Ways the Shift Can Manifest

Ways the Shift Can Manifest

The Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences’ Celebration of 2012


As the energies of the planet are rising, each individual experiences the shift of energy in different ways. Here are some of the more common manifestations:

Subtle or powerful mood swings, from periods of great sadness with no obvious reason to period of elation, also with no apparent cause. Sometimes this shows up as intense emotional outbursts (especially if we have been unaware of or not processing feelings as they arise). In this transitional interval it is really helpful to allow emotions to flow: don’t repress or express, but rather confess—write in your journal or share your feelings with someone with whom you resonate.

Fluctuating energy levels. You may find yourself changing from feeling fully energized to totally exhausted, at the drop of a hat, for no obvious reason.

Fluctuating subtle energy levels. The changes in subtle energy can manifest in feelings of being ungrounded, “spacey” or dissociated from reality, or feeling like you are plugged into an electrical outlet. To handle these manifestations, practice on a regular basis the grounding and centering exercise (taught in many Center classes), yoga, tai chi or another energy practice.

Physical pain. Mild but inexplicable headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, and even nerve pain are possible when we get overcharged with the changing harmonics.

Greater sensitivity. This can take the form of feeling with your entire being, rather than just your 5 senses. You might notice stronger feelings around other people and more intuitive impressions.

Intense dreaming. You may have many more dreams than you usually remember or your dreams more have lots of symbolism, deeper meaning or intensity, or your dreams may seem to make no sense at all.

Brain fog. You may find it hard to focus or make sense of things. You may have trouble finding the words you want to say or your verbal expression may get garbled.

Changes in diet. You may crave foods you never liked before, or the reverse: you may no longer like foods that have been favorites. Food allergies may also develop.

Digestive sensitivities. Constipation or diarrhea may become problems, or you may find indigestion becomes a problem. Some people develop heartburn, others a stronger appetite with more hunger pangs.

Lack of concentration or decisiveness. During those times when you are not fully adjusted to the changing energies you may find it hard to do mental work requiring concentration. When your system has not yet caught up to the new energies you also may find it hard to make decisions.

Memory issues. During intense energy fluxes short-term memory can be affected. If you are markedly out of phase with the new energies even long-term memory can be a problem.

Unusual awareness. The rising energies are helping us to awaken to other realities, and this can show up in daily life in heightened intuition, precognition, or telepathy. It can also manifest as glimpses or visions of other realities, especially via peripheral vision; these visions can be of people, animals, or inexplicable scenes.

Relationship issues. Everyone on the planet is being affected by these energies, and everyone will react differently. When you enter a relationship, your energy and the other person’s energies harmonize, but as the energies now are changing, you may find that you are no longer in harmony with your partner. Relationships may become challenging or may even end altogether, if they no longer fit. If this happens, remember that you will develop other relationships that are in complete harmony with your energy.

Lack of tolerance for lies. The rising energies have no place for untruth, and you may find yourself developing a drive to seek the truth, and a fine sensitivity for sensing when others are not being honest.

The need for solitude. Due to the heightened sensitivity of this time, it is not unusual for people to find they need time alone. Solitude can be very healing now, but keep a balance. Isolation can become just as unbalanced as the compulsive extraversion that is one curse of the American temperament.

Interruption of sleep patterns. You may find yourself sleeping intermittently, having difficulty falling asleep, or feeling the need to sleep more than usual. Be gentle with yourself and try to create for yourself a daily schedule that allows you to get adequate rest. This might take the form of short naps during the day or going to bed earlier than usual.

Fear. We already see, in the media, how the approach of December 21, 2012 is being hyped. Because sensationalism sells movies, magazines and newspapers, we can expect to find all sorts of bogus material appearing in the months ahead, all designed to stir up fear and other negative emotions. The key here is to remember your personal truth and the reality that we always have choice: We can see the glass half empty (the scarcity response) or the glass half full (the abundance response). Reality is what we create, not what others might want us to believe.

Full-blown awakening. This effect can be very disconcerting and challenging to your sense of reality. You may experience bliss, feel intensely the love of the Universe, recognize the inherent perfection in all things, and not want to leave this wonderful space. Meanwhile, others (especially family and close friends) may wonder what’s wrong with you and worry that you have “flipped out.” If this happens to you, remember that the bliss won’t last (Alas!); you’ll return to mundane reality, but with new perceptions of it.

Changes in global relations. In the months ahead we are going to see negative changes (conflicts for political or religious gain, power struggles between countries, factions, tribes, or races, or more terrorism) as well as positive shifts (the growing awareness of the need for a world that works for everyone, more calls for a one-world perspective and changes to our social, economic and political systems to create equity and justice for all).

from Meg Losey, The Secret History of Consciousness.