July 2018 newsletter

July 2018


Dear Friends,


Summer is our “quiet time” at the Jungian Center, in that we don’t have courses running, but “quiet” does not mean nothing is happening: Summer is when we plan the programs, create the courses, recruit the faculty, and prepare for the coming Fall, Winter and Spring terms. In that regard, in addition to the courses planned for the academic year ahead, we are also offering an evening presentation by my Indian/South African friend, Nirmala Nair, who will be visiting us in September and October. Nirmala has been active in environmental issues for many years, traveling the globe as a consultant. Her most recent consultancy was in Bhutan, and she will be writing a book while she is here. I’ll have a specific date for her talk in our Upcoming Courses for Fall Term notice, which will go out and be posted on our Web site on August 1st.

In the meantime, here is our planned schedule. Additional courses offered by other faculty will be added if/when they contact me.

I hope you have a wonderful month and a very happy (if hot) Fourth!





Fall 2018:

Intro to Alchemy (prerequisite for Edible Alchemy in Spring 2019) Wednesday eves

Introduction to Mythology (good prep for Archetypes for Analysts in Spring) Wednesday eves (8 CEUs provided to therapists)

The Tao of Elvis and the Tao of Jung (1st Tuesday evenings in Sept, Oct, Nov, & Dec)

Women’s Health & Healing: A Jungian Perspective (Thursdays, once a month Sept-May) (18 CEUs provided to therapists)


Winter 2019:

Introduction to Meditation (4 Saturdays)

Mandala Workshop (4 Wednesday eves)

Women’s Health (continued)


Spring 2019:

A Jungian Perspective on Contemporary Issues (Wed eves)

Edible Alchemy (prereq: Intro to Alchemy) 3 Saturdays 9 to 2

Archetypes for Analysts Workshop (Wed eves) 8 CEUs

Kitbag Workshop (1 Saturday morning)

Women’s Health (continued)


Link to July blog essay: http://jungiancenter.org/wp/was-c-g-jung-a-heretic/


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