April 2021 Newsletter

April 2021


Dear Friends,


A year ago we were grappling with shifting our courses to an online format, learning Zoom and wondering when normalcy would return. Now we have come to realize that the “old normal” may never return, and we have to anticipate some new form of “normal.” For the Jungian Center this means an international student body, with Zoom a key element of our “new normal.” While at some point it may be safe to hold on-site classes, I have assured our international students that we will retain Zoom in some sort of hybrid format.

For the near future, we remain fully online, with the upcoming courses listed below. Thanks to one of my “voice-over” dreams, I am also planning a discussion series this summer: 3 evenings (June 2, July 7 and August 8th–the first Wednesday evenings of each month, 7-9PM); it will be free and all the materials will be provided. The topic is “Tools for Empowerment.”

I hope you stay safe, keeping masking and social-distancing, until we have achieved herd immunity.




Introduction to Alchemy, Wednesdays 3/31,4/7,14,21; 7-9PM (Eastern Daylight time zone); via Zoom; $60 (via PayPal or check in $US); to register, email us: info@jungiancenter.org

Most people think of the precursor of modern chemistry when they hear the word “alchemy,” but this course is true to Jungian philosophy in recognizing alchemy as the study of soul growth and patterns of change and transformation. Jung’s “Psychology of the Transference” and von Franz’s Alchemy are the major vehicles used to take students deep into the subject, supplemented by other essays by Jung and Edward Edinger’s Anatomy of the Psyche. Led by Sue Mehrtens. Note: Familiarity with Gnosticism and symbolism are helpful but not required.

Fairy Tales and Their Deeper Meaning, Wednesdays, 4/28, 5/5,12,19; 7-9PM (Eastern Daylight time zone); via Zoom: $60 (via Paypal or check in $US); to register, email us: info@jungiancenter.org

Our culture regards fairy tales as children’s stories, but Jung recognized that these creations arose from the collective unconscious in every major culture in the world and hold valuable insights and lessons for us. In this workshop we will examine tales from France, Denmark, Russia and China, which illustrate how archetypes come alive and inform our common humanity. Note: these tales have not been used in previous renditions of this workshop. Led by Sue Mehrtens.

Tools for Empowerment: An Evening Discussion Series, Wednesdays, 6/2,7/7 & 8/4; 7-9PM (Eastern Dalight time zone); via Zoom; free; to register, email us: info@jungiancenter.org

When you register you will be sent all the reading materials–22 short essays drawn from the Center’s blog postings.


The link to April’s blog essay:

Can We Really Assert “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way?” Jung on the Relation of Ego & Will Power

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