April 2023 newsletter

Dear Friends,

Vermont is now deep in “mud season,” that (unpleasant) time of the year when our ground thaws and the dirt roads become rutted and, at times, almost impassable. Last week, attending an equinox celebration at the local park, my car got stuck in the mud so badly that the tires were deep in the muck and I had to call the AAA for a tow! As I write this on the cusp of April, I hope your way is mud-free and smooth.

Looking to the future, we have no new courses beginning this month. The labyrinth course, scheduled to begin on April 29th, is being postponed; we will have updated news about when it will be offered as soon as we know. The 4-session Fairy Tale course will start on May 9th through May 30th. All 8 tales are from Grimm’s collection:

Snow White and Rose Red & Mother/Frau Trudy; Rapunzel and Jorinda & Joringel; The Sweet Porridge and The Drummer; and The Nixie of the Pond and The Riddle. The our sessions will be recorded, and the cost is $60.

The link to our April essay–“Jung on Active Imagination”–is below. I hope you have a wonderful Spring-like month (here we are likely to see more snow, more mud, and teasing hints of Spring.



the link to our blog essay for April:

Jung on Active Imagination