Life Mission Institute

A core group of faculty have established the Life Mission Institute: 

One of the first courses offered at The Jungian Center was a course on “Finding Your Mission in Life,” a course melding the ideas of the American prophet/psychic Edgar Cayce and the philosophy of Carl Jung. In time, as the Center grew and attracted more students and faculty, it became clear that there was the potential for a powerful synergy if several of the faculty pooled their talents and skills in a coordinated effort. So the “Finding Your Mission in Life” course grew into the Life Mission Institute, which draws on the special training of:

  • Mark Hunziger (Myers-Briggs Type Instrument Master Practitioner)
  • Patrick Ross (astrological counselor)
  • Janet Savage (Master Hand Analyst)
  • Sara Waskuch (creative business planner and consultant),

to offer students a wide range of insights into their life purpose and help them identify their unique soul mission.

You can find out more about these people under Faculty. The work of the Life Mission Institute functions under the umbrella of The Center and is coordinated by Sue Mehrtens, the President of The Jungian Center.