Workshop / Retreat

October 9th-12th.  Workshop: “Love is What We Came Here For” by Dr. Jeremiah Abrams, from Bali; Jungian Analyst, Best-selling author, teacher, mentor. At Sacred Mountain Studio.  Dr. Abrams will be giving a public talk on the 7th of October at 7:30 at the College Street Congregational Church in Burlington ($5 to attend). Contact

September 2015 News

Dear Friends,  Special Event! Field Trip to the Oldest Coral Reef in the World Saturday, September 19th, 2015. If you are interested in participating in this FREE event, email or call me to get on our car pool list. The exact times are still uncertain. I will let you know when to be at the Center […]

Jung on Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Sources of Healing

A Commentary on Passages in Collected Works 11              Most essays on this blog site start with a topic or theme found in Jung’s works and then develop an essay based on Jung’s ideas about the topic. This essay uses the opposite approach: I start with a section of one of Jung’s essays and provide […]

The Ego’s Living Relation to the Self

“… I do know that I am obviously confronted with a factor unknown in itself, which I call ‘God,’… It is an apt name given to all overpowering emotions in my own psychic system, subduing my conscious will and usurping control over myself. This is the name by which I designate all things which cross […]

Reminder: Special New Year’s Day Celebration

Special New Year’s Day Celebration of 2012: Peace Pipe Ceremony, Concert and Sharing Circle, 1 Jan, 2-4PM; 55 Clover lane, Waterbury; $15 for individual, $25 for couple; to register, call Sue (802) 244-790. Join Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson, peace ambassadors to many countries, as they usher in the momentous year of 2012 with special ceremories […]