Creating links

Links to other urls (web sites) or other parts of this web site can be created in two ways. The simplest is to just type or paste the url into the body. This will be recognised as a link. eg. The problem with this is that urls are not always very descriptive and can be a long string of gobbledygook. You can make a string of highlighted text into a link by using the links button in the editing toolbar. This will make highlighted text “live” – showing in blue as a link in the body of your post. 

1. Highlight the text you want to creat a link out of. You need to create the text if nothing exists yet.

2. Click the link button.

3. The link dialog box will open. Insert the url you want to link to in the space provided. 


4. You may click “OK” now and the text will be marked as a link. You may want to define the link target – where you want it to open. Sometimes its a good idea to have the link open in a different browser tab so you don’t navigate away from the site. To do this click the “Target” tab in the link dialog box and select your target. Normally “New Window” will open up a new tab in most modern browsers. 


5. Click “OK” once you have selected your target, finish editing the rest of your post and save or submit it in the normal way.

6. To edit the link place your cursor somewhere in the link text and click the link button. The dialog box as above will open. 

This is an example of a link with a target set to open in a new window.