   […]

Jung the Man: Part VI

  Jung the Man: Part VI—Jung and His “Valkyries”   “Woman’s psychology is founded on the principle of Eros, the great binder and loosener, whereas from ancient times the ruling principle ascribed to man is Logos. The concept of Eros could be expressed in modern terms as psychic relatedness, and that of Logos as objective […]

Jung the Man: Part V

Jung the Man: Part V—Jung as Father and Husband   “Can you imagine living with a man who left you with full responsibility for his house and his children while he passed the time playing their games or being in that same house with another woman?… When we got home, Marianne ran across the lawn […]

Jung the Man: Part IV

Jung the Man: Part IV—His Shadow and Complexes   “As great as he was he must also have had a great shadow.” Laurens Van der Post (1975)[1]   Great gifts are the fairest, and often the most dangerous, fruits on the tree of humanity. In most cases… the gift develops in inverse ratio to the […]