Living Alchemy (book by Sue Mehrtens, Ph.D.)


by Sue Mehrtens, Ph.D.

255 pages

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Although most people regard alchemy as little more than medieval superstition, Carl Jung recognized it is a symbol system as useful and powerful today as it was to its medieval practitioners and to Jung himself in his work with his patients. Living Alchemy provides a short overview of the key aspects of alchemy–its history, worldview, terms, phases and operations–followed by ten chapters illustrating the various ways we modern people are living alchemy in our personal lives and our collective reality. In a series of appendices the links between alchemy and astrology are explained, along with some practical advice on how to use alchemical insights to make life easier. Also included is a list of translations of all the foreign words in Jung’s alchemical works (CW 9ii, 12,13,14, & 16).

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